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Monday, February 9, 2009

What Social Network You Used that Long?

Friendster? MySpace? What else? I had Yahoo 360 before, Meebo, WAYN but those are fads. All I know is, my high school friends, that would be eight years ago, are mostly using Friendster.

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I grew and studied in the Philippines, continued to live in Italy and now here in Netherlands. I want my friends back and of course I am also curious what had become of them. To make the story short, I opened ANOTHER Friendster account. I had an old account but that was tied up to an email I don't usually open these days so I needed a new account. Besides, my old Friendster account was not updated and was given time anyway.

Surprisingly, I tracked almost all of them there and most are active members! I could not believe my luck. I used to think Friendster is a dead business but it is still strong among some groups including my high school and university friends. The same is true for my ex-colleagues in one auditing firm in Makati.. Wow!

What is the popular social networking site for you and you do use by heart? naturally our own respective blogs is where we frequent by maybe, just like those individuals I mentioned up, you can have MySpace, Friendster, WAYN and things like those?

I would love to hear what you say. Great ideas shared through the comment are to be appreciated with 60 EC credits or a return comment for non-EC members.


  1. I used to use Friendster a lot back in about 2003. That said, I check out just about every system that comes along.

    One system that I've found really interesting is DandyID. It provides a great way to look at all the different systems out there.

    You can find my id for many systems at

  2. The only one I use is Facebook, and I do check it daily :)

  3. Hi webbielady.. yeah, like orient-lodge I think I joined Friendster in 2003 too. So far it's my most used social networking site. I have a multiply account, but was turned off when uploading takes up a lot of time. I used to love friendster since it's very simple, easy on the eye. But now it contains spams too! I hate it now!

    I am now trying to make accounts in other sites like perfspot and facebook.

  4. I use Orkut and facebook. Its important to Join a couple of Social networking sites and join he scores of communities. There are lots of readers out there who are more than willing to enjoy a post that you put up if it relates to the topic of interest.
    Just update the community about your new post and sure enough there will be herds hunting you.

  5. Hi, rogue. How ru? Sorry, i haven't talk to you lately, because now i have to maintain my wife's blog at mbakmaya.com (it's in bahasa). Salaam.

  6. Hi.. I use friendster as my social network since I was in high school. There At first, I ignore it, indeed a lot of my friends have already go with it during that time. But now, finally I am attracted to use it, till now.
    Friendster is still okay, though there are a tight competitor, such as FaceBook.

  7. I had been using social networking site's like Orkut, Facebook etc....I have never tried Friendster ...Here in India, most of the people use Orkut and all my friends use only Orkut..That's why i don't use any other social networking site..But i am interested in trying other social networking sites and will try Friendster


  8. I actually don't use any of the Facebook/Myspace/Frienster type of Social Networking. I have too many sites/projects/blogs to keep up with already! I do use Twitter, but I'm not sure if that's counting!

  9. Odd - I've never even heard of friendster until now heh. I've always used MySpace (doh!) and Facebook - but damn, there's so many of these sites now, it's hard to keep up with your friends and ex-classmates, unfortunately.


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