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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wikipedia Donations with Appeal from Jimmy Wales: A Great Cause to Support

Wikipedia Affiliate Button
About the same period last year, as you can see here , Wikipedia has asked the public support in letting the site be free of advertisements yet full of useful information shared by the public. Once again, Wikipedia, through its founder, Mr. Jimmy Wales, is appealing to us for the same cause: a cause that is worth supporting... a cause to educate,to disseminate information andmany other causes. It's Christmas season after all and it's time to share. One good way is to donate. I did with a small amount that I could sharelast year and this year, I believe it is worth repeating the act.

wikipedia donations appeal by Jimmy Wales, This is where we protect Wikipedia, the encyclopedia written by the people. Wikipedia is a nonprofit project that exists for one reason: the free and open sharing of knowledge. Your donations keep Wikipedia going.

I do believe it is a great cause to support! Above you can see the Appeal page of the founder andbelow is the explanation where the money goes oncewedonate for this cause of the Wikimedia Foundation andall other information we may ask about Wikipedia/Wikimedia. I will be posting again once my donationis confirmed.

where wikipedia donations amount go to?

If you believe in the cause of the foundation, and/or if you want to share a little resource (any amount will do for a donation), simply click the "wiki forever" globe banner on the upper right side of this article.

Let's share the knowledge around, support Wikipedia's continued existence. Let's donate!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brittany Murphy Died in Heart Attack; I Can’t Believe It! May She Rest in Peace.

brittany murphy, brittany murphy deadI just saw it here in midnight German news . Brittany looks so young despite her age of 32. It’s incredible, we really don’t know when our life ends in this earth. This time, I had the news from television and I think it is more trustworthy than just reading it just somewhere online. After Michael Jackson's death, there were a lot of celebrity deaths hoaxes going on around for whatever reason people publish them.

I have only seen a couple of films by Brittany but she has a face that is easy to remember. In fact, I recognize more the face than her name. As I searched about her, I just knew that she's Ashton Kutcher's ex-girlfriend. Ashton's Twitter tribute was, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon. See you on the other side kid." I like this short messageto the world, it's without mask and it has a cheerful message. We'll all end up there anyway...in another side of the world,right?

For a remembrance,below are some of the latests films and TV appearances of the late Brittany Murphy. May she rest and peace and may viewers enjoy the prints she made on screen,

brittany murphy latest film projects

brittany murphy's TV castings and rolest

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blogger Comments Disappearing?

Have you experienced this problem lately? Comments in your blog have been disappearing? I mean, you did not delete them, nor touch them nor did you do something yet they just disappear like smoke in thin air? If yes, around when? I am so curious to know as somefellow blogger buddies askedme if I have experienced the same and if I knowsomething about the problem. I would like to see what fellow bloggers are saying, or what is the solution when this happens. Can the lost comments be retrieved? I did my little research about this last night but I was not so successful to get the exact answer. Maybe you guys have beeteridea about this

I went to the bloggerblog and see if this isoneof the "Known Issues" happeninglately but I only saw problems with comments, where there was a bug, posted somewhere in May 2009. Thus, I assume that thisproblemis different. What exactly happened with the comment? How did it disappear? Here's the case of the fellow blogger who askedme:

1. The comment(s) was/were successfully posted as the blog owner doesnot approve them;
2. The commentor successfully saw/viewed that comment being published under the specific Blogger post;
3. After sometime, hours/day/days, the comment(s) cannot be seen anymore;
4. Theblog owner DID not delete such comment(s).

If you have any idea about this, please share.

I have searched some similar cases in online forum about this and saw some stuff. You may chech them yourself if you have similar problem, and maybe the answer to your Blogger comments disappearingproblem can be found in those discussions. Here are the links:

Don't forget to get back here and share your ideas. Let's help each other as fellow bloggers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Blogging Lesson

Using draft would not hurt! Especially a draft outside the blogger platform!

I just accidentally the very long (around 2000 words) post I made for Mafia War Games Tipster! I feel so stupid!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Playing the Fish World Game, a Facebook Application

fish world tricks and tipsAs planned, when yours truly reaches Level 9 of the game Fish World in Facebook, some of the little tricks and techniques gained throughout playing the game will be shared here. Indeed, that’s a promise you can view here. ( Visit here for a colorful gallery) Fish World may not be the most exciting application in facebook but I do find it really relaxing to play with: it tests one’s ability to be patient, to persevere, to design, to show the aesthetic ideas and many more. Reaching level 9 is not even a big success yet but as I went through the game, I observed everything so that I can share them with you here. If you have anything else to share, please write them in the comment section and let’s all help each other, us Fish World application gamers or users.

Which Fish to Buy (and eventually sell)?
1. If you are a beginner, don’t dream much nor dream too high profits. The cheapest fish will do, in my case, the Green Snapper for only $10 or the Blue Long Tail for $15. These two fishes would allow gamers to have more units/pieces bought and sold for a small amount of coins. They also can be sold in short period of time, only after 4 hours and 12 hours, respectively. Take note that:
  • a. Each purchase of fish earns the player 1 experience point per unit (NOT coins, NOT fish bucks) that accrues to go up in level of the game;
  • b. Each sale of fish earns 2 experience points per unit of fish sold
Thus, having many units of fish and the more often one buys and sells, the faster one goes up at a higher level. Of course, one can buy any type of fish but these two are the most practical species.

2. Timing is also a very good thing to consider when buying fishes. As for my case, I often buynor purchase the Blue Long Tail most of the time as I want to reap the money fast and at the same time, I can buy and sell around twice in 25 hours as I go to work and it is useless to buy the 4-hour growing fish (Green Snapper), after all I cannot sell them right away once they mature.

