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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's Your Online Bias Judgment?

"The more you know, the more you don't know." I have read this line somewhere and I see the truth of this statement in everyday life as well as in my blogging life. There are just a lot of things worth knowing and the brain seems not able to hold all those information at a single grasp.What I am trying to point out here is the fact that as we grow older by age, we tend to know better. Indeed, learning is a continuos process and stops when we are out of breath... or does it? I have never been dead before so I just presume this time.

Since the title of this blog is on online and webbie stuffs, I want to share with you my ignorance and prejudices. Indeed I am not that knowledgeable and what little knowledge I know, if they are not complete within my thoughts, I tend to be bias on things..and another line I remember says, "a limited knowledge is a dangerous weapon".. But what can I do? I am a poor human being and subject to these manipulative things, right?

Honestly I have quite a long list when biases online are to be talked about. That applies to either a website or a blog or to both. I think I can list the top five of them here:
1. I suspect service/professional websites (not blog type) with only one year

2. Now that I use mozilla firefox when blogging is concerned, I tend to judge the sites I pass by, be it a website or a blog type site when Isee their respective google PR's. The peoblem is, not even all of my sites have this PR thingy. Only one of them has a PR3 actually. But let's accept it that those with google PR have gained age in the blogging community and at least they can be considered to have "content"... or should we say, they are too good to not offend the google team?

3. Blog services injustices. Another stuff that catches me are those blog services. Of course if your post or blog has a very high stumble upon rate, digg rate and high technorati authority, you definitely catch my attention. I may comment so badly if you have these things.

4. My comment bias. I love to comment back to those who commented to my posts above all bloggers. My second criteria is for those with better google page rank (google PR), high technorati authority and high relevance to my blog(s). If a blog has these things, I tend to browse more, read more and comment more.

5. Traffic Biases. I visit my links here in this blog as well as from other blogs and my blogs' advertisers anytime I get online. Well, who can blame me for they are one click away from my page here? I tend to make new comments when they have new posts too. If a blog has Alexa widget in it, I also look at it if it is a bit abandoned... more than 20 millionth rank...

I know it is not too good to have biases but sometimes we just want to guard ourselves. I have to admit that my list from number 2 to 5 above are kind of unreasonable attitude most of the time but for my bias number 1, I think I have a strong reason to really feel so. I have strong grounds for my number 1 prejudice. That is another story to tell though.

How about you? Do you have biases too? I would love to know them...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

On the Olympic Whinings and All the Sour Grapings...

I was supposed to post here a topic on online or website prejudices but since this Olympic scandals and China blamings are too hot to ignore, I would like to share my ideas on it. It is still covered as what this site's title says. It is a hot webbie stuff these days: the Olympic Scandals, anything olympics, the China shortcomings, the United States athletes being robbed of medals and stuffs like those.

What I would like to say here is that being a loser and a whining loser makes it even worse. It actually makes the loser both a grand LOSER and a SUCKING LOSER! Supposed to be, the Olympics would be more on sportsmanship and world unity and not politics and divisions and conflicts against each other. Whoever got the most gold medals should at least deserve those medals...where its own people played good for those medals and when I said to be its "ownpeople" it does not refer to Olympic athletes representing that county only for monetary purposes... for they were "bought" from talented people of another country or other countries.

Losing with pride means losing with honor: accepting the judgment of the judges and if there are scandalous facts involved or, if there are falsified documents involved, let the proper authorities handle and judge it. Indeed the host country for this 2008 Olympic Games did not perfect all its home work. Yes, China was where an American died; Indeed China has not resolved those human rights issues it has; Indeed China utilised lip synchronization of its singer/s or even utilized those untrue fireworks.

However, let all the criticisms aside. It is too much to bear already. Everyone knows it already. Enough of all the blaming or humiliation. I just find it very narrow minded for people who cannot accept defeat in their own rights. If they lose, they find a lot of excuses why. However, if they win, they brag like idiots. I find this attitude really disgusting. This actually applied for everyone who acts this way.

I am a sporty individual. I have lost once in my karate fights (at least ten fights)/ tournaments but I find that single lost a big lesson. My team in football became a champion in one year and was eliminated for the championships two years later. This fact made the team learn its lessons. As as I see it, Olympics has become a dirty game, just like politics and those who have money get the bigger slice of the cake. It is all business, it is more power, it is on bragging what they can win from the Olympic games. It just another political stuff then, a power struggle, a thing to brag and the purpose which is supposed to be sportsmanship and unity of the world is lost.

Poor Olympics, it's loosing its true sense.

Oh! One more thing: I hate people who think English is the only useful language in the world. Shame!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beat that Technology Blog!

We bloggers, often have so little time spending into the blogs of others. We tend to be very centered in our own blog or blogs. Of course that is very obvious and a very reasonable fact. Why? We have a lot of things to do with our own blogs beautifying, posting, submitting SEO directories, linking and many more activities. We, bloggers, sometimes miss the more fun stuffs in the blogosphere, and that is to enjoy our fellow bloggers' work and blogs.

