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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trying Out Some Personally Made Robots in this Site.. What do you think?

WebbieGurl has made some quite big interval since the last post. It was five (5) days ago since the last post in here and that was quite long.

Why is that?

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Enclosed in red squares, the improvement in traffic and page views are shoeing. I am more happy actually about the increased page views, plus, I can visit many sites, browse the site of my advertisers and give them page views as well!

Lately, I have been busy trying the power of this machine. I mean, the computer. I have to learn and refresh macro knowledge in Excel (due to the naure of my profession which heavily relies on numbers and computations) and so macros in other applications came to my mind. I have been trying out some macros (robotic/repetitive functions) on the computer aside from Excel. It was quite fun actually and I have seen the results.

I bet robots are not that applicable if used the wrong way and if abused but for things one does in one's site, and it is repetitive, robotic functions are good. I have to admit that if one has patience, one can do anything actually.

The fun part?
I do browsing and a lot of stuffs while I eat or read.. I see no hand but my mouse is active and that was/is both cool and functional. I even browse around my advertisers' (both in EntreCard and Project Wonderful) sites to give them good page views as well. It helps a lot. My traffic even improved. Actually I waited a change in my Alexa before trying to post this out to see if it can be detected or has some negative effects. Traffic-wise, is it effective for Alexa. I would like to know your opinions however, in terms of other website performance measures, such as:

1. Would it (macros/personal robots) affect badly my site?

2. Would other measures such as page rank, technorati authority and other rankings be affected?

3. This is NOT a public robot, instead, one that I do and test alone and let it run here but what do you think, is it advisable or not?

4. Do not forget that your answer can give you 200 EC credits for free, as long as 12 responses is reached.

Thank you and I would love to hear from you. Hapy blogging everyone!

Friday, October 24, 2008

And Now The Promise... Who would Get the Freebies?

As you can see in my previous post, I promised to give 200 Entrecard credits to the one who would answer the questions I asked in that post the best, provided there would be at least 12 answers/comments. And I have 14 so far, thus I am giving the 200ECs before this weekend. I have seen the comments and it made me a better blogger! ^^ DO not laugh at that because I indeed learned from those commentaries in there.
you deserve it, deserveing, desert, winner, merit, prize
I feel generous and so thankful and I am also giving two more freebies for the other two answers I find worthy. That means one 200 EC and two 50ECs. WHy is that? In a simple way, only by those questions, I learned much about technorati and my constant questions of fluctuating authority has been answered. Who does not want to be thankful about that?

If you want to learn more about technorati, you may as well visit my previous post and see the reactions of other bloggers about it. The one who received 200 EC isAssess my Blog from http://assessmyblog.blogspot.com/ and the other two receiving free 50 EC each are Stephan Miller from http://www.stephanmiller.com/ and Kim from http://www.laketrees1.com/. Thank you for sharing your valuabe ideas guys! Your entrecard credits will be in your accounts in short moment. You will be contacted and informed about it and if you do not have the EC account yet, you can decide what you will do with your prize.

For now, I am asking some more questions and I will just give the same 200 EC freebie to the one who can answer it with sense and an answer that I lke... Deal?

1. Do you think it does inspire commenters if they think they can get some freebies?

2. Is it a good idea or a bad idea to give freebies to those who spend their time and effort and think a little on a post like this and before?

3. Is 100 EC enough for 12 title clicks on this blog? I asked this because I always ask this service from fellow bloggers..clicking in favor of ECs. If your answer is yes, would you be interested? I am more in faor of page views than reach actually.

4. Don't forget that your answer can gain you free 200 ECs if you just put your thoughts on it, provided at least 12 answers/comments have been posted here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How Could It Happen? I am NOT that Informed with Technorati Authority

If you have read my last post, I was so triumphant declaring that my goal of hitting of 100 or any three-digit technorati authority would come true. I have to say, I have had an authority of 99 that time, the moment I actually posted my preceeding entry here.

sexy technorati model, technorati authority, technorati authority strange, acting strangely technorati authority, suthority technorati go down. why?
Know what? Just a couple of minutes after, when I refreshed my blog, the technorati authority jumped down to 80 from 99! My Goodness! Honestly, this is NOT the first time that my authority has been jumping down, but this time, it moved down for almost 20 authorities downwards and it was never good for me or for anyone!

Honestly, I do not understand what I have if I have a good authority. All I know is, I love greater authority! Who doesn't anyway? I love numbers indicating good things: from Alexa ranking, google page ranking, any ranking, any authority and specifically, the technorati authority.

