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Friday, May 30, 2008

TournamentsPro Limited is A Scam! Anyone Behind it is a Scammer!

SCAM! TournamentsPro.com is a scam! What is my authority in telling these stuff? I have all the evidence and a friend happened to be a victim of this site who pretends to be a company or something that it is not actually is. To those who may read this, I just want to inform you that whatever you plan to do or transact with this site, never give a single fiber of trust on them! TournamentsPro.com is a BIG SCAM!

TournamentsPro, Ltd does not exist and is a SCAM!.. Again and again! Or TOURNAMENTSPRO DOT COM IS A HUGE SCAMI am blogging about this to warn other people who might be fooled by these crooks. When a friend of mine complained about the money-solicitations and pretensions of this crooked organization of pathetic individuals, and acting to have hired him, he made everything including but not limited to the following:

Please repost this to help the world and the possible victims!

1. Submitting personal information
2. submitting an identification document
3. submitting bank records
4. wasting time with it
5. And many others, let alone the useless hope they give!

Thus, if you are one among those who believed in some ficks of these people out there, try to examine first what are they. Try to analyze what their site tells. My friend was regretting why he acted so stupidly without examining things first. But if you happen to read here, I give you the evidence a techie friend gave. Why TournamentsPro dot com is a scam?

First, if you open their site at TournamentsPro.com here, they claim to have existed since 2002. the truth is, the site is very new and only existed since 2008 in the month of April. See the following proof obtained from www.whois.net in the following sections.

Second, Why TournamentsPro scam does not have FAQ page although it has a pretense that it has at this address: http://www.tournamentspro.com/faq.html. This is empty or error page! What does this mean? They have no one to answer to anyway, they do not exist!

Third, try to look at Tournamentspro dot com scam “About us” page which they called instead as COMPANY OVERVIEW. It’s like the page is saying “WE ARE A SCAM.” Look at the contents, especially in the link where it says, “Reviews” either they were copied or composed without care. Just to put something there to make something inside a $10 one year domain! The domain registration as checked from www.whois.net shows the following:

Registration Service Provided By: Rustelekom
Contact: info@rustelekom.biz
Domain name: tournamentspro.com
Registrant Contact:
Viviana Milano (VivianaMilano@fontdrift.com)
Via Adua, 109
Borgomasino, 10031
Creation date: 01 Apr 2008 00:50:12
Expiration date: 01 Apr 2009 00:50:12

Fourth, Tournamentspro scammer tries to pretend they are looking for fraud specialist making those people who want to ally with them not to suspect that TournamentsPro.com is itself a scam. Just look at their site here at scammers www.tournamentspro.com

Fifth, the IP address, when a police friend of that friend tried to look at the files and exchange of conversation, it was found out that the IP address of the one trying to transact originates from Central America. Tournamentspro dot com is a scam! This is the only explanation. They collect your data and will be using it for their advantage.

Never be scammed by them and you will regret at the end.. How to help? If you have pity to those who may be scammed, into their future victims, please repost this blog. Tournamentspro dot com is a scam! There a thousand more reasons why they should be counted as scammers and be reported. But I cannot elaborate anymore. Just of these thousands include the fact that their company founder, claimed to have this success since 2002 but when searched online, the name of this founder only match with the name of an actor and the name of the contact is another name of an actor. They just baptized themselves in one moment. In short, www.tournamentspro.com is a SCAM! NEVER GIVE YOUR MONEY, NEVER GIVE YOUR INFORMATION! No money how small the money is. They pretend to be an English Company but they are based on Central America!

This scammer pretend to be hiring people and ask for their information. Help the world be free, or at least minimize the scammers. Inform the world that this www.tournamentspro.com os a scam. Inform the world they fool people. Please repost this article. TOURNAMENTSPRO.COM is a SCAM!

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Signed this ---- day of ___, 2008.

Name and Signature
(Submission of name from the advertisee to the advertiser through e-mail indicates a valid signature for the purpose of this agreement.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Free or a Dollar and a Half Electronic Plagiarism Checker Here

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The title says it all. If you want a plagiarism checker for free or cheap, just read along…

Yes, it’s true. You may have it for a dollar and a half. And why not $1 dollar only? It’s because I spend Euro from where I stay and at least $1.5 can be 1 euro (although dollar is really sinking against euro) and this amount is still lower than the market where they charge at least $112 for annual subscription to plagiarism checker or in some sites, $5 per document.