The facade of the blog....

Although I am not referring to everyone when I said that, I have to really insist that at least 90% of us all spend more or all of our online times on our blogs alone without minding much what is going on around in the blogs of others. Naturally, there is still the 10% who are happy to read their admired bloggers and of course, maybe, with my estimate, there is another 5-10% margin of error to my estimate.

Today however, I discovered the beauty of a blog. It is actually a technology-related blog and it is owned by a passionate blogger, Michael Aulia. It is actually in the heading and title, stating the owner and the theme of the blog. I actually go around this blog for it is very unline mine. I tend to make very long posts and this one, more on interesting briefs.. short articles with very interesting contents. Take for example the post on virtual actors and actresses: it is not too long post but all is there. In fact, this post really caught my attention... how about you? Are you interested to be a fan of hollywood virtual actor or actress?

The images you see are virtual... Click the image to see the real post on it...

Moving on, I still walked around the blog and see what I can get and learn. And lo! There are entrecard guides as well as guides to new bloggers. It can be found in the head tabs. The links provided are useful to all newbies on blogging as well as entre card peeps around.

The blog has actually a lot of feature I envy. Thatis why I continue to just roam around the site and see what it has to offer. As the images sugest, there is the "Featured Posts" section that keeps on rolling the featured posts (of course) and under the posts/comments, there is the "Related Posts" section which is pretty helpful. For commentors with SezWho, the sezwho of this site, as well as CommentLuv is enabled. Not to mention the "Top Commenter" section featuring the site's fans. The entrecard is very visible and placed at the top most area giving ease to droppers.

The features I like are encircled or encased in a blue lines

Of course, as a person and a blogger, I have some suggestions to Michael. The title of the blog should at least stand out over the post titles. Maybe it can grow a little (just a little) bigger. Moreover, I see the 125 px ads at the right side very dominating. They are too big and tend to overshadow the posts. Aisde from those suggestions, I just find this blog very entertaining and useful. Visit Michael Aulia: Technology and Reviews HERE!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It Paid Off Actually...

Do you remember my post few weeks ago entitled Spending Time with My Babies? Honestly guys, sometimes you are just caught for not reading if you tell that I do have "REAL" babies for the two babies I referred to were all my blogs! My two blogs actually. You can see the evidence in the images that follow for my two blogs taken on various dates at various times of the day...

The improving page views since August 13 from my histats account...

What I was discussing in that blog are various changes I made to my blogs, except that this blog here, I have difficulty making the embedded comment form. I tried to follow all the instructions of Amanda at Blogger Buster blog but it was of no use. I even tried around four times but everytime I try to save the template, an error message from blogger comes out. So I would try to see what I can do with this and maybe I will be hunting out for another layout. My excuses to the friend who helped me put on this previous layout and template. I actually wish all my three blogs to look similar so readers would identify that it is mine or they are mine.

As a recap, I have made some modifications with my comment section where it is numbered. Actually, I also wanted to add a color differentiation so readers would identify if it was me commenting but that takes another time so I let if for a while because the template that I am targeting to put here already have it. I will see what I can do. I also hope that all the beautifying that the said friend have made for me would not be lost as well as the stuffs I added around.

Back to the real issue. SO what did pay off?

I was talking about the extendable summary feature that I added for my posts. This is actully the usual "Click to continue..." notation in most blogs but this notation can be customized. Mine actually says, "Read More of this Stuff, Buddy...Don't forget to leave some ideas in the comments section and I will be in your page to do the same. Happy Reading..."

What I want to tell the other bloggers who do want to have greater pageviews/reach, this is a very good idea to put the embedded extendable summary. WHy? For every reader of a post, at least two pages have been viewed. Now this is helpful to solve the bumprate and any other traffic related issues. I always wanted to maximize my page views and I have been encouraging it by paying people just to view my posts! Of course in exchange to gaining some credits such as giving them Entrcard credits.

I have been monitoring my taffic in yerms of visits and page views and since I employed this extendable summarry in my blog, the page views has more or less doubled. In fact, I have taken some screenshots of my traffic counter during various times of the day. My traffic, both page views and reach may not be that high, but I am proud of it. I am as well proud of my steady increasing traffic since I stayed in Holland. In fact, my latest weekly record per alexa is on the 190+K mark although my 3-month record is still stuck at 400+K mark. But in due time, with constant traffic, this will imrove and when I am settled with the looks and layout of my blog.

Again, I would like to thank a very helpful online friend I mentioned above. I am actually posting the previous image of my blog. I loved it and I already explained above the reason for changing into this layout.

So guys, would like to have that extendable summary as well? Simply visit the Blogger buster blog, she is packed of advices there or simply google "extendable summry" and it will come up to you.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Artistic Touches in the Mails...

