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Saturday, February 28, 2009

WebbieLady’s Project Wonderful Earnings Finally Can Be Withdrawn

Like in the fable, the turtle beats the rabbit. In short, perseverance, patience and endurance are among the very basic principles in our life that we must hold on to. Just like my project wonderful earnings. Finally, it has reached $20! I am aware that this amount is not something to brag about but the fact that the WebbieLady blogs were able to reach this amount, is THE thing to be proud of.

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I don’t exactly remember when I first joined project wonderful and run ad boxes but I think the earnings that you see are maybe worth 3 month running of ads. But it is not bad as I see it since this amount is a result of passive activity. I mean, I put up the ad boxes, let it stay after they have been activated and just have patience waiting for the earnings and now, I can have $20 more. Indeed the amount is so small especially if one does live in Europe. My point is, this time is a moment to count every cent and be careful of the finances… yes, it is the so-called economic downturn and a cent here and a cent there to earn would not hurt.

This blog even used to run ads as good as 70 cents a day (that sounds so cheap but that would be $21 a month if stable) when I used to drop entrecards and had my traffic at 94.000th rank in Alexa. If your blog has a good traffic, and if you have patience, it is not a bad idea to run ads by project wonderful. I fully remember that the bulk of this little earning was from the days my blogs have had great traffic. But all the same, I am glad to have reached this amount. As I said, little by little and you’ll get there. That is why I run google adsense again as you may have noticed.

(1) Should I withdraw this little amount or should I wait it to grow more to $50? (minimum withdrawable amount is $10) (2) Why do you think I should withdraw/not withdraw it? (3) Do you run PW ads too? (4) If yes, how much did you earn so far? Your answers will help me so each answer you shared in the comment section will be awarded with 40 entrecard credits. The credits will be sent when the next post to this one is up and offer is closed once there is a new post above this one. Leave your answers and grab the free credits. To those who are non-Entrecard members, please indicate that you are non-EC user and I will just make a return comment to your blog. Thank you everyone, happy blogging and happy earning as well.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Traffic Referer, What’s Yours? Blog Post Clicked from Search Engine Results?

As I stayed for a year in this blogging universe, I offered all my wits to learn everything I could. I have to admit I have not learned much and I am not even drawn to my blog with the same consistency as before. Obviously, my traffic rank (I use Alexa to measure) has been slammed back lower than 100K and naturally, I am not happy seeing my 94Kth traffic rank went down. But since it is obvious that I am only having around a hundred visits a day without dropping in Entrecard these days, I have to suffer the consequences of my actions or non-action for that matter.
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What makes me happy though is the fact that the source of my traffic these days are not mainly from one-second Entrecard drops (usually drop backs) anymore. Don’t get me wrong as I enjoyed the much traffic offered by Entrecard (EC) but I don’t have the means now to do the same thing: drop 300 a day. I used to do it but time is not enough for me for the moment but I know that I would resume soon. I just took some pause or quite some time and see the difference.

What makes me glad though, despite my dropping traffic rank is the source of my site visits. More and more, search engine results have been emphasized and I am just glad about it. I still buy some ads from EC as I have many credits collected before but generally, the percentage of search engine search results show their weights. Admittedly, I have a PageRank of zero, but in a way, it does not prevent people from clicking when my post comes out of search results. I just wish this trend goes on until I gain a page rank for this blog as I gain for my other blogs.

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Another way to determine where the visitors to this site come from

How about you? What are your traffic sources? I’d be glad if you share your experience. As a courtesy of giving me the honor to see what is a good way to have traffic without investing so much time and effort, a 40 EC credits will be sent as a token of appreciation for the commenters who are EC members. For non-EC members, expect a return commnt to your latest post.
Please take note that I give the rewards and commenting back once the next post to this one is up. Happy blogging everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2009

What Social Network You Used that Long?

Friendster? MySpace? What else? I had Yahoo 360 before, Meebo, WAYN but those are fads. All I know is, my high school friends, that would be eight years ago, are mostly using Friendster.

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I grew and studied in the Philippines, continued to live in Italy and now here in Netherlands. I want my friends back and of course I am also curious what had become of them. To make the story short, I opened ANOTHER Friendster account. I had an old account but that was tied up to an email I don't usually open these days so I needed a new account. Besides, my old Friendster account was not updated and was given time anyway.

Surprisingly, I tracked almost all of them there and most are active members! I could not believe my luck. I used to think Friendster is a dead business but it is still strong among some groups including my high school and university friends. The same is true for my ex-colleagues in one auditing firm in Makati.. Wow!

What is the popular social networking site for you and you do use by heart? naturally our own respective blogs is where we frequent by maybe, just like those individuals I mentioned up, you can have MySpace, Friendster, WAYN and things like those?

I would love to hear what you say. Great ideas shared through the comment are to be appreciated with 60 EC credits or a return comment for non-EC members.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is the Economic Recession Hitting That Negatively Strong on Webbie People?

I have to say yes to my own question. My last paid post is almost two months old and I have to say that I don't risk this time to grab paid posting for such a very cheap price. Indeed these days there are so many paid posting opportunities available but the posting prices offered are so disgusting... I mean, how can we risk our google page ranks (PRs) to have a $0.50 post? Wow!

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These are the available opportunities for me now... not showing those with $0.50 per post...

It seems to me that effort in posting and the danger of losing PRs are now valueless as offers as low as $0.50 has been allowed/approved to be up? Wow! I used to log with my paid posting site at least twice a day but now I don't even bother logging in in a matter of two weeks. It is very frustrating.... Is this the result of economic recession? The end effect would eventually hit bloggers... So bad. I used to receive/ to be qualified for opportunities as high as $50 and the lowest I have taken was £5.00 but now this is really getting worse than anyone can imagine. Or should I be positive and be thankful that at least there are still these cheaply offered opportunities?

What is your opinion on this? Are you someone who does paid posting as well? Have you noticed the difference or is it still the same? I would like to hear from all of you. For those who are doing paid posts like me, please share your ideas and if you are an entrecard member, I'll send my token of appreciation of free 60 EC credits for your opinion.

As for non-.EC members, I will just return (by commenting to your site) your ideas whatever you can share with regards this topic..
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