3. If you are away for a long time, or if you don’t have so much time to spend buying and selling, it is actually better to buy (and eventually sell, of course) a Mummy Fish (from Halloween Fishes group) that turns adult/ready to sell in 4 days at a gain of $55 per fish sale (purchase price is $125 while it can be sold for $180). Yellow Longnose is also a very good choice. It is salable in 3 days and the gain per fish sale of an adult unit is $40 per piece.

4. Never forget that certain fishes may give better returns but they became adult or ready to sell longer than the pther species, just watch out for this. Being good at ratio and proportion would really help.

More Tips in Earning Fish Coins and Fish Bucks
  • 1. The application and facebook themselves offer ways for players to earn in various ways. I believe it is geography-specific as I open Dutch pages when I try to “earn” them (buying with "real" money, joining promotional activities, etc are some of their ways in offering coins and bucks in fish world; simply choose the best tactic;
  • 2. Clean the fish tanks of your “Neighbors”. This earns the player $10 (coins);
  • 3. Clean your own fish tank for normally $15 (coins) but this varies also depending on how algae-coated your fish tank is. This also earns you "experience points" that will eventually allow you to level up ;
  • 4. Revive fishes (very hunger floating upside down fishes) of your neighbors. This action earns $1 (coins) per fish revived.
  • 5. Don’t forget to “love your fishes”. Clicking “I Love My Fish” tab at least once in 12 hours and it earns $25 (coins) as far as I know.
  • Opening Fish World daily earns the player a random amount of fish coins n the "Daily Lottery".
Tips for “Backgounds” of your fish tanks in Fish World:
  • 1. The “Carnival Background” once bought, can be used for any tank (so far I could use to any of my five fish tanks simultaneously) even thouhgt I bought it only once.
  • 2. Other fish tank backgrounds cannot be used twice: each must be bought for their tag price. <-- This statement is NOT true anymore. I bought various tanks and now I can use them simultaneously. Maybe it/they cannot be used simultaneously right away but after sometime, you may buy only one beautiful background and use in each of your fish tanks in fish world (th eimage bealow, that background, I currently use in 3 of my tanks even though I bought it only once)...
Techniques in Selling Fishes
  • 1. Selling in the market as whole sale reduces your total sales by 15% as you click once and no need to waste time selling your own adult fishes one by one. The market/application automatically chooses adult or ready to sell fishes only so you need not worry about selling non-mature fishes;
  • 2. Why not sell one by one? After all you waited for a long time before the sales moment come, thus, it’s worth another few minutes of patience, right?
Other Tips and Tricks
  • 1. To know what is the status of a fish in your tank, simply click such fish and you’ll know the level of its “adulthood”, sale price and hunger.
  • 2. Selling is NOT necessary when fish reaches adulthood. As long as you feed them, no worries. They beautify the tank! (",)
  • 3. Staying signed-in (even in idle) keeps the tank stay cleaner ( I observed this) as when you close the game and/or staying off out of your tanks (even within your neighbors' tanks) makes the tank become algae coated faster... but don't also forget that when your tanks get dirty/algae-coated, when you clean it/them, you earn fish coins;
  • 4. Giving gifts to your Facebook friends can/may earn you gifts back. It pays to be generous! (",) Enjoy the game!
  • 5. DO NOT overload your tanks! I put 1800 plus fishes in my tank and I cannot access it anymore. I mean, I can still enter the tank but the browser crashe everytime I try, whether I use Google Chrome or Firefox. Until 500 per tank, it isnot bad...
fish world tips and tricks, fish world tank screen shot
This is my tank number five... my latest tank for now..

Addition 1: Answers to Questions in the comments- 271009 update:
how to feed the fishes in fish world
How to Feed the Fishes?
This is a question posted in the comment section down there. It is not a strange question for a beginner. Feeding the fishes in the Fish World game, a facebook application, the following must be done (refer to the image above):
  • Click the "Food" (food is highlighted in blue square in the above image);
  • Carry the food anywhere inside the tank until the image like the one highlighted (in neon sky blue colored box/square) inside the tank in the above image and click to release;
  • Hungry fishes willjust come to the food;
  • When fishes are NOT hungry, they don't take the food and you need not feed them.
Another Question: Hey! I was wondering if you can post a fishworld hint on getting your fish happier or getting a bigger + I can only get +2 coins right now

To answer the above query, a closer look to the image below is necessary. See that the killer whale can have an additional of $109 coins if sold despite it's not mature yet? Why is that possible?

1. The tank that I have here, has almost all the species of the plants in the fish world giving so many happiness;

2. The happiness in that tank is high, just like of that Killer Whale, you can see the happiness gauge to be high;

3. higher happiness higher additions;

4. Proportionately expensive species have higher additions of $ when sold. Why? If I sell my mature Powder Blue Tang, I can only get an additional $5 because the fish has only a maximum seeling price of $105 coins (without additions). Thus, selling a mature Powder Blue Tang would give me $110, only an addition of $5, so small compared to the additional $ coins that I would get if I sell the Killer Whale.

happiness of fishes in Fish World, A facebook game application

Cool New Ideas in Fish World
1. Algae Eater - This is one update that I am really happy of. Now I dont' need to stay so much time to clean each of my 8 tanks just to keep them clean! I have the algae eaters now and all the time, my tanks are clean! Wow! Obtaining an algae eater is NOT easy.One has either $2 bill to have one or to be in level 30 and $650 coins to buy the algae eaters. See the image how you can obtain them:

obtaining algae eaters in Fish World, Facebook

2. Marine Life- New set of species to make our tanks look even more beautiful and livelier. They are not very affordable but they are so cool! :)

ocean life in fish world game facebook application

More queries to answer from questions in the comments down this post:

Anonymous said...

how do you earn dollars: Dollar COINS are earned by cleaning your own tank, cleaning the tanks of your neighbors and selling fishes. Dollar BILLS are earned differently. They need some actions from you, Click "Earn More Fishbucks" tosee how exactly it is earned from your side/location.