I am sharing with you an entertaining email that was forwarded by an ex-officemate to me, a fellow auditor and CPA back home...

So guys, here are the additional artistic touches of Julian Beever, an English artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium . Beever gives to his drawings an amazing 3D illusion.

chalk 8
Hey! Don't mess with the water system!
chalk 5
Be careful! Don't step over that laptop computer...
chalk 6
Be careful! Don't step over that laptop computer...
chalk 7
Who wants to fall or stumble on that little hole? People avoid it actually...
chalk 9
Hey! Don't fall!

So guys, that is the talent. I actually performed a search on this talented guy and more of his works can be found at this page. What I posted here are forwarded email from a friend and I am sharing the beauty of this art with you here.

What's With Domains and Hosts? What Do We Need To Know?

I stumbled over an informative piece from the article section of Web Hosting Rating website entitled Tips for Choosing a Domain and I was amazed about the tips it gave. If not only for plagiarism reason and if it is not bad to copy and share those tips with you, I would be posting it here.

I may not be able to copy that article but I have provided you with the link above. I am very certain that you will find it handy and in general, you will find WebHostingRating useful. In fact, I spent some moments knowing the site on how I can utilize it as a blogger and with a blog talking about daily encounters with the Internet and the world wide web (WWW), it really is utilizable for me.

So what does this website or company offers to all of us? This time, I am going to exactly tell you what it is about. If you have plans to have yur own/paid web hosting packages, you better check this out and your questions will be answered in this site.

Web Hosting Rating is ....
an independent customer rating of top 10 web hosting companies. In fact, its host rating system is based on the
customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and techical support. Web Hosting Rating is the biggest searchable web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers.

Moreover, aside from hosting rating, various relevant information are available from the site as well. These information include, but are not limited to, Best Budget Hosting, Best Blog Hosting,
Best Forum Hosting, and Best Unix Hosting among others. This means, it is like an online consultant when hosting companies are concerned.

For further information guys, when it talks about hosting and domain related questions, just buzz n checkout Web Hosting Rating.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Never Knew I Gained Google PR3

Do you think in this blog? See down where....I got the google Page Rank 3.


Yes, I have to put that notation to not send wrong signals to my readers. The page rank that I got is not for this blog but in another blog that I did not change the domain name. If you are curious enough, simply CLICK HERE to see it. Now that I have my own blog to have a PR, for the first time, now I really got the feel of how it is to have a google PR.

Honestly, I abandoned this blog months back to settle on two blogs where I bought a custom domain. From this blog where I gained $16 from BidVertiser but that was it. No more additional earnings. It was totally abandoned and untouched. The traffic was never dead though. In a day, it still gets a considerable amount of visitors. It was actually the first blog that I have had. And the theme? Majority of the posts are critical and political.

I am really elated as I opened today, with the Mozilla Firefox browser when it was green in the PR detector. I was alerted. Maybe it is another tricks from google or from firefox that sometimes retains the PR of the previous site and shows it as the page rank of the current site. SO I wanted to make sure and I checked the Pae Ranking from outside services. Indeed it was PR3! Wow!

This means that my PR3 blog now is revived. I used to leave a notation that I have transferred that blog and I have to leave it. But now, I am coming back. Now that it has PR 3, the voices that will put there will be heard better because it will be easily searcheble. I am just too glad to have it and I gotta post in here for my elation.

Honestly, I never know when the PR started to grow. I will be maintaining this blog again but I will never change it into custom domain. Why? I will surely lose the PR! So it will stay in blogspot and it will be an assistant as to my promotion of my two custom domain blogs, ONE HERE and ANOTHER HERE.

It also give me a very strong feeling as to the factor that made that blog run into PR three (3).
  • First, it was certainly not traffic for I only have had 10-30 visitors daily since I abandoned it.
  • Second, the content paved the way. The contents were heavily keyworded into Philippines and many searches regarding Philippines can be found there.
  • Third, my exchnaging links with fellow bloggers helped. Maybe I have exchanged links for at least 60 fellow bloggers. And at the moment, I see a majority of them to have their own PRs as well, mostly like me who has PR 3.
At least now I have proven all I posted about having a PR in this blog. If you are interested to have PR as well, simply see (by clicking) my posts entitled Now that We Have PR5 so What Now? Shall We Have It Forever? and Google PageRank, I Want to Improve In It!. I lost my adsense but I still got the PR. Now I am not that disappointed losing it after I travelled.

Finally, I am just thankful. It was a passion for me to put such a content to that blog and it made me happy as well as it made my blog buddies happy. Now I almost regret I left it for I have had a lot of readers there before. Anyway, I am back. As they say, better late than never.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do You Love Contests? Read and Win This Out!