I am writing stuffs actually which made me subscribe to it, thus, I am sharing it with anyone who is interested of checking their works for electronic plagiarism. And since I am not sure if I can renew the next year, I am offering this until April 30, 2009. This is how it goes….
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Since this is the cheapest you can find, the checking is not as fast as you subscribe. All you need to do is indicate in the comments section that you want to avail of the service. The following are the rules in case you are interested:

1. You will indicate your e-mail down and I will be contacting you within twelve hours from the moment you post your intention.

2. You will send me your document in .doc or .rtf format and I will be processing it using my personal account in plagiarism checking. No limit of pages as long as it is in a single file.

3. For payment purposes, you can just donate a euro or $1.5 dollar in my paypal account which will be the same as the e-mail I use to send and transact with you.

4. Your reports will be sent to you within 24 hours after you send me the file and it will be in .html format.

5. To view a sample report, just click here in one of my uploaded and checked works. JSee this address/link to see a sample report:

6. You can pay after you receive the report. Don’t worry, it’s a little amount of money and it’s no big deal. If you don’t pay, it’s your problem. But be careful for not paying because there are consequences (hahaha… don’t be scared!)

7. Maximum request per person per day is five (5) documents only. In case I cannot do it, I inform you ASAP.

If you think you cannot pay, but you badly need an e-plagiarism check and report, you can follow the same process but just indicate the reasons that you don’t want or you cannot pay. If my uploads are in slack, I can always do a favor to you.

I am just sharing this with all who may find this helpful to them. If not, there would be no problem. So are we game? Don’t hesitate to post a comment here or anything you want to share. It automatically goes to my e-mail.

Looking forward to hear from you. Well, where can you find a free or cheap plagiarism checker as this? And with a friendly person offering? I am always here if you need. Just give me a buzz.
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ABC Bloglearner

Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing and the "Why Good Writers Keep Journals" Piece

If you have been in this blog, or if you are currently reading this, more probable than not, you are a blogger. A blogger is someone who maintains a web log, (blog for short) and that means you are WRITING! Yes, whether you like it or not, to blog is to write and the more you write the better your writing goes. Right or wrong? My point here is, journalizing online really helps us. I know my writing in many of my blogs ( I have arounf 13 of them all, past and present) are not perfect, thus, I am still here enhancing my capabilities. Enhancing it does not mean to become the level of Agatha Cristie or Robert Ludlum…or whoever you know, be it John Grisham or Sidney Sheldon. I am not even sure if those names I have mentioned are correct or not. Oh, pity me!
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But writing, if properly learned can do help a lot. I have earned at least a thousand dollars from it and is continue earning. I know most of you experience the same. Those who have pay per post articles, or smorty, bloggerwave and the likes do not do it overnight or in a snap. A little level of writing skills, they have also learned and acquired. And why do I write this? I have come through an article about writing/journalizing and I realized it is better to share it to those who post journals/diaries/logs online. It would be very helpful I am sure (that is, if you have patience reading).

Why Good Writers Keep Journals
by Ruth Folit

Journals have been the secret weapon for writers from Allen Ginsburg to Virginia Woolf to Victor Hugo. Make it your secret weapon, too.

Skilled writers have developed their own voices -- unique ways to express themselves. They have learned to open the windows to their inner workings for insightful perspectives into themselves and the rest of their worlds. How do writers record these everyday flashes of insight and noteworthy musings that might otherwise evaporate into oblivion? A Chinese proverb states, 'The palest ink is stronger than the most miraculous memory.' Or rewritten to reflect our computer era: The palest pixels are stronger than the most miraculous memory.

Where do comedians, novelists and playwrights get the raw material for their writings? From life, of course! Writers know that the anecdotes of the day, conversations overheard, and experiences, feelings and subtleties of a moment may be the seeds of a short story, the building blocks of a script or the spark for a magazine article. Keeping a journal keeps all these important morsels handy and ready to use when the appropriate time appears.