Anonymous said...

how to feed em?? i cant seem to get the fishes to eat even though i click the food : After clicking the food, drag it inside the Fish tank and release the food there.

Anonymous said...

How to clean the garbage plz telllll Take the sponge and drag inside the tank, especially where the garbage/algae are. Scrub them by moving your mouse around them as you click/hold the left mouse button steadily. If you click twice, the sponge come back to its place, it is important to hold the left mouse button.

Anonymous said...

how to clean the garbage: Same as previous explanation

Anonymous said...

ok answer me something please im playing fishqworld on facebook my name is taracasson and i need help all my tanks open except for number 6 it frezzes up the computer so please someone help me: Freezing means too much fish. My tank number 6 is also frozon as it has nearly 2000 fishes in them. I think it's because the application is heavier and even gets heavier as we add fishesin our tanks. In fact, the game often causes my laptop to crash and Ineed to reboot it.

Anonymous said...

at what level do you have to be at to start earning fishbucks? None. Fish bucks is not earned by buying and selling fishes. It's earn by performing actions, 99% of the time, doing something for the game sponsors/advertisers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

€20 Away From Google Adsense Payout (Wishing for the best!)

adsense earnings tips, how to earn good from google adsense?
Crossing the fingers: that’s it! 20 more bucks and after a long period of perseverance, blog promotion, blogger’s block and many other stuff, if I can survive till this €20, then Google Adsense (GA) effort would pay off. I mean, it’s not a big earning per se’ but the fact that one has persevered for so long, has waited for so long, has made it after so long months, make the moment even more tasty… to “savor such moment is delicious!” It is still not so sure though, thus, still crossing the fingers much stronger to really receive this amount in the near future. Maybe that would be around 6-8 weeks based on normal statistics to have this €20 more to be earned.

Patience… patience and patience! That’s what it has to be. It would be almost a year since the ads were embedded/added and hopefully an earnings of approximately $100 or €70 will be earned before the ads will have its anniversary on the first month of 2010.
So how to earn? That question is difficult to answer from someone who has not “concretely” earned yet thus, wait a few weeks and once the earnings is in, that would be the ripe moment to share anything if there is something to earn. But for now, one thing is for sure: Being patient with Google adsense advertisements pay off in the long run! Just wait and sooner or later the account will have its withdrawable earning.

Patience is a virtue indeed and Google has made that very clear to its publishers. I feel it so strong. Wish me luck with my Adsense account and I wish yours great luck as well. Happy blogging and earning everyone!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Slatwalls and Internet: What's the Relevance?

The first time I heard about slatwall storage system, I wondered what it was.. And why am I posting it here? What's the relevance to this blog? Let me think how then... Actually, I was thinking about the power of the Internet these days. I was just talking to newly added friend in facebook and she mentioned about the power of the Internet, like everyone can be friends deeply without even meeting in person first. Isn't that amazing?

Going back to the story of slatwall stuff, I just used the power of the Internet in knowing what I want to discover. I just Googled the word and in few seconds, I have the image, the definition and many other useful information. Amazing, right?

However, not all contents of this so called WWW is so useful. I have to say there are so many craps and here and everyone needs to be careful. Scams, spams, false information, black propaganda, misleading stuff and many others. Can you imagine? Well, I do. I have met people who were scammed and that's the sad story.

Personally, I use Internet for the most positive thing I can. We have to understand however that others have varying opinion and can also see this article as crap, right?

Anyway, I am just contemplating on some online stuff. And now you see what came to my mind when I heard slatwalls? How about you? What comes to your mind when the word "rastaquouere" come across you? I am curious. :)

Google PR Quest for Webbielady

Google PageRank or Google PR is such a difficult acquisition for this blog. Although it's been more than a year that this blog owns a PR of zero (NOT PR N/A), and is having at least 50 hits from Google searches, daily, it still looks different if this blog has more than "0" for a PR. Ever since, it's been a challenge for this very blog because my other blogs, such as this personal blog of mine, or this political and cultural blog, or even this latest creation of composition blog... Why is it so difficult for this WebbieStuff blog earning a good PR?

I don't believe that if one does a paid posting, the PR would suffer. My other blog, it used to have a PR of one and I did tons of paid posts and after a few months, it was awarded of PR 2. I can't just fathom the reason for this blog's stagnant Google PR. ANy clues and advice from you, my fellow blogger? I bet lots of you are much expert on this topic.

Any advice or any opinion or ideas is highly appreciated. I thank you in advance..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rediscovering Blogging: An Article on Why We Blog

Let's admit it, we are millions (if not billions yet) here and why do we blog? Why? I was able to ask myself this question and I ended up reading this article on blogging.  I am also amenable that in this blogosphere where everyone can just write anything, it also endangers the Internet. As I read, I was able to see that blogging used to be something for big companies but eventually developed to an individual level just like what we all are doing right here at this moment.

Having so many blogs, I have learned a lot of syuff but I know that the more I know, the more I don't really know. 

According to the abovementioned article, blogging is all about three thin

• Information Telling your customers what you’re doing and finding out what they are thinking.

• Relationships Building a solid base of positive experiences with your customers that changes them from plain-old consumers to evangelists for your company and products.