I have recently sponsored some entrecard contests and three of them have been concluded already. That means, if you will be running some contests, do not forget to buzz me because I do love sponsoring one. What I just discovered is that in the last two contests that have been drawn by those respective contest givers and organizers, there is one particular winner that stands her way. The blog is called I Luv Contest although she used two dfferent blogs in two different contests. So what am I trying to drive here? Just read on...

Since the name of the blog is 'I Luv Contests', that means that contests are the main dishes in her blog. This person is pretty updated with all the current contests in town and as I have seen it, it paved her way: she makes it to the winning group. As they say, the more entries you got, the more winnings you will have. And that is true! She wins more than the rest because the probability of winning is much more than the rest.

So guys, if you are hunting for some contests as well, no need to worry. We have the one stip shop; the blog of sherry at http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com. See yah there! ^^

So Am I Gonna Be Rich Now?

Do You feel excited when someone tells you you have won £500,000 gus? I feel disgusted actually because it seems like he or she is mocking me! See this stuff where I got the £500,00. I rich Dude!

The following was an email sent to me:

Yahoo/Msn Lottery Incorporation
Baley House, Har Road
Sutton, Greater London SM1 4te
United Kingdom.

Dear winner

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Five hundred thousand, Great Britain Pound Sterlings(£500,000.00) for the month of August 2008 Lottery promotion which is organized by YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC & WINDOWS LIVE.YAHOO/MSN & MICROSOFT WINDOWS, collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo and Hotmail we only select five people every Month as our winners, through electronic balloting System without the winner applying,we congratulate you for being one of the people selected.

These are your identification numbers:

Batch number.....................YM 02XN

Reff number.......................YM47XN

Winning number...................YM88

You have to fill and submit this form to the events

1.Full name.................................

2.Contact Address...........................


4.Telephone Number..........................





10.Have You Won a Lottery Before?

Name:Mr.Johnson David
E-mail: micro_payoutdept08@hotmail.com

Isn't that sweet? I am just rich in one second! Haha! Now who wanna have a date with me? Or if you want you can help me claim the big prizes. Wonderful, isn't it?

One New Addition to My Cool Web Hostng List

It seems that these days I am really into these hosting stuffs so this one is another in the list that I have found. It called Concentric, a proven messaging, collaboration & web hosting for growing business. If I have to sign up today, Concentric has various flexible plan to choose from.Among the packages available for the websites are Web Site Design for $89.95/month, Web Site Migration & Upgrade for $69.95/month and Web Site Maintenance $40/month. Aside from having services over my/your website if we start to register and have the services there is also the account services available.

The coolest part? This is the first time I encountered about shared web hosting actually. It is an Email Hosting and Starter plans for shared hosting that offer cost-effective solutions that get you or me started with business email, applications, and web site hosting.

Check this out and you'll find out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spendng TIme With My Babies...

Yes, I have two babies actually.. One is here and the other is here. I did a lot of time with them this weekend because I had great home connection this weekend! Aside from that, I also beautify my surroundings and made it more usable and flexible.Well, since I have mentioned what my babies were, I wrap here up what I did.
1. I made one of them to have an embedded comment form. Don't get me wrong, I worked hard for both of them but the other can't just have it no matter what technique I tey. The embeddedcomment form, I took the instructions from Amanda's Blogger Buster blog as well as through Blogger in Draft blog.

2. I gave one of my babies here it's own tag cloud. It was supposed to be a fair treatment but I forgot to give the same one to this baby here.

3. I gave the two babies a numbered comments. Now you do not have to count how many have commented because at the right side of the comment section of each post in my any of my babies, you see the big numbers there. Another great instruction as referred by the great Amanda from Blogger Buster blog.

4. I enabled both the trackbacks but I do not have any idea actually how it functions.

5. I registered and have been actively promoting my babies to social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. So far so good, all I need is time actually. Ihave been running of time although I have the connection for the week that was fast and opens all. Now my site has an option to be bookmarked in each post, that is right after the summary or thepost. I just love it!

6. I am in the constant zeal to make my babies better actually. I have added one google gadget in in this baby which is the Newsreel.

7. Well, do you notice anything? My babies noe have the extendable summary. One thing that was a success for this baby of mine for yesterday, the page views were more than double of its entire visitors. That is just amazing. However, for this baby, I just started using it today and have not seen its effects yet. It is pretty effective as to the pages' or the site's reach.

Now the weekend is over. I am securing my regular daily posts to pile up in my drafts so in case I do have to leave or sleep early, or have something important, I need not worry for I have already the post ready to be published in time. In fact, I made this one today (Sunday) but it would be up two days from now. I don't have any idea why my current draft suddenly showed up even though it should or it is supposed to be up tomorrow, Monday.

Anyway, I am just I am blogging around. It is a learning ground as well as a lot of fun ground for me. Happy blogging guys and don't forget to leave some thoughts. Ill be there in your page coz I am promoting backlinks for my sites so commenting is not a problem to me.

I am just glad I made some great time with my babies!

