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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Donations to Wikipedia is a Money Allocated for a Cause.

Admittedly, Wikipedia for me is useless for reference purposes. Why? I have yet to meet a professor who respects it and who would allow a citation from this huge free media of knowledge. I also have to admit that if I google unto something and Wikipedia results come out, I read it first over the rest. Do I sound like a paradox queen here? If your minds are asking questions, I'll explain why I feel this way.

Click this and you'll be in the page you are seeing here... the donation page.

As I write this article, I have already sold more or less fifty (50) custom essay orders (See one of my earning schedules here) to customers. Naturally, from those orders, not only once, twice or thrice I have been instructed that Internet sources are NOT allowed, especially Wikipedia sources. Understandable, right? Professors want citations from books and not from stuffs contributed by just anybody. Professors HATE plagiarized works as well. Thus, I have my online library subscription where thousands of books are stored... and only few have access. I don^'t know if you've heard about Questia.

Going back to the Wiki story, if Wikipedia is useless to my side job, why I put such title for this article? It is because Wikipedia's founder has been appealing in very page of the site for donations (as I saw it last december 26 when I made my donation). I did try to put some of mine (donation) and it went through perfectly. I donated a very little amount of course as we are all frugal in terms of donations. However, any amount would do and if many would respond, with all the users of the site, at least even $1 each, I think it can make the site run smoothly for a long period. How many millions do use Wikipedia? I know much. You can donate by Paypal as I did. I forgot to see other options as I was so excited when I saw that Paypal was okay.

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So why did I donate?

1. I believe in the cause of the site. Although it cannot be cited in many papers, it can still be read and the contents relate to what they are supposed to relate to. The references are correct although I cannot vouch for the accuracy and reliability but I always find most articles worthy of my time spent reading.

2. It is a wonderful and easy way to begin a search or a research. I always start at Wikipedia when I do papers. I try to understand the topic deeper and Wikipedia is an entertaining (not boring) way to start: at least for me. When I understand many things about my topic, I proceed to work with my subscription database and it makes the work a lot faster.


3. It is free. What else can we ask for? The reason why the founder is/was appealing to the public is because of the fact that maintaining the site is not free and naturally not easy. Thus, it makes it more worthy to donate no matter how little you think your donations can be. Your donations are a big help for users who are unable to buy subscriptions to expensive sources of knowledge.

4. It is a very useful link provider; you'd know where to go. Many topics are interrelated and linked. External links are as well provided there. This is why the reason number 2 above exists.

5. Who else has the goal to make anything/everything known under the sun? This the reason why I admire the vision of the one who founded this site. It is simply a good thing to put every thing in writing, without discrimination as to who shared them. Let the world be equipped with more knowledge.

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So what are you waiting for? Donate to Wikipedia's cause now. That can be a $1 and YOU can make a difference. In the donation page, there are default values (such as $30,$50, $100) but you can go to the custom (Other) amount and make the donation you can afford. Believe me, you'll feel good after donating, no matter how small that is. I did! Just click HERE..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Getting 300 EntreCard Drop Backs and Other Lessons

Having spent some serious moments with entrecard in the past few weeks, I have learned lessons and I have observed and also devised ways in getting as much drop backs as I could. Since I got returns on what I have invested, I would like to share them to anyone who is interested in getting as much drop backs as they could too, just like me.

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The graph shows that this blog has many times garnered very good drop back rates reaching as high as 367 cards... I loved those days!

I have to admit that I slowed down lately and got so little returns in the past few days but the graph here still shows that I had many 300 and more returns in certain days. I would like to note that the "Satistics" portion of entrecard is a very helpful tool in analysing the entrecard activities that one blogger and EC member has. However, I have to warn you, reader, that the statistics seems to be not in "real time" or not as updated to the last minute but it is still very useful.

So here we go, I will show my graphical statistics and the entrecard's explanation of it as well as my additional note and some tips in improving the performance of such graph.

Card Drops
This is the record showing the daily number of cards that were dropped on your blog (or my blog), where the EC widget is directed or pointing when clicked. According to EC explanation, "a good number of drops improves your advertising price, and your position in the Campaign listings."

Indeed, I have observed that the price of my advertising varies or is "slightly" dependent to this card drops TO my site here but of course, the ad price is mainly affected by the demand: the more people advertise on that site, the more expensive the advertising cost becomes. I am very sure you have seen that.

How Did I Improve on This and Get Better Drops Back?