I have, in fact, a suspicion why this happens. I usually ping the network if I have found that my authority is static... I do that around every 10 days and it would definitely go up. However, the new increased authority would stay for a day or two and go down really bad. I bet it is better not to Ping technorati anymore and allow it to just update itself rather than being bothered...

I want to hear from your experiences.
1. Did you experience your authority(ies) fluctualting downwards?
2. Do you feel good if you have greater technorati authority (TA)?
3. ANy ideas on what does it indicate i your TA is good or higher?
4. The best answer fo this would receive free 200 ECs from me (provided, at least 12 comments/answers are made here)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Blog and the Blogger Moving On!

This weekend, WebbieGurl is particularly fullfilled and feels productive! Aside from personal updates with good happenings on some things in life, the WebbieStuffs blog finally hit the 172,000th rank and I am happy to move 15,000 this week. Thank you to all of my friends online and for those who help me out with my traffic.

moving on in life, blog moving on, move on, move on in life, moving on with blogs, blogging, blog move on

Another good side of the story is the fact that I am only a single authority away from my dreamt 3-digit authority in technorati. I bet the next weekend, the Webbie blog would be hitting its hundredth or so authority and WebbieGurl is so glad about it.

The week has been so tiring for your blogger. Real jobs tend to come really on the way. I had 3 interviews lately though I still lack one document that prevents my professional practice being done in this side of the world. But patience is a good virtue they say and I am just here doing my best.

A thing more to be thankful are my handful of commenters. Thank you for all your return comments. You inspire me more to give out and share my ideas on your posts as you remind me everytime you leave relevant comments on my posts. I have to apologize however that many of you, at least 5 comments this week were not published due to their irrelevance... But all the same, I visit you back and share my own ideas. Thanks to all of you.

Lastly, I would like to thank my fellow bloggers who have been exchanging favors with me. To all of you, you know what I mean. In summary, this is just an amazing and productive week. So long bloggers and happy blogging everyone!

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is My First Time for the Five Green Tacks!

For those of you who knows what the image mean, I am just glad and surprised to see it yesterday. I have been trying to see which one gave it to me but I just could not point it out.. If you have any idea on tracing the generous giver, you may tell me here, please.
tacks, PPP tacks, PPP postie tacks, postie tacks, positive paid posting rating

The WebbieGurl is not however aware which blog among the two listed really got the good rating. But anyway, it is a great feeling to see this full five green tacks making me feel appreciated and knowing that the advertiser did not disapprove of what i posted.

I always make it a point to make my postings appear to be part of my blog, this one, which has a theme related to computers and internet. Happy blogging and posting everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Discovery Today! Shop in the US, get a Cheaper Shipping

The other day, I was visiting my advertiser from Project Wonderful and I really got interested in the product it was selling/featuring in that website. It was an African Beady Necklace that looks very unique. I wanted to buy it but it was sold in the US of A while I do live in Europe. That is quite complicated, right? The same is true with my Ebay. I used to buy products from Ebay when I was in the Philippines. I bought from Philippine sellers though and shipping wasn't that complicated.

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I know there are a lot of wonderful and affordable prices at ebay, especially from the American sellers. However, the same problem happens. The products might be that cheap or might be that unique and beautiful but the shipping costs and risks from the seller to me as the buyer here in Europe just wont compensate it!

With the mentioned problem, I tried to look for a solution. I know I have mentioned many times in this and my other blogs that your WebbiGurl blogger is very conscious with finances and returns for my money's worth are always considered. That is not uncommon for an accountant of course. That is why. The good news despite this problem? I just found a solution to it. It is a package forwarding service that is located in the United States.

So How Does the System Work?
1. The site, which can be found at www.shipto.com offers solution for people living overseas and who want buy online in the U.S.A.

2. Buyers can win eBay auctions or buy online products and have them shipped to www.sipto.com's address and the buyer will then be notified by email when the package has arrived.

3. A shipping calculator is used afterwards to see how the buyer wants the package reach him or her anywhere in the world by using inexpensive USPS Priority, Express or FedEx with big discount. Does that sound interesting?

4. To register at the site, it is free, so why not try now?

5. They give more incentives to those people who try to help them through its affiliate program paying 10% commission from their fees (residual from all repeated orders). This can be found at
http://www.shipito.com/affiliate-program ..

I found this site really interesting and I have though it is very useful and worthy to share with you, my online Buddies!

So These More or Less 35 Subscribers Serve No Purpose?