How to get started and keep journal writing going? There are no hard-set rules for keeping a journal. How often you write, how much time you spend and how rigorously you maintain a regular journaling schedule are matters of personal choice and circumstance. While an individual living alone may have hours of solitude and enormous flexibility in terms of time, a parent with small children may have very little of either. So it is of primary importance to find what works for you. The following general guidelines, however, may help you to establish journal writing as a regular and enduring habit. Your Ad Here

1. Allow yourself regular writing times. Find a time of day that works well for you and use this time every day. As much as possible, control interruptions during this time.

2. Provide yourself a peaceful place to work. If you need an uncluttered space, try to clear your work area before sitting down to write.

3. Develop a centering ritual. Associating journaling with another pleasurable habit can help to strengthen the routine and create an atmosphere of self-nurturing. When you are ready to write in your journal, consider pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Play relaxing music. Take a moment for meditation, deep breathing or simply relax and sit quietly for a few minutes. Read a quotation or a passage of poetry. Listen to a guided meditation tape.

Prompt yourself with a routine self-reflection question: If you tend to have trouble starting, prompt yourself with a routine question, such as 'What are you feeling right now?' or 'What's on your mind?'

Author and diarist, Anais Nin, suggests asking 'what feels vivid, warm or near to you at the moment?’ Another way: 'I feel...', 'I need...' and 'I want...' Your Ad Here

5. Write because you want to write, not because you have to. Don't allow journaling to become an obligation or chore. Remember not to demand more of yourself than you can give. If you have missed a day, or several days, accept that journaling, like life, is imperfect and go on. Write the next time you have a chance.

6. Create a positive feedback loop. As you continue to use the journal as an opportunity to be with and learn about yourself, you will find that the practice gains a momentum of its own. Discovering your own hidden depths piques your curiosity and stimulates you to continue, setting up a positive feedback loop between your conscious and unconscious mind.

7. Emphasize process rather than product. An important purpose of journal writing is simply expressing and recording your thoughts and feelings. Concentrate on the process of writing -- keeping the flow of words rather than worrying about the end result. If your goal is to have a specific audience read your piece, go back to it later and edit it. Use your journal as the raw material for more polished writing.

8. Use well crafted journal writing tools. People who stick with journal writing find pleasure in the process. Some look for beautiful journal books or comfortable pens. Consider using your computer; many routinely spend time at a computer already and feel comfortable at the keyboard. And now there is journal writing software available that heightens the journal writing experience with specific journal writing tools -- to help inspire self-reflection and spark new avenues of thinking, to organize and manage your writing and to set the stage for uncensored, secure self-expression.

9. Learn from your own experiences and incorporate them into your publishable writing.

After just a few weeks or months of keeping a journal, go back to earlier journal entries. You may be surprised how fresh your writing is and how you can mine your journal entries by extracting rich detailed descriptions, authentic conversations and ideas for plots that you already have written within your journal.

10. Have fun!! Journal writing is its own reward. Once you get started, your journal will become another one of your good friends -- one who is always available, has the time to listen attentively and remember what you said.

Ruth Folit has kept a journal for 30 years. Her company's journal writing and keeping software, LifeJournal(tm), was the winner of the McGraw-Hill Higher Education sponsored Technology Design Competition for Computers and Writing 2000.
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If you have read until here you clearly understand the concept. But I don't really think you did! It is quite long and unless you need it as in a school requirement, then that would be the only time I can understand you really read the article. Ro see the true version of this piece, simply click here at the Writers Store and the rest of the stuffs.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Power Your Search Engine Searches with “Wedge Words”

Your Ad Here Stalled searches slowing you down? When even exact phrase searches don’t get you where you want to go, it’s time to let “wedge words” drive your online research.

Former English teacher and librarian Marylaine Block came up with this term for words which are very effective at “prying out a very specific kind of information” in online searches. She explains, “We might add them to a search topic to tell a search engine the exact format in which we want our results, or the exact type of resource we're looking for.” One powerful wedge word, she says, is faq - frequently asked questions. Block says, “One of the great strengths of the Internet is that experts on virtually every topic have created FAQ files to answer the basic questions. If you're starting to research a topic about which you know nothing, you can use Google and type mytopic FAQ. (Why Google? Since it ranks results in accordance with how many people link to a site, there's a pretty good chance that the top results will in fact be good answers.)”