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I am a devoted dropper until I got the connection problem.. I am trying to regain my balance though...

1. Dropping as much EC as possible. We have 300 limit daily.
With a good connection (which I really lack for the meantime), this task is so easy to achieve. This is usually our complaints as I read on every EC member's posts about dropping the maximum number of cards which is 300 because it is very time consuming especially if the internet connection is NOT high speed. However, There is still a remedy to normal-speed connection (just like mine). I made dropping as a side-activity and NOT the main activity. What I do, personally, is to make the things I do at home such as read pocketbooks, exercise, do the laundry, etc., while letting the pages of each dropper I had the previous day open. Then I take a pause to drop.

2. Dropping earlier saves the day.
Entrecard's standard time is six (6) hours later than my time zone. I live in Netherlands. I start dropping as soon as 6:01 in the morning strikes. Why? NOT all of the droppers who drop back to our drops do so in the nex day. There are others who drop back the moment the drop is made to their respective sites and they just drop on previous day droppers if they get short of "today's" or the current day's drops. This means that the earlier one starts dropping, the more possibility of getting some drops back. Getting a drop, whether today or tomorrow is always better than not getting any returns at all.

3. I drop back on yesterday's droppers.
Why? To really be able to drop on them all. Yesterday's droppers are already complete as of the current day making the drops even more complete and to be more organized in my dropping back. This means that my dropper will always get a drop back even though I don't do so on the same day.

4. Avoid fast dropping programs/techniques.
Why again? Because most of the people, but obviously NOT all, in those fast dropping groups drop to each other when they too use the service. If you are not listed in that dropping list, no much traffic will flow back to you. That will only be good for you if your aim is only to gain credits but if your aim is like mine which is first traffic and then blog recognition, then fast dropping is absolutely a no no.

5. Entrecard forum rocks.
I remembered being so active in the Community forum of EC few weeks back when my work was still not as heavy as now (year end closing is heavy for accounting professionals) and I got a load of visits to my blog from the active forum members and most of them comment on my posts. Isn't that an amazing thing? I also got one of the moderators in the community remind me of my warning and he/she was able to delete that warning. What can I say more? EC is such a great help for bloggers.

6. Advertise. Advertise and advertise more.
This is up to you what your target audience is. For me, as long as my blog get exposed, I am happy. I am the kind who buy ads in volumes of low-cost advertising. If you can see in the succeeding graphs, some of those ads were as cheap as 8ECs per day but gave me high clicks. For me it is worth it.

I choose to advertise in new blogs, putting a limit of arond 16 or 32 ECs per day to advertise and getting good returns. AT least this way, if I don't get click thoughs from those ads, they are so cheap that I wont regret buying them in the first place. This is to save heart aches compared to the feeling when I buy expensive ads without returns. My main goal is traffic anyway rather than blog recognition.

This is to show how the advertisements affect the drop backs or visits to this site. Take note that I had the highest number of EC visits on the 15th and the same is true in this graph where my advetisement did great.

7. Commenting is a load of benefit to a blogger.
Obviously, there were times when I could not drop back to all of my droppers. I just leave some relevant comments to some of my droppers (sorry to others who were not accomodated but I also visited your page though I was not able to drop nor comment) because I have had more than 300 drops. Commenting will cause a visit back, a drop back, and more likely, a comment back as well. And the good thing of this is the backlink earned when commenting.

8. Be conscious of the traffic maximization technique: Don't drop to a blog owned by the same person.
Personally, I try to avoid dropping on the all the blogs owned by the same person. If possible, I would prefer that the 300 drops I get or all the drops back I get would come from different IP addresses making them a unique visit. I tend to comment to the rest of the blogs I know who come from the same owner and don't drop on them. All the same, they know I was there due to my comment. I choose another blog to drop my card at: owned by another blogger.

9. Choose where to drop, and be wise with that choice!
Obviously, we are not always full of blogs to drop. Sometimes we have only around 200 (or even less or more depending on our actions too) blogs to drop and if we aim to drop 300 cards, we need to have the extra 100 to look from outside. In my case, I can even mentally picture out blogs that usually drop back and blogs where my drop is most likely to be worthy. Just like some blogs such as Orange Inks, Matthias Chronicles and Moms Check Nyo or any of the rest of Liza's blogs (the owner of Moms Check Nyo blog), I am more or less 100% that these bloggers drop back. Thus, over the rest I choose them: I also drop back for some bloggers who dropped their cards on my widget two days ago if I get short really and of course, some are from the most popular blogs because these people usually are heavy droppers.