• Knowledge management Having the vast stores of knowledge within your company available to the right people at the right time.

I am not convinced of those three above though. The world of blogging has evolved so much that the above idea is already obsolete. These days, one need not be affiliated to any company to share what he/she thinks and at the same time, earn as well. It is even an honest opinion I guess if one is not even employed, his/her opinion is more honest (or so I thought).

Anyway, the article I mentioned made me realize some stuff, some I agree some I don't but all the same, it enriched my knowledge. I still blog these days but not as active as before. Been quite lazy in a while... :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rampant Spam Comments: Why Spammers Try Hard Spamming?

Lately, the unsolicited, irrelevant, non-English comments have been plaguing one of my blogs! And the question was why? And why that blog? Why not one of the rest? Is it because that blog has established a strong Page Rank from Google for around a year now? In fact I have been speculating too much for the reasons why such incomprehensible comments were anonymously left in the current "latest post of that blog. So why do Spammers spread those unsolicited stuff around: from emails to blog comments or through false advertisements? There can only be thousands but one reason for being a Spammer: money, earnings, financial benefits, proft, gain and you name it and you'd know!

As the image below displays, the comments are all in Chinese (anonymous comments) and who knows what they mean unless we utilize Google Translate services to decipher these comments? I tried to tranlate one of them and that was around Michael Jackson's death and peak times and the spam has written like 20 "Michael Jackson"-related phrases in the comments but the commentor, as always, is Anonymous!

Morover, in the next image further down this post, it is apparent that when the post or comments are expanded, the words are linked to some web sites. Then, it is obvous that these comments are Spam, and serves no other purpose but to have the Spammer gain something he/she does not deserve at all: satisfaction of any kind!

spam comments how spammers earn, why spammers spa
The overview of my Spammy Blog...

For the time being, the blog mentioned has 36 pending comments, at least 25 of them are these Chinese meaningless, irrelevant spammy comments. I want to observe how they would go as I manually publish or reject comments in each of my posts in all my blogs. I want to see if I post a new article, the spam comments would be directed there instead, and not in currently rampantly spam-commented item.

So why Spam?
1. Creat free backlinks to the desired sites of the spammer
2. Put the links of advertisements that when clicked, the spammers earn revenue
3. To solicit traffic to the website the spammers wish to direct the gained traffic caused by the attention gained by the spam
4. Defraud others (usually in email spam on lottery or false fortune offers)
5. To serve clients such as distributing their links, getting trafic, etc., etc.,

So how do we protect our sites from these spams?
1. Install spam filter
2. Manually filter comments (my style)
3. Don't allow comments at all (not so exciting option)
4. Reposrt spammers to Google after confirming to them (informing them/warning them of the spammy stuff)

spam comments how spammers earn, why spammers spa
When those comments are expanded, they are obviously hyperlinked and once clicked, the Spammer has just succeeded in his/purpose for doing these spams... So don't click! Or don't publish at all!

I pity Spammers, they too just crave for earnings but the sad part, they do their earnings at the expense of others. As for those who became BIG with Spam, they also cannot live in peace b'cause Spam is a crime! They might grind the steel prison bars for years if they get unlucky enough doing their Spammy Spammy Spam!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Avoid Paypal Charges? How To Use Paypal for Free Always?

paypal charges terrifiedHow to use Paypal without charges? In short, how to utilize the free service that Paypal offers?As I have discussed in my previous post here regarding Paypal charging fees to so many of my transactions lately, I wanted to discover stuff. I tried a couple of transactions sending some amount to my aunt and her sending to my account and as I wished, THERE WERE NO PAYPAL CHARGES. All I did was to try and see and a little bit of patience when sending some amounts. If we all pay attention, we will not be charged with any amount when we send money for non-business related transactions. Since the send-outs of money through Paypal was between me and my aunt, which is mostly like gifts and trials, those transactions were obviously not intended for gain, in lay man's term, not for commercial or business purposes.

avoid paypal fee, free paypal transaction, how not be charged in paypal, paypal for free, send money free, paypal freebie
These were the transactions with charges and they were not anymore the whole amount sent when received. The receipt of $76.58 was from an amount sent totaling to $80.00; The receipt of €95.75 was from €100,00 and the $9.31 was originally $10.00 when sent. Lots of deductions as auto charges from Paypal, right? Click to read the whole story about these charges...

avoid paypal fee, free paypal transaction, how not be charged in paypal, paypal for free, send money free, paypal freebie

Notice the last two rows of transactions from the preceding image?? These two were bith free of any Paypal charges. Notice that the "Type" of transaction is "Gift" from sender and "Payment Owed" from sender. These are non-commercial transactions and do not deserve to be charged at all.

The next image, the details of the transaction type "Gift" from sender, is presented. Note that if suc person is paying party or the sender is paying for some purchases of goods or services, "Seller Protection" is not available as it is treated to be "non-commercial". Thus, if you are the buyer, better be careful then. Don't worry if the receiver will be charged a little amount, so long as your purchases are protected! After all the fee is charged from the vendor and NOT from the customer. So how would our receivers be not NOT charged? This is explained below.

The following image is a combined screen shot of how to pay for goods/service/others and to be sure that our payment/purchases is secure and how to process a transaction and not be charged a single cent.

In the first image (the upper portion), the tab used is "ONLINE PURCHASES". This transaction charges the receiver of the money or the seller.

