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Saturday, February 28, 2009

WebbieLady’s Project Wonderful Earnings Finally Can Be Withdrawn

Like in the fable, the turtle beats the rabbit. In short, perseverance, patience and endurance are among the very basic principles in our life that we must hold on to. Just like my project wonderful earnings. Finally, it has reached $20! I am aware that this amount is not something to brag about but the fact that the WebbieLady blogs were able to reach this amount, is THE thing to be proud of.

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I don’t exactly remember when I first joined project wonderful and run ad boxes but I think the earnings that you see are maybe worth 3 month running of ads. But it is not bad as I see it since this amount is a result of passive activity. I mean, I put up the ad boxes, let it stay after they have been activated and just have patience waiting for the earnings and now, I can have $20 more. Indeed the amount is so small especially if one does live in Europe. My point is, this time is a moment to count every cent and be careful of the finances… yes, it is the so-called economic downturn and a cent here and a cent there to earn would not hurt.

This blog even used to run ads as good as 70 cents a day (that sounds so cheap but that would be $21 a month if stable) when I used to drop entrecards and had my traffic at 94.000th rank in Alexa. If your blog has a good traffic, and if you have patience, it is not a bad idea to run ads by project wonderful. I fully remember that the bulk of this little earning was from the days my blogs have had great traffic. But all the same, I am glad to have reached this amount. As I said, little by little and you’ll get there. That is why I run google adsense again as you may have noticed.

(1) Should I withdraw this little amount or should I wait it to grow more to $50? (minimum withdrawable amount is $10) (2) Why do you think I should withdraw/not withdraw it? (3) Do you run PW ads too? (4) If yes, how much did you earn so far? Your answers will help me so each answer you shared in the comment section will be awarded with 40 entrecard credits. The credits will be sent when the next post to this one is up and offer is closed once there is a new post above this one. Leave your answers and grab the free credits. To those who are non-Entrecard members, please indicate that you are non-EC user and I will just make a return comment to your blog. Thank you everyone, happy blogging and happy earning as well.


  1. good for u, sis! balato naman diyan. lol.

    how r u na? it's been a while that i've been here. mukhang super busy rin u ata eh. hehe.

    happy weekend!

  2. after all the sacrifices and hard workd we did, sometimes it just vanished when we got out payment of it...

    happy weekend dear rogue...


  3. Congrats on reaching the $20.00 amount :) Every little bit counts!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, and have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Congrats! I just called by to see how my advert looked on your site & had to comment, because I've just reached $12 with Project Wonderful. :)

    It would be so easy to just spend the money on something not related to blogging, and I want to reward myself with photoshop elements, so I'm keeping the PW funds in there for that.

    Maybe you should earmark the funds for something you want for your blog (or just a treat) and withdraw them once you reach the required amount.

  5. Hi, girl!

    This post is very timely for me. I am thinking of joining PW since I'm been seeing this everywhere like EC. How do I join this ba?

    withdraw it now! baka makain pa hahaha!

  6. I have been with Project Wonderful for quite a few months and like it fairly well. I was over $10 and holding until I foolishly set up a "campaign" and then my account plummeted overnight to $5.00. I quickly canceled the campaign and now am slowly working it back up to the previous amount. It will be a long time before I reach your amazing $20! Way to go!

  7. Hmm... interesting. Paano ba 'to? :)

  8. Unless you need the money now, I would just leave it in the account.. Kinda like a mini savings. Wait till you hit $50 or till you desperately need it..well, maybe this is an uneducated opinion since i dont know the company.

    So which one of these ads are the PW ads? I am not familiar, but I would love to learn more.. I think I will check out the site now just to see what

  9. I just finally got approved for Project Wonderful so I've only had experience with it for about 2 weeks. Your comments are very helpful, especially for a beginner.


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