10. Try to be the most popular in any way.
This does not ONLY mean dropping and being the top three (3) of your category. This (being in top 3 of your category) is of course very avisable, as I was able to be in top three for some days but competition is tight and being there is a big help because new members (just like when I was new) get curious and click your widget. It is a very good free ad space!

I was able to be the Top advertiser for some time in the past week but I have had internet connection disabling me to buy ads in the prior days and I think I am down now. The same is true in my dropping but I am trying to get back to my feet now as my ALexa is staggering.

11. Have patience
Getting in the top of your category, or the top advertiser or anything good at EC takes time. I noticed that it was at least 2-3 weeks getting at the top and it requires full consistency. This means really dropping 300 each day, advertising on at lest 50 blogs each day and things like those.

Still, I am in quest of more knowledge and stuffs. This little thing I know, this is a personal experience and if you read until here, I thank you and wish you good luck in the community... in the entrecard community.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Pays to be a Webbie Individual: Online Shopping = No Stampede

After reading the Black Friday Stampede that happened at Wal-mart, aside from the sympathy that we mostly feel, I also realizee some things: If people would have been sensible in that even, no life could have been sacrificed; if online shopping have been practiced regularly, a sad event like that in Wal-mart could have been prevented. But NO!

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Again, Christmas is coming soon and WebbieStuffs is constantly posting here the importance of gift-giving practice and thus, as obvious as the distilled water, we need shopping to complete the season. And since it is a "need", this post reminds you to be very careful. Do not be pressured by this holiday season, instead, try to relax and enjoy this out-of office, out-of-work, and out-of-school moment.

How are we going to give gifts if we cannot go shopping? To purchase something these days, physically visiting a store is not anymore a need. E-commerce has arrived a long time ago and all we need to do is enhance our experience with it. Learning a lesson from the Wal-mart Black friday Stampede incident, it gives even more reason to go shopping in front of the screen!

One reason why people ├╝refers "real shopping though is for prices. It is generally assumed that "offline" shopping is cheaper. But that is NOT always the case. All we need to do is look for a good merchant where variety of choices are available. There are many beautiful things sold online as well. Ebay would not grow that big if what I just said is not true, right? Go Online Shopping Now!

Just like Newsmy / LightInTheBox One-Dollar-MP3-Cellphone, that is absolutely cheap, right? $1? That is crazy rather than affordable. As an additional information, Newsmy and LightInTheBox are two different entities but they shared on value: offering affordable products making customers happy. Moreover, Newsmy is China-based leading consumer electronics brand with more than 500 Newsmy Specialty Stores in China. Its product lines ranges from digital AV, car electronics, mobile storage, communications, imaging, etc. In short, it is in electronics and gadget industry. Many people believe it has the potential to become China's Sony or Samsung. LightInTheBox.com on the other hand is a China-based leading value-adding global online distributer, serving both business customers and customers from more than 100 countries with more than 100 thousand products. Now you understand why the both offer these affordable gadgets.

So interested for a $1 stuffs? Click HERE and you'll be IN!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are You Preparing for the Upcoming Google PR Update? Do You Have Tips?

It's December and soon enough, it would be three months since the previous google update last September. Honestly, although I have read around about PRs (google page ranks), and I even wrote on them, I am still left with zero PR for this blog. Yes, I have a PR 3 blog and a PR 1 blog but it is still a challenge to get one for this particular blog, WebbieStuffs, because it has a lot of paid posts in it.

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See where my site visitors come from.... I need to improve on SEO!

Admittedly, a PR better than zero, be it page rank of one (1) or google page rank of two (2), I would be exteremely glad to happen/ to be awarded for this blog. I just don't know where to start. My traffic has been feeling bad lately because of the EC problem last week coupled with my stat counter having its server down as well. This means, without traffic (although I am still below 100k rank) and zero page rank, no opportunities from paying advertisers. This blog has earned me around $300 but that is so little.. I mean, if there is more, why must I not earn those?

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I am curious what you have been up to to prepare your blogs for google PR update in the coming week(s), I have taken some peeks on my referer and some of the posts here also got hit from google searches but I do think they are not that concrete and heavy compared to the weight of my dofollow links in favor of paid posts.