I just post exactly before this post a free gift giving to my existing subscribers. And it turned out no one has claimed! That means I never spent my budget of 900 Entrecard credits, a free give away to my first 6 responding subscriber. The result is completely negative. Indeed I got a lot of responses of frequent readers bt I presume, no one among them is a subscriber since no one has claimed the gift.

useless, disappointments in feeds, feeds, eed reader, feedburner, subscribers, blog subscriber, subscription issues, blog subscription issue, feed count

Anyway, I have a lot of things to conclude from this fact:

1. My RSS readers who subscribed through my feed in this blog in a reader are NOT reading!

2. My e-mail subscribers do not read their subscriptions as well

3. The feeds might have been delivered later than 3 days.

4. The feeds are not useful for me, it is there for display!

5. I will make another test to confirm these conclusions.

For reason number 1, it is obvious to clonclude so since no one really claimed until the deadline of the free gift hit. I am sure everyone loves credits or free gifts so long as they know but since NO ONE read, the supposed to be 35 or so persons subscribing or at least a percentage of them, have claimed the gift.

For the number 2 reason, it goes the same direction and point as the reason number 1.

For the third reason, I hope this is the truth, that the feeds are just delivered late because I myself receive my subscription sometimes days later or even a week. So this is another possibility that I consider.

Indeed, the reason number four must speak for it! Since no one has read the feed delivered to them, to my supposed subscribers, I think the feed counter is only for display? It is a very sad fact then!

I will, as I said, make another test giving longer deadline in the near future when my feed cout change largely to see the percentage of those who calimed the gifts.... and that time, I will give variety of gifts and not only ENtrecard credits so even the non-EC member who subscribed will also have their fair share of gifts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Bonus: Are You One of 'Em? Existing Subscribers Get Your Gift from WebbieGurl!

blogging, freebies, subscription, gift, rewards, free stuffs, free, give aways, give-aways

THIS is NOT a contest!
Although WebbieGurl posted yesterday and has clearly stated a good pacing on posting, another post is coming right now. Why is that? Someone already came from google from yesterday's post, thus, I presume it has been indexed already and it is alright to make this bonus post.

I just feel generous this time and I would like to reward those existing subscribers that WebbieStuffs Blog has. This blog never promoted subscription and since it reaced at least thirty, WebbieGurl thought of rewarding those loyal followers. Feedjit also indicates that some visitors come from mail, which means, two things: the visitor either subscribed through email or had my comment arrived in his or her email. But either way, I am just glad.

Today, I would like to test my subscribers. If you happen to be online and received this message in your reader, or in your email, it is your chance. I know and I also experience that readers and subscriptions are quite late these days so I am giving you a chance until midnight of Tuesday GMT+1 to take this opportunity.

But what is his opportunity? This is to give credits to my EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS. I do not encourage you to subscribe unless you want it wholeheartedly and you want it because you find it useful. PLEASE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED AND YOU FIND THE CONTENTS OF THIS BLOG NOT SO USEFUL! Existing subscribers, you are entitled 150 entrecard credits. However, since we have limit, This is limited to first 6 subscribers who reply here and saw this message from his/her reader and/or email. Post a comment and claim your 150 ECs here if you are an existing subscriber. The first 6 to reply on or before the deadline will get the credits.

Again, this is NOT to promote subscription. I hate forced subscription because it is useless. This is to:

1. Test if people who subscribed reads what they were fed or emailed from this blog;
2. The speed of arrival of the feed to the subscribers
3. To see the response rate.
4. ANy other good reason I missed out.

So Are You One of Them? CLaim Your Free EC's Now! Comment Down Here to Claim!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Do I Do When I Need Traffic So Badly and Instantly?

I have to admit I sometmes do not have enough time to drop to the fullest. I have been so busy these days. I need to go to places for appointmenst plus I have my part time job and stuffs. Thus, I have days that I would need so much traffic. That means the day after missing dropping entrecard or the day after I dropped only a fifty cards or a hundred or lesser. These days, it has been my aim to raise traffic for this blog to improve my ALexa Ranking.... I just love seeing that number improve you know!

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In fact, I have two days of missed full dropping this week. That would mean dropping for less than 300 cards. Don't get me wrong, I am not after EC nor I am a dropping addict. I do all these stuffs for traffic purposes. That is why! In the days I need traffic, I do two things: (1) I force traffic from shout boxes/tag boards, usually those who use cbox and shout mix chatboards; and (2) I buy traffic of 100 soetimes.

My goal is to have at least 200 unique visitors in this blog daily. If I drop 300 cards, the nest day, the return rate is from 180-240 so far and that is not bad for me, I am happy about it. But as I said, there are days I miss dropping and I only get around 100 drops from my frequent dropping buddies and other blog friends who constantly visit my blog.

