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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where Else To Go If There Is An Amusement Park’s Holiday Sale? In That Park of Course, and It's Called Morey's Piers...

Do you remember Sandra Bullock in the movie Miss Congeniality? Do you remember which USA state she represented? It's New Jersey if am not mistaken. Aside from being the home of a very talented and congenial FBI agent in the movie, there is more to New Jersey than that. Having a vacation in this place is simply amazing. Did I say that a Jersey Shore beach Vacation is simply fantastic? Who knows? The next Miss Congeniality shooting might be set there!

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If you would prefer a great Wildwood attractions and roller coasters however, then no one would stop you. It is all there at New Jersey. And have you heard of a word such as Morey's Piers? If yes, then you'd know that it is a staple among New Jersey attractions with its amusement park rides and many other boardwalk attractions.

And are you also thinking about gifts this holiday season? Topics of gifts have been discussed a lot in your WebbieStuffs blog here. And again, New Jersey's very own Morey's Piers holds its its annual holiday sale! Amazing, right? The sale runs from December 1 through January 9 and customers can saved nearly 40% on a Season Pass to both waterparks. Oh wow! Indeed it's a Happy Holiday in New Jersey!

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