On the side however, I still give my best shot. I do the following:

1. Clean up my previous posts, the ones I made in the beginning with many links without being conscious that there is such thing as google Page Rank or google PR or PR;

2. Link and tag for keywords some of the photos and images I previously uploaded, long before I understood linking and tagging images for keywords;

3. Cleaning up my link listing as there are a couple of blogger buddies who just made their blogs disappear in the net;

4. Making comments and putting the links of my post that can directly relate to the post I am commenting to;

5. Thinking the best way I can to make worthy posts that can be easily searched but has lesser competition and not overrated subject/topic yet.

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How about you? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I am no good in SEO and I would be happy to hear from you. I am a good learner and I will be happy to apply your ways. Happy blogging everyone and good luck to all of us in the upcoming google PR update.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adgitized and Hooked! Oh Not Again, Please.... But I Want to Earn More!

I have told myself some time in the past no more of ads earning signup and stuffs like those. I have lots to follow already. I have work, learnings, blogs, and of course, I have life to take care of! But seeing so many testimonials of earnings, who can't be convinced? I have read in the Entrecard Forum about this website that pays. Well, many pays but the way the points are earned in this site called Adgitize is simply amazing. Bloggers can earn in many ways, either by referrals through the site Adgitize's affiliate program or display ads, there can be no problem in earning.
I am going to follow-up on this site as I just signed up. That means I have read three (3) or four (4) testimonials but I have to witness and feel it myself before I can fully assess that success they have been telling. I want to earn as much as I can. Aside from my full-time 8-hour job, I would like to earn another extra €300 if possible with my laptop not counting my tutorials after work and my conversation services (I am a sweet talker that is why some people here pay me for just talking with them..haha). Currently I am earning around €200 from paid posting, my technical writing, ad displays such as Freebies4Webmasters and Project Wonderful (but have not withdrawn from PW as it is only $11 so it is not so big anyway) so I better try this one out as well, though as I said, I did not want to crowd this blog anymore.

Sample ad that can be displayed, try clicking them...

What do they testimonize and what is Adgitize's promise? for Bloggers and Affiliates?

1. When a visitor to the bloggers/affiliates' blog clicks one of the ads and signs up as an Adgitize member then that blogger or affiliate will be listed as the"sponsor". If that person becomes a new member and places an ad on the Agitize Network then the sponsor will be paid a one time finders fee of $5 for referring the new member. There is also a montly income of $1 for every month the referred blogger/affiliate continues to advertise on the Adgitize Network.

2. This is a good way to have traffic as well because Adgitize is also a social community. Members visit each other, tries to see the ad displays of each other and try to interact. More traffic means more earnings. I know that because this blog has zero (0) google PR but I still have many opportunities to paid post because the traffic saves me.

More places to go.. click 'em Buddy!
For Advertisers, advertising at Adgitize is cheaper and of good quality. Juts try and see and prove to yourself if I am lying. If I do, you can spank me! Now, you read until here so you better sign up here or I spank you! ^^

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lesson Learned: Do Not OverManipulate Blogger's Flexibility or Else.....

I am still in the process of looking for answers. If I can find one, I will post it here in succeeding entries, but as of now, I am still in questioning mode. One of my December posts in this blog got lost! Where is it now? It was still searchable as of Saturday but the post cannot be found anymore. Strange huh! As you can see in my archive, it admits that I made six (6) posts until now (including this one). But if you try to expand the posts, there are only five (5) posts being displayed. Or, if you count the posts, it is always one post lesser than what the archive says for December. The other one got lost. Where is it now?
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What exactly happened?
Friday morning, I was able to find an opportunity to post for a paid article. And I did in a hurry because I still had to run to my office. Although my time was flexible and I can even start at 10AM I make it a point to start at 8AM instead. Why? Because I still have other extra jobs such as tutorials and stuffs and I want to go home as early as possible to reunite with my blogs of course.

Making the story short, I made that post, submitted it and rearranged my other posts by manipulating the dates that were in the default post settings. Yes, the dates can be manipulated so that the ones that are posted later will appear in my homepage. That is what I do actually to give greater exposures to the post that are useful to those who might land in my homepage for a certain period. I think I have overdone it: changing dates and times of at least three (3) posts and hola! The pronlem came. In that certain Friday morning, my homepage could not be manually accessed. Even from searching from search engines, if it points out to my homepage url, the page is not visible if clicked with a blogger note telling that their engineers are working on such problem.. I was not able to completely comprehend what exactly the situation was because of the fact that I was in a hurry plus this laptop that I have speaks Italian. This is total Italian, bought from Italy and with Italian settings and stuffs but I let it this way in my quest to improve in this language that I already learned to speak and understand.

