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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blog Traffic Referer, What’s Yours? Blog Post Clicked from Search Engine Results?

As I stayed for a year in this blogging universe, I offered all my wits to learn everything I could. I have to admit I have not learned much and I am not even drawn to my blog with the same consistency as before. Obviously, my traffic rank (I use Alexa to measure) has been slammed back lower than 100K and naturally, I am not happy seeing my 94Kth traffic rank went down. But since it is obvious that I am only having around a hundred visits a day without dropping in Entrecard these days, I have to suffer the consequences of my actions or non-action for that matter.
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What makes me happy though is the fact that the source of my traffic these days are not mainly from one-second Entrecard drops (usually drop backs) anymore. Don’t get me wrong as I enjoyed the much traffic offered by Entrecard (EC) but I don’t have the means now to do the same thing: drop 300 a day. I used to do it but time is not enough for me for the moment but I know that I would resume soon. I just took some pause or quite some time and see the difference.

What makes me glad though, despite my dropping traffic rank is the source of my site visits. More and more, search engine results have been emphasized and I am just glad about it. I still buy some ads from EC as I have many credits collected before but generally, the percentage of search engine search results show their weights. Admittedly, I have a PageRank of zero, but in a way, it does not prevent people from clicking when my post comes out of search results. I just wish this trend goes on until I gain a page rank for this blog as I gain for my other blogs.

traffic source, site traffic source, traffic referer, website traffic, site traffic
Another way to determine where the visitors to this site come from

How about you? What are your traffic sources? I’d be glad if you share your experience. As a courtesy of giving me the honor to see what is a good way to have traffic without investing so much time and effort, a 40 EC credits will be sent as a token of appreciation for the commenters who are EC members. For non-EC members, expect a return commnt to your latest post.
Please take note that I give the rewards and commenting back once the next post to this one is up. Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Since my blog is more for my own amusement than anything else I don't care about page ranks and such. I must say tho entrecard brought more people to my blog but more importantly it exposed me to other blogs and they bring me great pleasure. I do actually read a lot of blogs on a daily basis but I never understood this 300 drops thing. I've made some friends through blogging and I enjoy keeping up with their doings - I have Feedjit and I love knowing that some one half a world away stopped in on my blog - maybe just to drop, maybe they actually stayed and read a bit - it's just FUN.

  2. Hi,

    I also have a same condition as yours. Be patient until get traffic from google and we can leave EC later.

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    Happy Valentine's day...

  4. I still have yet to try out Entrecard. Right now I just use Blog Soldiers, and Blog Explosion to boost traffic :)

  5. In my days of blogging I've heard that the best way to get more traffic is to be a prolific writers. Entrecard is good, but I use it for the marker. I hate how Entrecard generates very few comments, I need input on my blog to keep it going. Nice post, keep it up.

  6. You know, I get a bunch of my traffic from Entrecard right now. However, I have a few loyal readers that have been visiting me for a long time - way before I even knew about Entrecard.

    I have random visitors from comments that I left on www.failblog.com way back when. I get at least 2 to 5 comments per day from Failblog and sometimes considerably more than that.

    Other visitors are pretty random and there's no real way to know how they found me. I have found that going out and commenting on other pages does get me some attention, though.

    Basically, Entrecard has made me far more visible and has allowed me to grow my reader base significantly. I love it without regard to the traffic that may be drop and run. Others are reading and coming back for more.

  7. I am new to blogging and not good about technical terms but yes, I am ok with results though I do not know how to increase traffice or know what the traffic is or whether blog is found on search or not if someone search.
    I only do my job i.e., writing.
    But I am disappointed
    Nobody donates. Only read post.
    But yes, I am learning day-day-day technical terms.

  8. recieving traffic from search engines is good. That means you're getting organic traffic even though you're not exerting effort to campaign for your site. As for me, oh well, I have much posting and work to do before my site becomes a "mainstay" with the big G's searchbots, haha :D:D

  9. Hi Webbie :)

    Most of my traffic currently comes from Entrecard; however I've also joined up with food-related blogging networks such as Foodbuzz.com and am searching for more ways to interact with like minded people... and it doesn't take as much effort to drop 300 entrecards as it does to simply browse a few profiles and look at a few nice reciples, and also not forgetting to leave a few comments :) I'm hoping that social sites will become the source for organic traffic and I can focus more on developing content and smart marketing rather than dropping EC cards!

    Although I don't plan on stopping the 300-drop a day for a few months yet, EC blog-hopping is just so cool! I've seen so many interesting blogs such as yours and others that I'm hoping to track and learn from, so I'm grateful for any networks that I receive traffic from. All of them have potential hehe...

  10. Hi, it is so nice to be here. I enjoyed reading your post. :)

  11. Indeed the live traffic widget is a good one to have as it not only tells you where your traffic is coming, but also tells other visitors where the traffic to this blog is coming from.

  12. It takes some time to be popular , so wait

  13. Its great to see a post looking directly at traffic generation and analysis, as on a daily basis I work with clients who do not understand this vital concept.

    Checking where the traffic to your website originates help website and blog owners to understand their target audience. Completing this task once gives you a very small insight whereas checking and comparing on a weekly basis gives you knowledge and ultimately helps you concentrate on more influence areas of online marketing.

  14. My top traffic sources are Entrecard, Google and BlogCatalog. I'ma group administrator to several groups like (Need Traffic, Contest Evenue, Philippine Bloggers and Power Bloggers) so it was a big plus in my over-all traffic stats.

    I still wonder why Yahoo haven't send any traffic love though.

  15. I think it depends on how well established your blog is, how many posts, how large the market. My t-shirt reviews blog has been going a while, it gets less traffic than my arts blog but I don't try to promote it very much and yet it pops up everywhere in Google. There are a few posts that reap most of the Google traffic, usually top lists of sites and advice articles, the reviews pull in a lot more t-shirt traffic at first until they fall off the homepage, hope that helps ;)


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