Another Web Hosting Company in My List

These days, I have been thinking which web hosting company to choose as I have two growing blogs. Still confused and have no idea as to which one is better, what to make out of them and which one to start considering or should I simply stay with my first ever blogger's blogspot free hosting.

I have however stumbled with some cool web hosting services around the block and one of them is called Network Solutions. I bet what this web hosting company offers is indeed a solution to both my and your simple or ecommerce web hosting needs.

So, what do they offer and what have I discovered? I was amazed actually!

1. Network Solutions is a leader in the Web hosting and domain name industry and was even the first domain name registration service ever established in 1993. 1993? That must have been a record! A veteran I should say.

2. A reliable company with a customer service open for 24/7! That is what I am looking for actually when I am considering a web hosting company. Of course theur annual package of hosting plans give out a free domain name.

3. Flexible. I need not be intimidated with big ecommerce sites for I am equally treated if I hire the web hosting solutions of Network Solutions! Cool stuff, isn't it? That means they offer services to any kind of site, be it a simple blog like mine or a business site requiring some more funcions and flexibility.

What more can I say? With Network Solutions, the Company can really assist webbie individuals in all their web hosting needs! And I bet that includes me! Wanna see what I mean? Click here then!

Isn't Google Gadgety Idea Great?

Google Gadgets have now been enabled for all layouts blogs. This new interface allows for the integration of iGoogle Gadgets directly into our sidebar, with an array of customization options for easy tweaking. Also built into Gadgets is our the robust Gadget Directory, which lets us, Blogger bloggers browse through thousands of cool gadgets and add them to our blog with a simple click of a button.In fact we can access Gadgets from your dashboard under the Layout | Gadgets tab (the tab formerly known as "Layout | Page Elements.") In short, it is like the renamed 'page elemets' but now i believe it is more flexible

Gadgets have built-in configuration for easy integration into the layout. All gadgets are automatically sized to match the width of the sidebar, and their height in pixels can be adjusted using the Gadget's built-in options... now this is one great part of it. Blogger's/google's large list of Gadgets is constantly growing and evolving. They can be browsed from the comprehensive Gadget Directory, which runs the gamut from sports updates to site counters, and flash games to local information tickers.However, these stuffs sound so fancy for me. All I put here, as an addition to my existing layout is the Newsreel...you can view it at the lowest potion of my right sidebar. At the moment, my topic of interest is on Olympic games. The language is however Italian. I do not have any idea how you view it, if it is in Italian or not.

To bring up the Gadget Directory, just click Add a Gadget from the blogger layout. However, if you are some kind of Bravo Geek and have an idea for a gadget that isn't listed yet, you may build it yourself! Google/Blooger claimed that they are always on the lookout for great ideas, and you may submit your own creation to the iGoogle Gadget Directory, and then let them know about it in their Help Group— they may just add it to our 'Featured Gadgets' Section...and THAT IS THE GADGET YOU CREATED!

Isn't Blogger/iGoogle gadgety idea great? See Here: Blogger Buzz: Spice Up Your Blog with Google Gadgets!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Does My Laptop Nurtures a Bug?

It started last week when my Entrebar just disappeared of nowhere. I tried to re-download and re-install it but to no avail. Then, my my firefox just blew up and hwaaaa, it could not be opened any longer. I had to re-download my firefox mozilla browser and good that it was back without much fuzz. Then, I tried to restore my EntreBar but still, nothing. In short, until now, currently, at the moment, addesso, ora, or whatever term can substitute the word 'now', I want to cry because I still have not the entrebar. I find it really helpful with its lots of one-click feature.

The good thing s, my mozilla firefox is still up. Actually, these days, I have been using firefox back-to-back with Apple Safari when I do surf around. The blogging stuffs go at firefox while the rest of the on-line activities, I use the Apple Safari. Although I have my favorite opera aound and the internet explorer, with my surfing and activities these days, I cannot trust them for my use.

Now back o the topic, I just found out that I cannot really open some sites. I don't know why. Especially the sites with dot info endings. Any ideas on how to tell if you got some bugs/viruses around that do not permit you opening some sites? Any idea on how to dispose of them? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

I just thought Bugs Bunny is cuter than the real bugs!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Thought I Saw It Wrong

I have been wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. The blogger dashboard that I have suddenly seemed new to me. It is lighter now and more pleasing to look at. I searched for answers. Honestly, it looks more like the dashboard of blogger in draft that the normal blogger dashboard.
And with a little scanning of my eyes, I have found out that indeed, I was seeing a new thing! My dashboard got a fresh look and it was actually announced therein, in the "Updates and Bug Fixes for August 14th" of Blogger. Actually, I have noticed that
every fifteen days, we, in blogger have this updates and fixes thingy.At least it is a good feeling to know that the platform is being more and more adaptive to the current styles and problems in terms of blogging. In a way or another, it makes us Blogger bloggers trust the platform and again, in a way or another, inspires us.