The consequences for a manipulative webbie logger
Making the story even shorter, though it is admittedly long now, I went to the office with my homepage missing, or should I say, inaccessible. When I was in the office, I tried accessing the homepage in my breaktime and all were intact and back to normal. Only that a certain (the one that is lost now) post could not be accessed: the same engineering problem arises and the same warning comes out when I clicked it from my archive. The post can still be searched online but it could not be accessed. It was still in my archive though. When I went home that afternoon, I tried to check again and it was totally nowehere to be found. I completely lost it. There were already around 4 comments in that post and the title was "Failures and Achievements: I Has (or WebbieGurl Have) An Very Worse Grammar and WebbieStuffs' Alexa at 98,000th Rank! Yeeehaa". I just tried to search online and no more trace of this anymore although the exact phrase is still showing in search results because it was linked to one of my blogger buddies' post: I put the link when I commented to her blog entry.

Anyway, as I have said, I learned a lesson. Slow down with blogger's capacity. Although it is very flexible, it has limitations at times. As for that post, I think I may repost it as I still have the original copy of that although the original comments were lost. As for this incident, I still have to search why it happened. If possible, I would be glad to recover my post and its comments but that is a very thin chance.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deleted at Entrecard? Humility is a Good Virtue!

Your webbie blogger has much ups and downs when entrecard is the topic. I have to admit I have never seen my widget in the first place of the most popular blogs for my category but i have seen it in the second place. For me, that is already enough. After all, it has its exposure in the main Campaign page of Entrecard (EC).

deleted, deleted from entrecard, entrecard tips, entrecard deletion, banned from entrecard, entrecard technique

The entrecard account for this blog has been deleted for so many times already. Maybe four? Or even more times and I cannot perfectly recall anymore. But the point is, it has been deleted and not for once only. But look and you will see that I am still active with Entrecard (EC) and at the same time, this account has been intact until now. How and Why? As the title of this post says, humility is the answer.

Why Your Account Got Deleted?
This is the first question that one needs to answer if the acount has been deleted. The answer for this can be a couple of hundred reasons or more.There are just too many reasons and that makes the probability even higher that an accont be deleted. Whether the reason is purposedly done by the account owner, or it is accidental, Entrecard does not care. It has its own terms of use or terms of service (TOS) which admittedly, not so many are too happy to read.

Human Nature, Withdrawal
The first reaction of a human being after getting such deletion notice is to feel bad; to blame the one who did the deletion; to bear grudges against EC; to hate EC; to leave EC; to despise EC; or at worse, to stop blogging! Of course the list goes on as to the possible reaction or reactions after a blogger's EC account deletion. I must say that the one that I hate the most among such reactions is to stop blogging. These bloggers forgot that they use EC to help their blogs and NOT they blog because EC exists (although many cases of this exist now)

I know many fellow bloggers who fall under different reactions but the good thing, I also know many who tried to solve the problem and their accounts were reinstated just like what happened to mine many times after the many deletions.

What To Do?
First, one must admit that EC is really helpful. Why? Only with this admission one can continue being affiliated with the site or with its services. After such admission, the following can be done to be able to reinstate the deleted EC account:

1. Admit the deviation or mistake you have done against entrecard and email them to ask for apologies or reason out for the reason they stated why the account has been deleted.

2. Solve the problem or manage that deviation you have against EC's TOS.

3. Request for reinstatement of the account;

4. Wait for not so long time.

5. Be active and enjoy your stay and repeat the process when your account gets deleted again.

For me, entrecard is a big help but this claim might not be true for others. t is up to you to decide. But again, when your account gets deleted, humility is the answer.

Where Else To Go If There Is An Amusement Park’s Holiday Sale? In That Park of Course, and It's Called Morey's Piers...

Do you remember Sandra Bullock in the movie Miss Congeniality? Do you remember which USA state she represented? It's New Jersey if am not mistaken. Aside from being the home of a very talented and congenial FBI agent in the movie, there is more to New Jersey than that. Having a vacation in this place is simply amazing. Did I say that a Jersey Shore beach Vacation is simply fantastic? Who knows? The next Miss Congeniality shooting might be set there!

new jersey, morey's piers, new jersey attraction, new jersey amusemnt park, holiday at new jersey, amusement park sale

If you would prefer a great Wildwood attractions and roller coasters however, then no one would stop you. It is all there at New Jersey. And have you heard of a word such as Morey's Piers? If yes, then you'd know that it is a staple among New Jersey attractions with its amusement park rides and many other boardwalk attractions.