On the other hand, the bottom images idicate the tab, "PERSONAL PAYMENTS" and this is FREE of any charges. If you send amount to friends or relatives or as a personal payment, use this option to have your payments or gifts be received without any deductions.

avoid paypal fee, free paypal transaction, how not be charged in paypal, paypal for free, send money free, paypal freebie
Now we know how to properly utilize Paypal. Hope we all are educated so that we can maximize the freebies around as much as we can. Happy Paypal usage!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Web Host Choice, a Big Factor in Having an Amazing Website

web hosting review, web hosting, web hosting suggestion, best web hostingOne thing I still cannot maximize the powers of my blog is because of the fact that this very particular blog still lacks its ownwebsite hosting company. Thus, I have been searching around lately for various options to take when the time comes that I would say "yes" to pay for my own web host. My quest for a very good webhost has taken me to the site of Webhostingrating, a collection of priceless information when one has to search regarding website hosts and related stuff. I was so glad I did stumble this site.

Landing at the homepage of the website of webhostingrating, I was already flooded with information. Below is the list of the Top rated hosts by webhostingrating, graded based on various criteria.

websites, webhosts, webhost review, webhostingrating

Isn't the above information helpful? Just like when we shop around, comparing one price to another and benchmarking which one of the products is the better choice really help us save some bucks and at the same time, afford ourselves the correct product. The same theory applies when we shop for services: the services of our we host. Compare and contrast and see the prices. The existence of webhosting rating is really a big help for me.

Are you in any way interested in other stuff related to web hosting? I was actually interested which one of them was awarded with some honorable service and performance. You will be amazed with the citations and those awards. Just see here and see which of them are the awardees

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Google Adwords: Gratis Advertisement in Google

Can you believe it? Out of nowhere, I received a freebie offer from Google: €50 worth of Google adwords. That os around $80 of free advertising! Isn't it great? If you are in my case, what would have been the course of action that you'd do? It's a great feeling and a great luck to receive such offer, right? The offer was however written in Dutch as the entity that offered it to me, mailed the offer to me, was Google Netherlands. If I tell I ignored the offer, what would you think?

free adwords, advertising gratis, gratis adsense, google freebies, free google advertising

I have no idea why Google actually gave me this freebie but as I said, there's no such thing as free lunch thus, I expect the end benefit is on their side, but all the same, €50 is better than nothing, right?. I actually cannot fathom the reason why they sent me such €50 opening balance but I can only count the following:

1. I always search Google adwords tips around click on Google adword related items;
2. I run so many Google adsense advertisements
3. It's a normal thing in Netherlands
4. The end benefit will come to Google anyway

free adwords, advertising gratis, gratis adsense, google freebies, free google advertising

In fact, I think that claiming th offer was not worth all the hassles and the effort and everything so I ignored it. I think it will expire in few days and up t now, it's still lying around here being unregistered. If it's yours, would you claim it? What do you think? Is it wise to ignore it? Any wise opinion from you?

free adwords, advertising gratis, gratis adsense, google freebies, free google advertising

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paypal NOT Free Anymore: Paypal Charges Fees Already

Paypal is NOT free anymore! I don't know why but I did not change my account status and yet, the receiver is automatically charged a certain amount and as I noticed it, different rates. I still don't understand what's the rate but still, the fact is, they charge the receiver automatically. I have been with paypal for more than a year and never have I experienced being charged any amount! Why is this? I want to clarify this thing if it's really happening to everyone or just some mistake on my account. But NO, wait! See why:

paypal with fee, paypal fee, hidden fee, fee for paypal, paying pal, paypal not free anymore

Why I tell that it is NOT a mistake on my account? The fact is, the screen shot you see above is the account of my aunt from the Philippines. I discovered the charge when I sent her 100 euros and 10 dollars separately. Both were charged but with different rates. If you can see, the $10 was charged with a fee rate of 7.41% (10.00-9.31=0.69; 0.69/9.31=0.07411= 7.41%) from the receiver's side. On the other hand, the 100 euros I sent, my aunt, who's the receiver was charged with a rate of 4.44% (100-95.75=4.25; 4.25/95.75=0.04438 or 4.44%). The thing is, the sender is never charged but the fee comes automatically from the receiver as the automatic deduction.

how to avoid paypal charges, how to send money free, free paypal

My account also received some payment from a writing service that I did and I was sent $15 for this. I was able to receive finally a net amount of $14.11 which is net of $0.89 fee from me as the receiver with a percentage charge of 6.31% (I assume now that you know how this rate came out). The thing is, I can't even understand what the exact rate is. If I am planning to send 200 euros the next few days, I will not know how much my receiver would get?

paypal fee fee for paypal, paypal not free, paypa

I have never been charged in Paypal before that now I am getting confused. I hope everything will be cleared to me soon. I never realized that the receiver is really charged. or was I chargd before and I just did not notice? Strange. I thing I better dig my transactions up with Paypal to understand all about these fees charged. In their site, it's still bragging the fee service but not anymore as the end point is, one of the parties who transacts is being charged!

I plan to contact the customer service of Paypal and see what information I can get and I will be sharing it here to my readers in case someone gets confuse like me. Paypal: Happy Sending, Sad Receiving!

paypal transaction details paypal fee, transaction details paypal, transaction fee paypal detail
The details indicate that it is a "Fee"... I need to see other transactions just to make sure. And the results? Yes, various results and one conclusion: They used to be free to send and receive. Oh so bad, I never knew when this charging started but I will discover soon. As promised, I will be posting here if I can contact the customer service of Paypal fro this issue.

free paypal receiving, no charge paypal receipt, 2008 Paypal transaction, No fee Paypal Transaction
My aunt's account receiving £100.00 from me in 2008 for FREE!

free paypal receiving no charge paypal receipt, 2
This is a receipt that I have a few days back without charge as well.. Free! What happened? Now I am getting more confused!

