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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Pays to be a Webbie Individual: Online Shopping = No Stampede

After reading the Black Friday Stampede that happened at Wal-mart, aside from the sympathy that we mostly feel, I also realizee some things: If people would have been sensible in that even, no life could have been sacrificed; if online shopping have been practiced regularly, a sad event like that in Wal-mart could have been prevented. But NO!

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Again, Christmas is coming soon and WebbieStuffs is constantly posting here the importance of gift-giving practice and thus, as obvious as the distilled water, we need shopping to complete the season. And since it is a "need", this post reminds you to be very careful. Do not be pressured by this holiday season, instead, try to relax and enjoy this out-of office, out-of-work, and out-of-school moment.

How are we going to give gifts if we cannot go shopping? To purchase something these days, physically visiting a store is not anymore a need. E-commerce has arrived a long time ago and all we need to do is enhance our experience with it. Learning a lesson from the Wal-mart Black friday Stampede incident, it gives even more reason to go shopping in front of the screen!

One reason why people ├╝refers "real shopping though is for prices. It is generally assumed that "offline" shopping is cheaper. But that is NOT always the case. All we need to do is look for a good merchant where variety of choices are available. There are many beautiful things sold online as well. Ebay would not grow that big if what I just said is not true, right? Go Online Shopping Now!

Just like Newsmy / LightInTheBox One-Dollar-MP3-Cellphone, that is absolutely cheap, right? $1? That is crazy rather than affordable. As an additional information, Newsmy and LightInTheBox are two different entities but they shared on value: offering affordable products making customers happy. Moreover, Newsmy is China-based leading consumer electronics brand with more than 500 Newsmy Specialty Stores in China. Its product lines ranges from digital AV, car electronics, mobile storage, communications, imaging, etc. In short, it is in electronics and gadget industry. Many people believe it has the potential to become China's Sony or Samsung. LightInTheBox.com on the other hand is a China-based leading value-adding global online distributer, serving both business customers and customers from more than 100 countries with more than 100 thousand products. Now you understand why the both offer these affordable gadgets.

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  1. While it's good advice to shop online to avoid the stampede, I don't think that the lack of online shopping is the reason for the stamped and morally bankrupt behavior of shoppers. All it really shows us is that, as a nation, we've allowed ourselves to become consumers, instead of human beings. The latest gadgets are more important than a human life. It's sick.

  2. What i like about online shopping is tha you don't have to deal with rude costumers and you can compare prices at the comfort of your home..

  3. yeah, people are so commercialized that they forget their compassion toward other people...

  4. but despite of what happen, people seem to not learn the lesson..

  5. Online Shopping is a right way to get everything that we need in easiest way. Nice post

  6. *laugh* That's so true girl!
    avoid the human jam and the long queues during festive seasons.... don't even need to worry about the weather... *laugh* just do it right at the comfort of your very own home

  7. it's true, no stampedes no messes, just buy and wait for the product to arrive; it's marvelous.

  8. Hi Sistah!

    Wishing you and yours LOVE, PEACE & JOY this holiday season. Merry Christmas! :D

    Life's sweets and spices
    A Simple Life
    Moms... Check nyo
    Mommy's Little Corner

  9. I enjoy online shopping; going to the stores is not that easy for me, and many times I can't find some of the items in the stores so the Internet offers a lot of choices. It is convenient, hassle-free and you don't have to run into rude shoppers and some sales people who wake up on the wrong side of the bed and bring their frustrations to work.

  10. @Jennifer,
    Indeed. You have made a wonderful comment but I still insist that if we but at home, we can lessen the risk of stampede... or being pick pocket, bumped, car accident etc. But I acknowledge the risks as well such as personal privacy and security stuffs.

    Did you made sales attendants? I am a bikt confused...or you are telling from avendor's point of view my dear?

    Indeed! That was wholly cold bloodedness and nonsense actions. My Goodness! How can human do such thing I dont know.

    Hopefully a lesson would be learned and never be forgotten.


    Yes... but as I have mentioned previously, I acknowledged the imperfections of this alternative as well.

    @Comic Books,
    Not unless the pack is tuck in Iraq! ^^

    Wishing you all the same Liz. Thanks. I approved this comment as it is a special season. ^^

    @Viviene Diane Neal,
    That is a good thing to hear positive remarks from a buyer such as you. Yes, I remember that as we also wait, the excitement we feel is a good thing that keeps us alert and smiling all day waiting our purchases. ^^

  11. I am on the same boat with Viviene Diane Neal, point of view as an online shopper...

  12. I like to first go and see the thing I am buying in a real shop and then order online if it is cheaper. But yes as you say it is good to have the e commerce option for the days that we are lazy.

  13. I made my Online Shopping this month. That really saved me from the hassles of commuting and bringing heavy stuff...plus the irate salesladies hehhee...

  14. if the online stores will really offer a great deal then a lot will be convinced that this is a new hassle free way of shopping

  15. Online Shopping is here to stay and it definitely beats offline shopping. In the offline world you have to burn gas in order to find a good deal while online just takes a few mouse clicks ;-)


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