And are you also thinking about gifts this holiday season? Topics of gifts have been discussed a lot in your WebbieStuffs blog here. And again, New Jersey's very own Morey's Piers holds its its annual holiday sale! Amazing, right? The sale runs from December 1 through January 9 and customers can saved nearly 40% on a Season Pass to both waterparks. Oh wow! Indeed it's a Happy Holiday in New Jersey!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Do You Take that Image in the Screen? Use Print Screen!

I am supposed to write another post but since a very dear blogger buddy who is always here in my blog wrote a question in this post which i find it worth making a blog post. If you would read her question, it is actually regarding taking the image of something that is shown in the screen: be it your profile page, your earnings, your dashboard, a photo you like, the whole screen, etc.

print screen, snapping the screen, snapping the monitor, copying the screen, copying the computer monitor, transform screen to image, taking photo of the screen, taking photo of the screen, images from screen, screen images
This is the print screen key in the keyboard.. It is in the upper right portion of the keyboard, just look for it.

So far I have two ways to do it. The one is available to everyone and the second one is conditional. The first method I know is with the use of "Print Screen" function from the keyboard and the second method is with a software such as SnagIt.

The Screen Printed Virtually
Print screen function is available to everyone. How it is done and how does one make the image usable with the utility of the print screen? As for the technique I am using to make screen images helpful in my blog is with the assistance of the Program "Paint" that is already in everyone's PC or laptop.

The following Are the Procedures I Do To Have My Own Copy of What I See in My Screen
1. Click the "Print Screen" key.

2. Open the "Paint" application by clicking: "Start"--> Programs--> Accessories--> Paint

3. Paste the image you just acquired from clicking "Print Screen" by pressing "Ctrl"+"V". Another way to paste is to go to "Edit" in the menu bar and click "paste".

4. Edit your image from there by "selecting" and "cutting/copying" and "repasting" to a new file/new paint window the image you have selected.

print screen image, print screen, webbiestuffs, blog in print screen, screen image, monitor image, computer image, snapping the screen, print screen tutorial, blog tips
Basically, this is how my screen looks as I hit the printscreen and pasted it in paint...

Using a Software in Snapping the Screen
Using a software such as snagit (the one I am pretty familiar with because I also use this) is easier. But I think this is not applicable to everyone plus the fact that most of software usage require fees, although they have the trial version for a month or two for users to see if their product is good.

With snagIt, once one tries to press the snagging button, the area in the screen can be selected immediately and hola, it will be opened in snagit's auto opened clipboard and from there, it can directly be copied or saved.

print screen image, print screen, webbiestuffs, blog in print screen, screen image, monitor image, computer image, snapping the screen, print screen tutorial, blog tips, blog tricks, blog tips and tricks
And here is the portion of that whole print screen that I chose to cut and be part of my blog post... Easy, isn't it? And if you ever wonder why it became big, simply click here to be cleared on how to do it..

I will not dwell on this, I simply demostrated that there are alternatives aside from the "Print Screen" function of the keyboard.

If You Have Windows Vista You Have Another Option
Another way to easily capture a screen image, which actually functions like snagIt is with Windows Vista SnapShot. I actually do not know how it is called in English because my laptop here speaks Italian. It says "Strumento di Cattura" which literally translates to "Capturing Instrument" so the term for me is not that clear in English. If you have Windows Vista, just try to go to: Start--> Programs--> Accessories--> Capture Image (or whatever is the term in English for this)
Any questions and violent (but reasonable) reactions are highly welcome.

Another Set of Gifts from My Favorite Eye Glasses Company: Zenni Optical

Holiday frames are here and this is my fourth update regarding Zenni Optical. If this optical site/store is not so good to me and the rest of its customers, I will not be posting this stuff for the fourth time!

I like the red rimmed one in the right column... the first in line, how about you?

Since it is holiday season, it is high time for all of us to consider giving practical yet beautiful and affordable gifts to our loved ones, just like giving then a $9.95 (very affordable, right???) pair of eye glasses from Zenni Optical.

Based on my previous posts about Zenni, it has been featured in the Clark Howard Show, vouching that his optical company indeed rocks.

If you are like me, at least one of your gifts for this holiday season would be from Zenni. An affordable, yet full of style eye glasses store. As you can see in the images, those are some of the fun-looking pairs available at Zenni Optical.
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