Actually, the following are the exact announcement of blogger as to yesterday's updates:
  • * There’s a new look for the Blogger Dashboard, which we think you’ll find more attractive and functional. If you have a ton of blogs (as we do) try out the “hide” and “show all” links to help manage the list.
  • * Google Gadgets in your Layouts blog can now set their height automatically (if the gadget author supports it). Read more aboutadding Google Gadgets to your blog.
  • * AdSense page elements can now optionally have image ads. We’ve found image ads have a higher click-through rate, so you might get more money if you turn them on.
  • * We wrote up a Features page to help you keep track of everything you can do with Blogger. Take a look and see if you’ve been missing out on something cool.
  • * The Flag Blog button in the Blogger navbar now pops up a window for you to tell us why you think the blog violates our terms of service. Flag Blog is always handled exclusively by human reviewers, not the automated spam locking system, so this information will better help them decide what, if any, action should be taken.
So long with blogger then. Whether I transfer to a paid hosting or not, I cannot deny the fact that much much learnings I have had from blogger.

In fact, I also noticed these gadgets as they replaced the 'page' elements in my blog's layout plans. I just discovered today, as i saw the formal announcement of blogger that these gadgets are more efficient and effective for they have built-in configuration for easy integration into the layout (of blogger blogs of course). The catch? These gadgets actually
are automatically sized to match the width of your sidebar, and their height in pixels can be adjusted using the Gadget's built-in options. Isn't that cool fellow bloggers?

Blogger has announced that these gadgets are in constant growth and evolution. They are actually listed and can be browsed from blogger's comprehensive Gadget Directory, which runs the gamut from sports updates to site counters, and flash games to local information tickers. Another cool stuffs, right? The best of it? For the techies around and for those nerdie geliuses, if you have some ideas of a cooler or a cool gadget, yur gadgetry ideas can be submitted to the iGoogle Gadget Directory, and then let blogger know about it in their Help Group— they may just add your gadget 'Featured Gadgets' Section. Now that is the time to shine for you, tech experts!

Friday, August 15, 2008

This Is Out of Topic But I Feel This Is Special To Share

A Friendly Coincidence
It was a surprise! Living thousands of kilometers away from friends and family, I have a limted set or sets of real friends. I am glad that I can also make some online although let's admit it, the feeling is strange when you don't actually meet them. But at least, the lonely days can be forgotten even with virtual friends.

I am not also one who really put so much fuzz about something insignificant but these days, I just realize (more) the power of friendship and how one can be helped or help or vice versa with a relationship built out by two strangers before, but now, are real friends.

In the Philippines, my friends are still active and we do send emails to each other. In fact, this last two weeks, I have sent post cards to at least twelve (12) people remnding them I never forgot them and of course, they too never forgot me. This actually includes my university friends and work friends in Ernst and Young member practice Company in the Philippines.

Although I have mentioned I do not give too much of a fuzz about things, when I remember my friends and the old good and bad days, I just get teary. Actually, I am blessed with my selection and collection of friends for they are really a set of heavenly blessings to me. When I need something, believe me or not, it is the friends I turn to and ask. And they have never failed me. How thankful I am they exists and I have chosen a right/correct bunch of them.

So why all these dramatic writeup on friendship and friends? Is it friends' day or friend's month or smething? Actually I don't have the barest idea if it is. But what I know is, friends day for me is everyday. And what is more? Yesterday, I have wrtitten a post on "networking" in my coputer and internet-related blog and at the same time, one of the online friends, Sheng Gorgeous sent me something that really made me think about friendship and the coincidence of what I have posted here.

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us
one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

This message made me thinking and I do believe in it actually. I thank her for being a friend as well and for all my offline friends that are always with me whether it's my up or down.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lazy and Dumb Guys Can Earn Too???

If you are a bit lazy and wants to earn money at the same time, this is the right place for you. No skills, no knowledge. Simply a simple click. Click your way to money. If you want to try it out, simple click that image you see here. Welcome to AdverCash, where everyone earns by clicking an ad. If you asked me if I had try this out, the answer is yes! What I like here at AdverCash? The raffle that they give where you can win up to $20 each time you reach 20 clicks.. I find it fun, especially when I am making my posts and just let the ad run after I click it. It’s only 30 seconds! I won $0.50 in th elottery actually! Hahaha! So big huh! But at least I have proven that this is real, not a bogus. I'll upload the image click here so you can see. Just click it to enlarge, okay? How Does It Work Then?
AdverCash combines advertisers intuition to get new clients, with clients intuition to get more cash. We take an advertisers ad, invite a member to go to their site for a period of time, and earn money while doing so. Advertisers gain clients while members gain real money!
How To's and How To's of the Site
All you have to do, is click an ad. Simple enough right? No skill, energy, or work needed, just simply click an ad, view it for at least 30 seconds, and get paid! For each ad visited, you will receive $0.01. Not enough? Well, if you can refer someone, you get a bonus $0.01, and $0.01 for every ad they click too! You can also do offers, which earn you many more dollars on top of that, and you receive 10% of your referral's offer gains! And if that's not enough, for every 20 ads you click, you receive a free lottery ticket! You can use this lottery ticket to win up to $25 instantly! No strings attached! Click 20 ads, get a winning lottery ticket, cashout your balance! Once you receive a minimum of a $12.50 balance on your AdverCash account, you can request to recieve that money via a AlertPay money transfer, or a check via the US Post Service(currently only available to US members. After your paypal request has been accepted(within 3 days), you will receive a transfer directly to your account. We send out all payments on the 15th and the 30th of every month! Once your cashout has been approved your payment will be sent on the nearest sending date.
Just try to see if you'd like it. If you have free time, you actually have nothing to lose. As I have said, it is the "Lazier" way to gain money!

