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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is the Economic Recession Hitting That Negatively Strong on Webbie People?

I have to say yes to my own question. My last paid post is almost two months old and I have to say that I don't risk this time to grab paid posting for such a very cheap price. Indeed these days there are so many paid posting opportunities available but the posting prices offered are so disgusting... I mean, how can we risk our google page ranks (PRs) to have a $0.50 post? Wow!

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These are the available opportunities for me now... not showing those with $0.50 per post...

It seems to me that effort in posting and the danger of losing PRs are now valueless as offers as low as $0.50 has been allowed/approved to be up? Wow! I used to log with my paid posting site at least twice a day but now I don't even bother logging in in a matter of two weeks. It is very frustrating.... Is this the result of economic recession? The end effect would eventually hit bloggers... So bad. I used to receive/ to be qualified for opportunities as high as $50 and the lowest I have taken was £5.00 but now this is really getting worse than anyone can imagine. Or should I be positive and be thankful that at least there are still these cheaply offered opportunities?

What is your opinion on this? Are you someone who does paid posting as well? Have you noticed the difference or is it still the same? I would like to hear from all of you. For those who are doing paid posts like me, please share your ideas and if you are an entrecard member, I'll send my token of appreciation of free 60 EC credits for your opinion.

As for non-.EC members, I will just return (by commenting to your site) your ideas whatever you can share with regards this topic..


  1. I think its mainly because of google's strong stand against PR,most of the good blogs are no longer accepting paid posts...I have not done paid posting...although I had received some paid posts,but didn't do it for the risk of losing PR...I think social spark offers paid to post opportunities which asks only 'nofollow' links...so,no trouble with google....but paid to post with dofollow links is certainly on the decline.

  2. hi Rogue, i've noticed that since last month, it was way too much sometimes advertisers gave you cents for doing 200W or 100W, i've got plenty of 'em here and never touched it, but i could still see grey that other people took the review.. i guess that really shows and proves the people needs more money in order to survive nowadays...

  3. Hi! Yeah, the last time I've written a paid post was last January. The bid was $30, but I can only bid $10 max. But the advertiser replied saying that he can only give me $3.. I took it considering that blog has no PR yet. I haven't heard from him (if he approved my review or not).

    The other one on my main blog, I received 7$, my first ever paid post. I think the advertiser liked it so they gave me another task worth $9, but that was January too!

    I am also not in the mood to look or check out their sites. I also saw one whose asking price is 50 cents so I bid 49 cents but I haven't heard from him again.

    Like my bf always say, it's better than nothing. Beggars can't be choosers. We just have to make do with what we have (and like what you said, just be happy that there are still opportunities left for us.)

    ^^ fedhz

  4. It was inevitable that the price would come down as more and more people signed up. I must say I would never pay $50 for a backlink. PR has been so steeply discounted these days even in Google's own serps. I'll also note that your PR is ... zero, so you really aren't risking a lot. Perhaps you have other blogs with higher PR?

  5. I haven't gotten into the paid posting thing at all, so I can't say anything to brilliant. There do seem to be lots of people reading blogs, and with more people out of work, maybe even more than before. So perhaps that will increase the page views of the good blogs. I think prices of $10+ for an article was probably inflated for what a blog can get out of it unless it's a really popular one.

  6. it hits most industries... and obviously the most striving one (during good times) will not be able to escape the evil clutches too...*laugh*

    but hey! At least you still get opportunities... *wink* I have friends whose opportunities page shows nothing! how sad.

  7. @Computer and Net,
    Indeed those who get good PR never risk about PR. But obviously, paid post is still a good help to bloggers before.. the paid was good and I dont care about the PR as long as the topic of the post is matching my theme, which, 90 of the time, they do and I even got equal number of comments like in regular posts.

    Indeed, but well, I did not take any of those... Even before I had the rule of thumb to take only those that are $8 or above but if i have not posted for quite sometime, I also tried those lower than 8. ^^ But now? It's really frustrating.

    Wow! Anyway, if people live in the Philippines, 3 dollars would be good because that is a hundred or so pesos already.. But if people live in europe or uk, that amount is nothing so i guess, it also depends in the place where the blogger lives sometimes.

    @Zack Zomer,
    It depends on what the advertiser asks... I did that USD 50 offer with a video and with a PR1 and custom domain blog..Yes, I have more blogs that has various PRs, from 0-3.

    I just dunno, maybe if the advertiser is an individual, USD10 is big but if its a a big organization, it is small. I posted 4 various articles for one company that always do paid posts... My blog always get chosen when they run blog ads despite my zero PR... now that it has been quite a while, I saw a good number of google results going their way in my posts...so in the long run, a good post pays... and also maybe that is why they chose my blog multiple times because I put my heart when I do paid posts... I have to say that a lot of paid posts around are crap and I too hate that!

    The location is also a factor my dear. Usually Asian opportunities are lesser than those in American and European continents... That might explain. ^^

  8. :)) do you have gained traffic more by pay per post? just asking how? how will effect your rank? dropping by entrecard ok..

  9. Hi, Webbielady!!!

    Thanks for the ec credits. It's my first time to receive one. lol.. yeah, you're right. It depends on where you are, that's why I grab even $1 worth of paid post.

    come back here in the Philippines na lang. lol

  10. Right Said man.. Risking Valuable PR Rank is just not worth $0.50 Gosh!! The Paid review websites are going to kill blogs.

    But The Best thing is that you can get free one way blog link exchange with PR Ranked Bloggers so that you retain your Page Rank and also get earning with Paid reviews.

    Try BlogCytes Blog Ads network to monetize your blogs as well as get one way Links from Other High Ranked Bloggers.

  11. Its all Demand and supply , there are a lot of people out there ready to do it dirt cheap.The demand is steady while the supply has gone up. Now its all about mass marketing. Do lots for cheap and keep the cash flowing. Who talk of quality? Google PR is not such a big thing. Search engines dont drive much traffic. its sites and links and back links.
    But all i have to say is Very well spoken/written. I couldn’t agree with you more and it just seems to be getting worse. Makes me mad too. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. It was very refreshing.

  12. I dont have a PR yet. So, however, it's still ok for me to join a paid review at all. :)
    Although, there are still no job/assignment for me because my blog still don't have any PR and less traffic. :(

  13. I don't use any paid posting service and consider it as useless...I don;t like and use these cheaply offered opportunities...Hat's off to you for this great article

  14. I've noticed that myself. I have a PR 2 on my site, yet I still barely qualify for anything $5 and up. The worst yet was 300 words for $1! That's just insane. Yet it was greyed out, which means people took it. When I first saw that the minimum price had lowered, I refused to take any of the cheap ones. Now, I take the ones that seem at least decently priced, because there is no "waiting for something better" because there is no "better." Not any time in the near future, at least.


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