Following is what I search a bit from Paypal caused by this confusion.

paypal claim, paypal promise, paypal free, paypal no fee

...And quoting the explanation:

** Personal payments: Pay and get paid for expenses such as splitting the cost of dinner bills, rental charges or repay money owed.

*** If your transaction involves a currency conversion, it will be completed at a foreign exchange rate PayPal obtains from a financial institution, which is adjusted regularly based on market conditions. This exchange rate includes a 2.5% processing fee above the exchange rate, and the processing fee is retained by PayPal. The specific exchange rate that applies to your multiple currency transaction will be displayed at the time of the transaction

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Advantages and Responsibilities of Owning or Managing Multiple Blogs

Why do I have at least eight blog? I even call myself Webbielady and many in the blog sphere are aware of this. As promised in my previous post about having multiple blogs, I lay down here the answer to that question: What are the benefits of having multiple blogs? And why do I have so many of them? The catch however is, I don't say it's all benefits. The title to this post, Advantages and Responsibilities of Owning or Managing Multiple Blogs which means no one can make it the easy way. Multiple blogs means multiple dedication to update and nurture those blogs.

Modern Day Bully
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Why do you blog anyway? I don't have any about your reasons but for me, naturally I have reasons for doing so. In fact, one of my readers commented here that he doesn't see the reason why do I need to have multiple blogs. The detailed story of my blogging plights can be read here as told by Bravo. The truth is, I do love to express. Whatever it is, as long as I feel I don't harm anyone, I put stuff into writing.

Before setting up a certain blog, we should know the BIG WHY for doing so. So, why do I put up a lot of blogs? What are the advantages of doing so instead of putting everything in one place?

1. I have the chance to establish my niche;
2. The posts in each of my blog are are/can be related to each other in any way;
3. More ad space;
4. More chance to get searched and gain organic traffic;
5. More ways to earn, more ways to learn; and
6,. More ways to express

I elaborate my reasons here. For number 1, I would like my readers and subscribers to be not confused and they would know what to expect from subscribing in any of my blogs, i.e., a personal thing is they receive it from Personal Blog; a web-related post if they receive the feed from Web-related blog; some new explorations, travel or discovery if it's from this blog here; a new composed poem or short story coming from my blogs on compositions; while a feed from my Food, Life and Goodness would be likely about food or health; and naturally another commentary for the Philippines if it's from my first and hihest PR'd blog.

Don't Drink and Blog
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As I have my niche, reason number two is justified. When someone searches from Google about making an image bigger in blogs, usually, they end up with this post here and other online and web-related stuff are in this blog. This means that when a searcher lands on the blog, there a good chance that he/she roams around within the blog and this is a good thing for the blog owner.

If you may have noticed, I have so many Google adsense scattered around. I try to earn from it although I am currently on aorounf $50 level of earning and maybe two more months aways or can be even 4 months away from my first check but that is not a problem. I am just happy running those ads here as I thing the blog looks more legit with a Google Adsense ads on it. The more blogs I have, the more places/spaces/spots to place my ads on and that would mean more impressions. So far, I have improved my average daily earnings 3 folds when I decided to get my blogs updated and nurtured (still not a big earning though).

Reason number four is more on traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more concentrated the key words are, I believe the posts get searched easier. This is more related to reason number two as well. Niche thingy again.

More ways to eran as more ads can be placed. More ways to learn as well as I have to research on some topics I want to share at times. I hate to post crap here and I try to refrain from posting nonsense as much as possible but still, I am sure you see a lot of nonsense in many of my posts around. :) But all the same, well researched, well presented post gets traffic and gets on top of Google or other search engine searches.

Isn't it obvious then that the more blogs there is, the more ways to express? That one I love!

It's not all heaven though. Having many blogs means commitment. To make them all active and succeed need some time. I mean, you need not really post ten articles each but for me, I try to at least post 2 items in each of them in a month. That is not so much but I try hard to make the posts indexed good and be searchable. Building traffic is also another thing that can eat ones/blogger's time. 

One thing though: Don't get addicted. I do blog as I find it as my relaxing hour after office hours but I think if you have kids and you are very busy, don't worry, just leave it behind. The blog is there to make you relax, not to pressure you up. Keep blogging if it's good, if it's not, forget about it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Benefits of Having Multiple Blogs: Why Do I Have 8?

benefits of having multiple blogs, multiple blogs, blogging, blogging for money
I'm on my way to the ninth blog. If some very good idea comes to my mind, I would surely be starting the 9th blog. I currently have 8 blogs and I know you would think that is just too much. You may even think, "That is crazy"! But I can't blame you, they are indeed too much. My mind is too full of ideas that at times, it's my fingers that just hurts because I have also a full time-7.5 of office hours during weekdays.

I discovered blogging in 2006 back when I was a tax compliance auditor. That was only a beginning though. I did not know what a dash board can do. My blogging became active in early quarter of 2008 when I realized there are also some possibilities of having bucks. I mean, my first intention was to simply share my ideas about my dear country. But it was so fast advancing.

I discovered a lot of widgets, I discovered google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, widgetbucks, you name it all and I became interested. I liked blogging even without the concept of earning, how much more if I could? Who does not want some bucks from the things you like to do?

I started and stuck with my original and very first blog for a month or two and then I moved on with another theme, is about food and health and shortly thereafter, some few topics about adventures and the satisfaction of seeing some places around.

So why do I have eight blogs? Why can't I just put everything in one place and not worry myself for so many sites to log and maintain and all that stuff? Two days from now I'll give you the answer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ikobo Experience: I Was ABle to Get a Refund!!!