A Useful Directory in the List

At Clicksmart, you Don't just click. Connect. That is the slogan of this amazing and detailed site directory online. It is actually more on business sites and with this useful directory, customers can have a sense of reliance and trust because the experts or Clicksmart Certified Experts are Pre-screened. Thus, the customers have nothing to worry about.

In fact, one of the links/services I have checked is the Dallas countertops and Clicksmart really has a detailed list of countertops located around Dallas, Texas including but not limited to Dalrock Foundation Repair, Home Entertainment Outfitters, among others.

So if you guys want some information about your state or city, and want to see a shop offering certainly the smarter way.

Now See These!

Dear Visitors, I am sharing some images of the chalk drawings from Julian Beever. All I can say is, Incredible!!!!! He is one hell of a talent. I have more to share and I am sharing them one at a time. I need a research about the guy first and you too, will be knowing him.

Here don't miss looking Julian at the top of the bottle...

However, as a briefer, Julian Beever is an English artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium . Beever gives to his drawings an amazing 3D illusion. That means what you see here are questionable for their reality effects.

Here, do you notice that nothing is real actually? Isn't that amazingly artistic and amazingly talented of this guy?

Considering a Hosting Plan For Your Blog Like Me?

Obviously, I am still with the free hosting blogger platform. However, with my blog buddy, Prodinterios, who just bought a hosting plan and a domain for his blog, I too, dream of a paid hosting. Why? Isn't it obvious enough that most of us, if not all, actually want more flexibility and independence in our websites and blogs?

With this dream in mind, and I know you do have this dream too, I want to share one of the cool sites around providing hosting to those lots of us who want the cheap hosting! But if you don't want it chep, Buddy, you also allowed to have a lot more flexibilities at Webhosting Geeks' cool hosting categories.
These are the samples:
Isn't Webhosting Geeks great, providing all those classifications? I suggest you take a peek at the site too and see what cheap and wonderful hosting-related stuffs and services it offers.

Gadgets and Technology are Nothing If...

Today, I was in the City Hall for some bureacratic requirements of living in a new place and I do need to register and followup a lot of documentation and a lot of requirements. To be exact, there is a reception dest, a very large hall where people have enough place to breath, meet, sit and wait for your turn to transact in one of the 24 cubicles ready to serve each and everyone there who has the queue number. It is actually a smooth process where people only line up once: in the reception area to get the queue number.

Just past the view right after the entrance...

Let away the design of the city hall which is a bit spacious and relaxing qith lots of free light going inside since it is designed with an 'opnen-like' center where the lights of the sun are welcome, the thing that amazes me is the smoothness of the whole process. The city hall personnel, as well as any other government office we transact with or we call, because they can just aske for the name and various information and they know everything. This is the benefit of all the centralization of all records where one department of government passes the information to another department, share them and hola! the things are determinable, the records are there, no multiple registration, no redundancy of function and all.

People on queue for their turn to be flashed in the screen. The reception area is visible from this angle at the end left are of the image.

With today's observation, I came up to realize that indeed technology and gadgets are better. Of course these are needed to centralize the record, to facilitate all the lines of communication within each government office and stuffs like that. There must be programming needed and all those stuffs to make the work go faster, smoother, effective and efficient. Technology these days are powerful. The conditions to use it? You must have money and resources to invest on it, you know how to use it and the rest of the world also wish that you use it wisely without affecting

Those rostrum-like stuffs in the middle are some kind of documentary. It has a screen but I never tried to use it to watch or listen because of too much light It is bad to look at a screen when there is too much ligh, the screen seems invisible as well as the things that are shown.

Why I said so? Overuse, reliance and overmanipulation of technology can be useful to one side but it can also harm the rest of the world. If you think of the United States, maybe you would
understand what I mean?

Here, you can see people ccrossing from one part of the building to another. It is like an over pass actually and there are actually two people crossng at the sixth floor. Do you see?