Block shares some additional wedge words, why they work and how to use them:

Search engines are good at finding search terms, but can't handle relationships between words -- to a machine, there is no real difference between library schooland school library. One way to compensate for that is exact phrase searching, but some questions can't be stated with simple exact phrases. For example, take the question: What percentage of Hispanic-Americans are (sic) of Mexican descent?

What you need is a word that contains within itself an implied relationship. In this case, any question about the make-up of a group of people is covered by the wedge word demographics. Using the phrase Hispanic-Americans + demographics, you are led to a number of statistical resources that break down the group membership. Similarly, the question I have about koalas, that eat eucalyptus leaves, is "What, if anything, do the eucalyptus trees get out of this?" Search engines can't handle that question, but I can use the words for relationships between organisms in a food system: "parasitic" for a purely exploitative relationship, and "symbiotic" for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

When our users are deciding whether to buy a DVD player, but don't know which brand they want, the most helpful resource would be a comparison chart, where our users can see what features the different models of DVD players have, for what price. Once they've narrowed down the possible choices, THEN we can look for a review of a specific model to see if the stated features actually work.

When you know your answer is in the invisible web... you can simply add the worddatabase to your topic.
Here are some other wedge words:

· "Word 6.0" + tutorial
· "rock music" + encyclopedia
· "used cars" + "book value"
· catholicism + expert
· maps + "lesson plans"
· cataloging + listserv
· audio + "search engine"

Find more tips from Block on a variety of subjects at Ex Libris

I would like to inform everyone readingthis that the above information is a reproduction of my questia newsletter on 22nd May 2008.

The block quoted textx may be reproduced or cited given proper citations such as MLA, APA or Turabian/Chicago Style.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good News for American Students $2 Million at Stake!

samsung, american students, samsung's legacy, samsung promotions, hope for education, education support by samsung, samsung for americansI was just caught by the ads from my questia account. I thought I could be qualified but when I visited it, I am not qualified in any way. It was an essay contest that gives out fun stuff. Not just any fun stuff but electronic fun stuff! It is a contest by Samsung and we know how wonderful Samsung gadgets are!
This contest I am referring here is called Hope for Education . Simply click here if you want to refer someone from the US to join. It is only 100 word essay by the way. Not that difficult! Who knows? New gadgets from Samsung and Microsoft would be fun and great to be won!
Quoting from the site, it says:
As a global technology leader, Samsung Electronics America believes in good corporate citizenship. Our worldwide charitable efforts to give back to the communities that nurture us reflect this ideal. Our Hope for Education program illustrates this belief. Hope for Education was created by Samsung in 2004 to support U.S. schools K-12 with the latest technology products to assist in the educational process. Each year the program challenges students, teachers, parents or anyone who knows of a school in need to write an essay regarding the importance of technology in education, and how it can benefit a school in their community. Essays are evaluated by an independent judging committee, and winners earn various awards of Samsung products for their designated school. In the four years since its inception, the program has awarded more than 250 U.S. schools with over $7,000,000 in Samsung electronics and Microsoft software.

Your Ad HereEach year, Samsung's Hope for Education holds a contest where students from schools nationwide can write a 100-word essay about how technology benefits and helps education. In 2008, the top winner receives a grand prize of over $200,000 worth of Samsung technology, Microsoft software and cash grants from DIRECTV, as well as the SCHOOL CHOICE® educational television programming package. Entries are open now. Contest will run until August 31, 2008.
  • Click Here to Join Contest
  • Click Here for the Detailed Contest Rules
  • Click Here to See the Prizes

  • But I think it is worth posting here what the prizes can be. It’s really amazing!
    1 Grand Prize Winning School receives:
    $100,000 awarded in the form of Samsung Merchandise
    $100,000 awarded in the form of Microsoft software
    $5000 (awarded in the form of a check)
    one(1) Classroom Assistant Dog and the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL® package.

    30 First Prize winning schools receive:
    $30,000 awarded in the form of Samsung merchandise and
    $30,000 awarded in the form of Microsoft Software, $1,000 (awarded in the form of a check) and the DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL® package.

    31 Nominators:
    Each Nominator whose entry is determined to be a Grand or First Prize winning entry will receive (1) Samsung Ultra Mobile PC (Model NP-Q1U)
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    For more detailes, I am giving you the links again:
  • Click Here to the Info Page
  • Click Here to Join Contest
  • Click Here for the Detailed Contest Rules
  • Click Here to See the Prizes
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