I just used iKobo and I used my mastercard. I failed. I was blocked out of my account. My account was deleted.  After payment and verifying my account and sending all the information to Ikobo, copies of my credit card and identity card, I was not spared of the account deletion. I was shocked when I could not enter my account anymore: I was locked out! I contacted iKobo customer service and naturally demanded full refund.

ikobo scam, ikobo refund, ikobo experience, ikobo testimonial
A screenshot of my conversation with ikobo personnel is presented below as well. My name was changed/covered digitally for privacy and security purposes...

I was not able to get 100% of my money but I was glad enough to be able to get around 97% of the amount. I was so glad!!!. I think the difference was in exchange rate fluctuation as my credit card account is in Euro currency while my transaction with Ikobo is in US dollar.

I am glad that I was not able to lost a lot of money but I am warning anyone around just to be careful. I will post here how I spoke/chatted with iKobo personnel and take note of the conversation: maybe it's with what I said that I was able to get a god refund in amtter of two working days.

ikobo chat,ikobo scam,ikobo refund,ikobo,ikobo experience,ikobo testimonial

By the way, I tried to send money to my sister and we have similar sounding first name and the same last name. Thus, if indeed iKobo investigated, there would be no way that I was suspicious. That's a big point I want to emphasize.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

When Blog Marked as Spam in Blogger, What To Do?

One of my many blogs was blocked by Google or Blogger as it has been suspected as a spam! I was so afraid that I would lose that blog as it is one that I revived a month ago. I started that blog in February of 2008 and it has never been blocked or flagged as spam. The message to my email explains that someone might have flagged it mistakenly or it was wrongfully classified as a spam blog. I think if this happens to you, like me, your reaction would be the same: be anxious! But what I did to solve this problem and make my blog stay as a normal, healthy and undeleted blog? Just read on....

spam blog, blog flagged as spam, flagged blog, blogger spam blog solution, spam blogger blog, flag spam blogs
I followed what was indicated in my dashboard which is to request review or else my blog would be deleted within 20 days! I was really frightened that all my personal and original input in that blog would be lost.

I requested for a blog review from Blogger and after less than 48 hours, the warning in my Dashboard disappeared and my blog stay intact. I am very thankful that my blog is still there, intact and not removed and it has been proven to be a legitimate blog with original content and NOT a spam blog. You can prove that if you try to see it as all my inputs there were posts from my personal exeriences that flow out of my heart.

spam blog, blog flagged as spam, flagged blog, blogger spam blog solution, spam blogger blog, flag spam blogsSince that notice has been lifted and my blog is doing great now, all I can say is, don't be afraid if this situation occurs to you and you know fully well that your blog is not a spam. Simply send a request for review to Blogger and in a matter of few hours, your blog would return to normal. Happy Blogging!

If you've read until here, you may also visit this site about term life insurance quote. Good luck!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How Does Money Mule Scam Affect Us?

money mule, money mule scam, money mule scammer, tournaments pro scam, internet scam, money scam, online scam, online money scamI have been writing here about money mule scam, especially regarding a personally experienced money mule scammer, Tournaments Pro. However, I have not cleared yet how do money mule scammers really affect us. Would it affect us? Why should we bother about money mule scams and money mule scammers? Why should we be careful and be aware of a potential money mule scammer ? What can it do to us? What is a money mule scam in the place, anyway?According to Wikipedia, a money mule is a person who transfers money and reships high value goods that have been fraudulently obtained in one country, usually via the internet, to another country, usually where the perpetrator of the fraud lives. The term money mule is formed by analogy with drug mules. Moreover, the need for money mules arises because while a criminal in a developing country/ base country can obtain the credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords and other financial details of a victim living in the first world/victim’s country via the internet through techniques such as malware and phishing, turning those details into money usable in the criminal's own country can be difficult. Many businesses will refuse to transfer money or ship goods to certain countries where there is a high likelihood that the transaction is fraudulent. The criminal therefore recruits a money mule in the victim's country who will receive money transfers and merchandise and resend them to the criminal in return for a commission.

This happens to millions of us every day. Sometimes spam mails are not filtered and some of us jump to conclusion believing that such offers are true. The case that I personally experienced was an international company offering a dream job, say that’s TournamentsPro. The offer is to be their agent or coordinator or anything that can connect you/me/us to that fake company. We/You/I would then become a financial intermediary, not really an agent, receiving payments for them and distributing such money or transferring such received amount of money to them, and, naturally, keeping a commission on each transaction or for the percentage of the amount transferred.

Sometimes, these scams can offer really a “too good to be true” kind of contract. Only credentials (they may even use these credentials later on for another scam) such as passport, signature, bank details, etcetera are required from the victim: no investment, plain and simple.
But what’s the problem with this? How can we be victims? We are only distributing assets, right? We don’t invest and no money wasted from our side so what’s the big deal?
At first, it really looks good and promising but it really is not good and promising and can compromise our dignity and damage our good name. The victim is the money mule now, a person that is involve in a fraudulent, or a lot of fraudulent activities.

In my
previous posts about this scam, we take this case as an example:
the Tournaments Pro, Limited Company. It’s a legitimate looking website, or a company’s website (pretending to be) and so they can fool people easily. The scammers behind tournaments pro has other websites claiming to be legitimate business: real estate, auto rental and sales, etc.

What the scammers do is try to sell their “non-existent” services with the payment sent to or deposited in the account of the victim: the money mule and there you are: the victim is involved! It is the victim who has the name, where the dirty money came in and where the authorities has tracks because of the payments and the names given to the other scammed individual: the buyer.