I Think I Read Too Much Online

I used to have eyeglasses due to my ortometrist's prescirption of having astigmatism. The truth is, I am a person who doe not like eyeglasses so much. Thus, whe I inquired if contact lenses were possible for me, the loud and big answer was, NO!

The problem is, I do read online too much, set aside blogging and supporting blogging buddies online. I do my research online for my job which is writing. Thus, a bit of headache here and a bit of headache here cause by my strained eyes is not very good for me. Now I left and thrown away somewhere my old eyeglasses! I don't like it actually. The reason that I do not wear a pair now is my difficulty of finding an affordable, yet beautiful selection of eyeglasses that would suit my looks, my face and my personality.

These days, that my head and eyes start to bother me again, I tried to see online for some local eyeglasses companies around but too no avail. They are either too expensive or out of style. Now I saw it online and I can purchase one online! I was surprised but it's true. It is the Zenni Optical. What made me trust this company is the fact that it is also feature in The Clark Howard Show. The feedback was amazing and I quote it:
Zennioptical.com is still giving amazing deals on prescription eyeglasses to the public. $8 is all it costs for basic prescription glasses. Clark has ordered a pair and so have others on the staff and the customer service and the products have been fantastic. Clark finally got his in and he has not had any problems with them. So if you want some cheap prescription eyeglasses that don't feel cheap, check out Zenni!
In fact I have already chosen my $8 dollar pair of glasses. Can you imagine? Only $8.00? That is amazing! If you need a pair, I can even give you a gift! Now that's another story to talk about.

The designs as I have browsed them, actually suits anyone: from oldies, yuppies, professionals, sporty individuals and of course YOU! Wjat more I can say? Browse the site around and you'll know what I mean. Simply stated, It's great glasses for less pennies!

The Power of Networking

I have been thinking of this topic for weeks but I wanted to put some concrete evidence so I waited for a while while I spend my previous day without having a post but having some adjustments to the looks of my blog. This is another story to tell though.

What is a network? There are actually many ways how you can out the word 'network' up. According to the free online dictionary, the following can be a definition of the word:
  1. a.A system of lines or channels that cross or interconnect: a network of railroads.
  2. b. A complex, interconnected group or system: an espionage network.
  3. c. An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support
  4. d. A chain of radio or television broadcasting stations linked by wire or microwave relay.
  5. e. A company that produces the programs for these stations.
  6. f. A group or system of electric components and connecting circuitry designed to function in a specific manner.
  7. g. Computer Science A system of computers interconnected by telephone wires or other means in order to share information. Also called net.
From the word network, we derive the word we called, networking. The root word however, is still network and we can simply understand what networking means just looking at the definition of the word network. What is the important keyword in the word is the interconnectedness that it exhibits. This means networking is a powerful tool. From the definitions number 1 to number seven above, a network is more than one. Whatever element it interconnects, a network is always in group or a collection of something. This is where the power comes from.

I am talking of the networking as a powerful tool in any case. Online, without networking, the net is useless. Without networking, we bloggers would never survive. What is the purpose of publishing things online if what you published would not be visible to anyone else? What is the use of paying a hosting service and a domain to your site or blog if it is out of network? Or, in the first place, how can you even have a blog or site without a network? This is the online factor but I am talking about real life as well. In fact, a network, in any sense is really useful. And as I put it, it is actually powerful.

First, our friends are our own set of networks. Both offline and online, we can see the advantages of this. Second, why do we ask exchanging links and things such as backlinks? This is another way of networking. Networking has a lot of use. In fact others tend to abuse it such as using the scheme to fool people out of their pockets. Ever heard of multi level marketing? Networking is a tool they use to manage and deceive fellow individuals in this kind of system actually.

Back to real life, making friends is very important. I came to be here in the place where I knew a single person when I started. By now, I have met people, both countrymen and not, and that is why the word network came up my mind. Honestly, I am glad this word and this fact called network and networking exist! It is called social networking or in colloquial term, making friends and connections.

Ever heard of the saying, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"? Basically this is it, networking again. In fact I have observed that Filipinos (where I belong) really make a good network process. It was stated that "Filipinos arrive in largest numbers"
(Bagchi, 2001, p. 63) in working abroad and networking is essential to their lives. I get to strongly agree with this because here, in a foreign English speaking church where I attend the mass, I get to see a lot of Filipinos. They tend to sit together in one bench (or whatever the term for that place you sit in the church) and are friendly to each other.

Moreover, after each mass, I find them chatting to each other or in groups and circles both in and out of the church talking about their lives and making friends. Isn't that great? With a lot of exposure to the world of networking, I really, again, find it indeed useful and helpful. Network with me then Buddies. Let's Be friends!


Bagchi, A. D. (2001). Making Connections: A Study of Networking among Immigrant Professionals. New York: LFB Scholarly Publishing. Retrieved August 14, 2008, from Questia database: http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=111542408

network. (n.d.) Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition. (2004, 2006). Retrieved August 14 2008 from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/network
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