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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google Translate Has Become a Powerhouse... Oh Thanks for that!!!

Leaving in a country that is strictly foreign in dialect and culture, but totally allows good residence without understanding those two, is both a blessing and a curse. I don't understand if you know what I mean. Read on and you'll know how and why.

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Aside from the improved new look, the functionality and ease of use of Google Translate service are as well amazing innovations.

I work and live here in Netherlands with only a near-native (American NOT British) English (at least that's how my interviewers and TOEIC exam says) and an Italian that can make me survive (strictly survival) living with pure Italians without English. But Dutch? I am zero.. or should I say, I have 0.01 % knowledge of this language. Everytime someone tries to talk to me in Dutch, what I reply is "Ik spreek geen Nederlands", which is supposed to means "I don't speak no (without) Dutch". I live with that and it doesn't make me safe... I just spoken the language, you see? Official language and correspondence in this country is Dutch. In a way, I got lucky to work in an organization that has German, French and English as the official languages! I am crazy! I am getting lost....

What I am telling to say is, I am really in a maze. Daily, I need translations. In what way?
1. To translate French and German to English in my work.
2. To translate Dutch business offers to English-work.
3. TO translate Dutch websites when I need insurance, online shops, etc..
4. To translate and to understand...
5. To translate so that i can reply and act

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This allows search results to be in the language of choice... perfect for my situation.

In short, translation has become part of my life; NOT only work. I want to learn languages and I know I have the thing to do it as I learned my Italian without a school and with a sole stay of 8 months in Italy. I need to improve much though. But for the meantime, Google translate had been guiding my path and I am so thankful for its existence.

With the frequent use of this Google's free service, I became so familiar with it but I have to admit that it was not often flawless to use the service. Few weeks back, i was so glad to discover that the Google translate homepage user interface was changed and only today I discovered various add-ons that really made the service a powerhouse. Not only it translates now but the fields for the web url and for the text to be translated have been merged into one and that is a very user friendly innovation. Moreover, I did not notice if dictionary and translated search were in before but surely, now I have been trying them and they are of great help.

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I do wish my pocket dictionary is as flexible...

Another wonderful feature of the Google translate service is the fact that links work now and they (although it is not 100% as I tried but close enough) automatically translates to the desired language. This feature i was so sure that did not work before because i have tried it many times. This means, if the desired language is English, and one translated something that is Dutch, AND if there is a clickable internal link, the link clicked is in English when they appear.. Amazing!

Another rocking feature is the dictionary. It is customizable as well, It can be translated, same language or be explained. I just love Google translate and I am so thankful for its existence. I know there are lots of translating sites, softwares, services and stuffs, and I even used babylon before but with the continued innovation on the side of Google, I think I'd stick to it, especially that it is really helpful, useful and at this time, guaranteed user-friendly.


  1. sounds pretty much interesting.. i have had that tried on to my friends blog from english to tagalog/filipino.. the funny thing is that if they can't understand the word they will retained it to the origin.. but the fact is makasabot jud ka.. need your help dear be.. nahulog akong IQ, unsaon nako pag butag ug widget sa akong alexa kay ang site info nko intawon no data na jud ang nanggawas...

    happy new year...

  2. you know what, you are a one of a kind human being that has a good fighting spirit to go into a place where you don't know how to speak their language. it's tough but im sure you can do it and soon you'll be a linguist. happy new year! ^_^

  3. hehe. Now you know it for sure, why my english is too bad. ;))

  4. I should try out this web tool as I am learning to be quite techy nowadays. I like your tutorials.

  5. wow! so how many languages do you speak now, sis? :)

    how r u? tagal ko na atang di nakadalaw here. hope all is well with you, sis. take care always! :)

  6. Hi Friend, wish you a very hapy new year. Your articles are usually very educative. Seems you do a lot of research.

    Keep in touch buddy.

  7. hello sis, busing busy ka ata ah...

    If you have time, pls drop by here, just need your opinion about what do you think about me, thanks a lot!

  8. Hey really great news friend i was using it from many months to read some brazillian sites but didn't used it for many days because busy in exams studies its great features added by google me too can't live without translators because to find informations i have to switch to other language sites...

  9. Maybe it's improved, but the last time I used it I needed a translator to turn the broken English into somerthing I could comprehend. I like the idea, but the execution is tough.

  10. it must be nice and hard at the same time. nice because you get the chance to learn other people's language. hard because it's not easy to translate words since translating word per word is a foolish thing to do :)

    as of the moment, i am in no need of a translator since most of the people in the philippines are bilingual :) our english and filipino are much of the same level.

  11. I've been using frengly.com for quite a while now and find it much easier and faster than Google. The translations actually seem a little better, but that may just be me. It's autodetection feature is very handy too when dealing with languages I can't readily recognize.

  12. Hey thanks for this Info, I was't aware of it . learning a lot from your blog.
    I just tried out the translator thing. Works super, though i must admit the grammar goes for a toss.
    Thank you for sharing this.Awaiting more info filled posts

  13. I haven't hear and know about it. Nice info, bro!
    However, although English in international language, I still can't use it well. Is there a translation from Indonesia to English??

  14. I really love Google Translate...it really rocks..I frequently use it to read other website in English and in my Native language "Hindi"....Its very user friendly


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