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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are You My Existing Subscriber or Follower? Claim Your Gift Here 3,000 EC Credits Free!

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THIS is NOT a contest!

This is my early "Subscribers' Delight" for 2009. I give this from time to time when I see that there are significant increase in this site's subscribers, followers, traffic and many other things that I need to be thankful. The last time I did a give-away to my subscribers, that was way back when I had more or less 35 feed subscribers. At this moment, I have reached 80 of them and a good number of followers as well, not counting those who subscribed by email.

The whole point is, I do get more traffic from you guys and this post is for you all, my existing subscribers. I know that I have never promoted nor forced/bribed anyone to subscribe but they just keep coming so this is my way of saying thanks to all of you. Again, this is for existing subscribers and followers ONLY and I strongly discourage you to subscribe to this blog if you find the contents useless or irrelevant to you.

What do I have here? I think a three thousand (3000) EC credits would be enough for all of you. Of course the "early bird catches the worm" thing applies: the first 20 birds have free worms for them! This offer/gift is good until one week from it's posting date and time and you can claim your gift until then. This is of course on a first come-first serve basis.

First to claim: free 500 EC credits (total 500 EC)
Second to claim: free 300 EC credits (total 300 EC)
Third to claim: free 200 EC credits (total 200 EC)

4th - 9th claimants free 150 EC each (total 900EC)

10th- 20th claimants free 100EC each (total 1100EC)

What you need to do to get you freebies?

The official order of claiming is here in the comments section so everyone would see how many have claimed before him or her. All you need to do is indicate how you happened to discover this give-away (whether by feed subscription, email subscription or through blogger's follower update) in the comment section down AND why/how did you subscribe here.

Good luck everyone and I do hope this time this give away will be a success and will be totally given. My previous give-away, no one has claimed so better all taken this time!


  1. Hi,
    I found your blog through Entrecard. It's great.

  2. I have just now subscribed,and I don't think I qualify for this giveaway.....Anyway,congratulations to the lucky subscribers who saw this first :)

  3. so whenever I see this, I know its a sign that your blog is doing REALLY well eh? ;)

  4. i found your site via entrecard forums :) actually, i'm after the ec's for commenting and accidentally found this freebie page :D hehe! yes, i've subscribed to your feeds. why? hmmm... i think this will help me in hunting contest :D

  5. kasali ba ko dito? :D

    have a great week :D

  6. i bet na ulani nako ani noh? hehehe hopefully not.. pero i'll try to get it.. char lang if qualified akong beauty...

    got you some awards here:

  7. good to know you're blogging again sis... generous giveaway eh?

  8. I'm a frequent EC dropper on this blog and have a feed sub.

    I enjoy reading your posts. They often seem to have a nice sense of wit about them.

  9. @Atif,

    Thanks. Yes, as long as I have time, i frequent entrecard, even in various forums and dropping to my fellow EC members.

    @Your PCInfo,
    Indeed, you are not qualified for now because you just subscribe.

    I hope so but I am lacking so much time and I lag behind much already.

    That was a recent subscription and that is not qualified for now I think?

    If you subscribed, yes you are qualified to join.

    I don't understand Cebuano Novs.. I am Ilongga..Sowee, di ko gets. ^^

    I'm really busy biz sistah... haaayyy... just want to thanks for all.. after all many send me free ECs too, I dunno why. ^^

    @ Boston,
    I think you are the first who claimed and I will send you the 500 EC. The next to claim will receive the 300 and so on.

  10. I have subscribed via yahoo (my yahoo is paulbaines@rocketmail.com) - can you please send the 3000 credits to my entrecard account at http://entrecard.com/user/26688/ - many thanks!

  11. oh just realised the rules - don't worry then...

  12. When I read your Blogger-limitations post and other monetizing-themed posts, I decided to follow your blog. I don't know, I just wanted to read other blogger's experiences on their blogging endeavor haha :D

  13. @ Paul,

    No problem, Paul.... you got me scared at first!


    I sent a communication to you about your freebie: 300 Free EC credits. Hope to hear from you soon. Congratulations.

  14. I found this blog through Entrecard Toolbar, keep up the good work and I'll be back soon!

  15. Thanks everyone. OFFER IS CLOSED NOW: The first three gifts were claimed. I am glad to have given out the 500, 300 and 200 ECs.. Good luck to the rest. I give out everytime so no worries... FOr now, congratulations to those who claimed what due them.. They all commented up. Thanks.

  16. No worm for this bird though. It is so sweet of you to give EC credits to your reader. Its really very nice. Its like bonus for share holders.
    I know how hard it is to earn those EC points and it shows you truly mean and respect your readers and followers,.
    Hats off

  17. Its very nice to see that you're giving free Entrecard Credits to your Loyal Readers....I appreciate your great work...Hat's off to you



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