Usually, the scammer sells inexistent auto, or rent an inexistent apartment for a very low price and ask for a down payment. This very little down payment is the amount that goes to the money mule person (the victim) but this little amount can accumulate to big amounts and when the victim buyer finds out, it’s the money mule who’s having a big trouble: and that’s where the big trouble comes in if one gets into the hands and claw of the money mule scammer. Be careful then. Do not trust offers online.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tradeMonster: The Answer to Traders' Needs

Venturing into a trading activity is like gambling. However, we should understand that these days, gambling is not only relying on luck but also on statistical probability and permutation techniques and other statistical and aritmetic applications. The same is actually true with trading. Without a proper and reliable trading simulator, a trader would be lost and success is an unclear image. I was researching about trading these past few months and I would like to share what I found out. I was actually impressed when I opened the web site of trading monster and with the flashing introduction with sophisticated introduction it has.

trading simulator, trade monster, traders' tool
Opening an account with trade monster is only a five-step simple process. The form is secure and takes between 5-10 minutes depending on the applicant's speed. And why should WE open an account with trademonster? Simple! Opening a free Paper Trading account would allow us to test out the platform without having to chip out cash. Paper trade is a stock market trading simulator. Open you account here!

And why should we choose tradeMonster? From my side, I do feel that the site is reliable enough. I did my little researcha nd I found out the following:
tradeMONSTER is an innovative online brokerage that grew from the success and reputation of optionMONSTER.com, a leading provider of financial market intelligence and analytical commentary. To find out more I suggest you open my account by clicking the link here!

tradeMONSTER, a subsidiary of OptionMonster® Holdings, Inc., was co-founded by Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Dirk Mueller - trading veterans and respected investment industry experts.m With over 20 years experience cultivating financial and technology driven businesses, their passionate belief in educating and informing investors led them to create optionMONSTER.com. In 2007, they assembled a team of industry experts to create tradeMONSTER.

While most online brokerages merely provide a venue for trading, tradeMONSTER integrates powerful online trading platform with constructive educational resources - all backed by exceptional customer service and priced for value.

tradeMONSTER is a trading platform for stock and options traders who demand nothing but the cutting edge.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Removing or Solving the Inline Text Problem and the Full Page PopUp from Adbrite Part 1.

Your WebbieLady here has a lot of things in mind about what to post. Honestly, I am thinking which post to make first among the following: 1. I received another payment from BidVertiser that made reinstate the blog that made me earn that amount; 2. Post on my recent problems with disappearing histats counters in all my sites; 3. Post about my discovery of removing inline text ads that are really destroying the beauty and dignity of the post, a site or a blog;
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4. Post about Webbielady's recent circussie planning and adventure with Netherlands' national circus, Renz.

5. Share how I solved the Adobe movie script popup problem causing one of my entrecard account from
my political blog to be deleted, and now it was reinstated due to that solution.

I cannot post all in a time as I have mentioned that this blog needs some pacing in its posts and so I have to break down the above listed topics in a couple of weeks to post them all.

I found the topic listed in number 3 to be more useful over the rest. Inline text ads from adbrite. I used adbrite that is why. I never earned anything yet, although I have some earnings in my account ($4 honestly) but have not received any payment yet, unlike in BidVertiser, where i received twice already. But I do run it (adbrite) the same as the image ads are so interesting that they just got clicked without reason by visitors at times.. I actually got many clicks only that the revenue per click is so little.

Talking about inline ads and that full page popup, which I believe the latter may also affect the site's readership and credibility plus it (a site) might get deleted from entrecard, I just found the reason behind the existence these two things. I divide the post into two parts, this part covering solely the inline text ads. The inline text ads actually cause the paid post entries from payperpost to be declined or disapproved. Only that time I knew that the problem existed. I googled and all but I did not find the reason for the occurence of such inline texts. They just show up for no reason, whatever keyword one has in the post. I even tried reviewing my html code, deleting this and that and it never worked.

There are two options to remove the inline text ads from Adbrite. I am not aware with other inline texts from other scripts or codes such as from AJAX, etcetera, for I only have used adbrite. These two are the possible solutions and they are so easy:

1.Remove all your adbrite ads (that is if you don't earn from it, that would not hurt).
This was the thing I did for this blog actually. Not much earnings, why not take it away? But of course, I am open to the idea that I might reinstall now that I know how to make the inline text not appear despite the running of the ads.

2. Disable that inline text option in your ads.
This is a more flexible option than the first if you are earning and want to retain the adbrite ads. This actually involves replacement of the current ad codes with a new one where the inline text option is disabled. It therefore involves signing in to the adbrite account, creating a new ad zone plus generating the codes and installing these codes as replacements to the just removed codes. See the short tutorial here and notice the red squares I used to emphasize stuffs:

adbrite problem, inline ads, inline text, inline text ads, adbrite ads, inline text ads problem, remove inline text ads, disable inline ads, disable inline text ads, adbrite
The default ptions are as what you see. It is therefore important to UNCHECK that inline ads option. That is the only problem actually that at least 90% of the publishers do not notice and we are excused for it especially if we are new. I have to admit I never even understood what inline texts or inline ads were until my paid post was disapproved because of these disturbing and awful texts around 3 months ago.

That image actually says it all. I have seen so much forums on this and yet, no one tried to go back to the basic. The reason why I preferred to post this first is the fact that when I googled this, I had difficulty looking for the real answer on how to disable the inline ads (underlined text ads from adbrite). I have read at least a dozen of forums on this topic with lots of people asking and having the same problem. I do hope then the next time someone has problem, this post can help them remove the inline ads or inline text ads from any code or script provider aside from adbrite.

Now that you know how to be safe with adbrite, you might wanna try running its ads. Just see what you can get by clicking the banner I support here:

or if you want to try BidVertiser, here it is!
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