Before I jpined Entrecard, the tag boards were my way of having raffic. I could not count the return rate of this thing but I just hope I can. Mostly, others go back to tag to to gin traffic as well. I am just glad there are tagboards around. Although I do love commenting, sometimes i just dont have time to click and comment.. Others still have this old blogger comment form and it is a bit complicated to leave a comment and time consuming..PLUS the anti spam verification code sometimes make me dizzy! Why cant they just be clear and clear cut 3 or 4-letter thing? They are too long and just so unclear most of the tme!

I know the consequences. These stuffs such as bump rates and related things. But I have not made a thorough study if buying traffic in PTC sites are so bad. I mean, do they have lasting bad effect? Because for me, those traffic sources are no different to EC. SOmetimes EC drops can even last for 5 seconds only and regular traffic frm PTCs are at least 30 seconds... what is your opinion on traffic from PTC sites Guys? I qould like to hear from the guru's around. In fact, if I will have no much time in th enear future, I would like to look for more traffic generating sites and just pay... I dont want my traffic here die down!

I would like to hear your side of the story. Hapy blogging everyone!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Webbie's Day Out! Come and Join the Fun!

It is not all blogging! WebbieStuffs did some fun stuffs and is now sharing all these with ou. See the post and digest and entertain your eyes and mind!
beach side netherlands

beach buildings

dogs flying?

homo kite

kitie skies and crowded beach

kitie sky again

beach resto and beach buildings


sailing boats

Friday, October 3, 2008

Maybe A Good Pacing Will Do?

FInally WebbieStuffs has crossed the border! Border of what? Border of we site traffic. Since I begin to blog around ten months ago with this blog I have never had a better traffic than this Webbie blog. Now, having an Alexa rank of 196,000th is already an achievement for me. I have never achieved this traffic ranking before. Of course, I have to say thanks to ENtrecard for this and for Liza in introducing me to a great traffic building service.
pacing, ducks, swans, PR, google PR, blogging, blogging and ducks, posting, blog posting, posting frequency, blog post frequency
Maybe it must be as good as the ducks' pacing....

My traffic is only a half-baked cake though. WebbieSTuffs neve gained any PR this September 27 google update. But no hurt feelings because I still earned a hundred bucks from paid post despite the zero PR. Plus, this blog still enjoys its learning. With two more blogs in a row maintaining and having new PRs, I start to learn some things. Those two blogs of mine have regular posts but not as frequent as this Webbie Blog. Thus, I have been thinking, posting daily is not really the answer. Maybe a good pacing and a good timing would do the trick. But after all, how can I do it if Webbie contains posted stuffs? I presume, the paid posts would be paced as well.

What else is new? My post few days ago, which happen to be on wekend clamouring about unachieved Alexa ranking, now I am taking it back for Webbie's rank was updated only after 2 days to reflect the rank higher than 209,000th place. I am still aiming for 5 figures rank though, at least and even the 99,999th place!

pacing, ducks, swans, PR, google PR, blogging, blogging and ducks, posting, blog posting, posting frequency, blog post frequency, swimming swans
Or maybe even just like this.....?

As for now, I am back to promoting the traffic of this site. It has been days since I started to drop heavily and return drops as well. The results are great for I gt at least 70% returns or even more for all my drops. I just wish I can also find a partner to exchange surfing with me to reduce my bump rate. I know my average page views of 2 per visitor will be soon 1:1 ratio and I really don't like that figure. In short, I am stuck with the new EC rules for I cannot award my surfers with ECs just like before. Sigh... I also have to close my EC Biz post due to new EC rules.

What's your opinion with the new rules?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Indeed Having Glasses for My Online Blogging Needs is Urgent!

Remember my post regarding ZenniOptical.com here? I bet I really need to buy one of the eyeglasses this weekend. Aside from my too much reading, I bet the astigmatism that I was prescribed with starts to attack again! Sigh, such a life huh!

Help Me Choose One, Please... All are at $8! Incredible!
eyeglasses, eye glass, cheap glasses, optical store, cheap optical shop,glasses

One thing I like about this site, the ZenniOptical.com is the fact that there are even some positive reports about it on Fox Newx TV, or even on the radio. The popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program The Clark Howard Show, even recommended this eye glasses vendor.

Again, I have to tell you guys that ZenniOptical.com sells Stylish Prescription Eyeglasses Online from $8. There is a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. I was wondering why the prizes are so low and can you imaging that is only around €5 when converted to the currency I use? I found out that ZenniOptical's secret to its low prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget. So that's it!

They actually have new frames that have just arrived and now I want to choose a new chic yet very cheap eyeglasses!.
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