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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lesson Learned: Do Not OverManipulate Blogger's Flexibility or Else.....

I am still in the process of looking for answers. If I can find one, I will post it here in succeeding entries, but as of now, I am still in questioning mode. One of my December posts in this blog got lost! Where is it now? It was still searchable as of Saturday but the post cannot be found anymore. Strange huh! As you can see in my archive, it admits that I made six (6) posts until now (including this one). But if you try to expand the posts, there are only five (5) posts being displayed. Or, if you count the posts, it is always one post lesser than what the archive says for December. The other one got lost. Where is it now?
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What exactly happened?
Friday morning, I was able to find an opportunity to post for a paid article. And I did in a hurry because I still had to run to my office. Although my time was flexible and I can even start at 10AM I make it a point to start at 8AM instead. Why? Because I still have other extra jobs such as tutorials and stuffs and I want to go home as early as possible to reunite with my blogs of course.

Making the story short, I made that post, submitted it and rearranged my other posts by manipulating the dates that were in the default post settings. Yes, the dates can be manipulated so that the ones that are posted later will appear in my homepage. That is what I do actually to give greater exposures to the post that are useful to those who might land in my homepage for a certain period. I think I have overdone it: changing dates and times of at least three (3) posts and hola! The pronlem came. In that certain Friday morning, my homepage could not be manually accessed. Even from searching from search engines, if it points out to my homepage url, the page is not visible if clicked with a blogger note telling that their engineers are working on such problem.. I was not able to completely comprehend what exactly the situation was because of the fact that I was in a hurry plus this laptop that I have speaks Italian. This is total Italian, bought from Italy and with Italian settings and stuffs but I let it this way in my quest to improve in this language that I already learned to speak and understand.

The consequences for a manipulative webbie logger
Making the story even shorter, though it is admittedly long now, I went to the office with my homepage missing, or should I say, inaccessible. When I was in the office, I tried accessing the homepage in my breaktime and all were intact and back to normal. Only that a certain (the one that is lost now) post could not be accessed: the same engineering problem arises and the same warning comes out when I clicked it from my archive. The post can still be searched online but it could not be accessed. It was still in my archive though. When I went home that afternoon, I tried to check again and it was totally nowehere to be found. I completely lost it. There were already around 4 comments in that post and the title was "Failures and Achievements: I Has (or WebbieGurl Have) An Very Worse Grammar and WebbieStuffs' Alexa at 98,000th Rank! Yeeehaa". I just tried to search online and no more trace of this anymore although the exact phrase is still showing in search results because it was linked to one of my blogger buddies' post: I put the link when I commented to her blog entry.

Anyway, as I have said, I learned a lesson. Slow down with blogger's capacity. Although it is very flexible, it has limitations at times. As for that post, I think I may repost it as I still have the original copy of that although the original comments were lost. As for this incident, I still have to search why it happened. If possible, I would be glad to recover my post and its comments but that is a very thin chance.


  1. Oh Men!!! that's really horrible. don't you remember if something messing dear? i hope it didn't happened to me to.. as i wasn't paying attention to it...

  2. Oh that was a good one too.... i've never encountered such problem... hope not lol..

    by the way sis, i have an award for you!

  3. Looks like you have stretched blogger to its limits. Perhaps you should write to them and they would be happy because at least they can fix it and no one else would face this problem.

    this never happened to me though.

  4. One question:

    When changing the date, did you skip a month? In other words, did you make a November post a December post? This would change the permalink and could be the cause of your problems.

  5. hope that won't happen to me. i'm just new in blogging so your post is a big help for me. yet my friend told me that sometimes when posting blogger is kinda dysfunctional.

  6. its called schedule post. you should change your time setting on dashboard setting, and your schedule post will work as well.

  7. @Nova,
    I just don't know what happened exactly because I have been practising this for quite some time since the scheduling of blogs in blogger became available. But I remembered I stretched it must by exchanging around three dates and rearranging the posts, that is why i dont blame blogger, it was my act of too much manipulation.

    Supposed to be it wount happen... especially if I did not manipulate it much.

    @L. Venkata,
    Indeed my dear. That is what I am thinking because it is also flexible and I have been doing it for quite some time but only now I encounteresd losing a post.

    @Experiments in Cyberspace,
    No, all are in december... No skipping of months..

    For me blogger is good.. I am very comfortable with its setup. I post this so that others wold not overmanipulate its capacity as i did.

    I understand. I have been changing, exchanging, swapping and all that stuffs becuase I post paid articles here so I dont want them to be the first post in a longer time. Sometimes I put my normal webiie post upfront.


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