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Friday, March 27, 2009

'Nough of NuffNang: How To Remove NuffNang Ads and Scripts in Your Blog?

I have been running the Nuffnang Script for Nuffnang ads in my blog (this blog) since it announced its debut of ads-running for Filipino advertisers. From then on, I have been expecting advertisers but nothing came. I actually extended my patience until this month of March until I asked them what is wrong. I was told to that I don't have the "leaderboard ads script" or the script necessary to have the banner ads running.

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Nuffnang Profile with Zero Earnings...

To run the ads by Nuffnang, at least for Filipino advertisers, a complete set of ads script is necessary: (1) Leaderborad for the header (2) Skyscraper for the sidebar and (3) Large rectangle for in between contents. In fact, I really consider this as an inconvenient policy to be forced to put all three in a blog but all the same, i wanted to run this Nuffnang ads so I persevered. Came months of waiting and no ads were running.

I could have fixed the problem easily but I see it clearly that I have all three scripts installed so I decided to pull out everything instead of fixing a problem that does not exist in the first place. Since it got a bit tricky to remove, I want to share it with you here. I don't know how many want their Nuffnang ads removed but for sure, there are people who are just not into it anymore after some time of waiting. I se amny blogs around with the logo of Nuffnang, all three of them in correct positions but no ads running.

No regrets for me: I am happy I tried running the scripts but I was just not successful. better than not trying at all. So here it is, how I removed by Nuffnag Ads, in my blogger platform blog. As for me, 'nuff of Nuffnang ads.

1. Log in to your Blogger account

2. Go to "Layout" (1) and Click "Edit HTML" (2).

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3. Check the "Expand Widget" button. At times this may not be necessary depending on how you originally installed those Nufnnang scripts but it is safe to just check this box.

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4. Click CTRL+F to open the "Find" or search function. Just type the word "nuff" and you will already see the list of Nuffnang Ads. Delete the whole scripp from beginning to end. You will see that it has a marker to locate the beginning and ending portion. See the sample. Save Changes.

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5. Since you know that you have originally installed 3 scripts, if you happen to find only 1 or only 2 of them in the body of the HTML, you might want to look to your page elements as shown. Try to open and see your HTML or Java scripted elements and you will find in them the remaining Nuffnang ad scripts by clicking "Edit". Just delete them all. Save Changes.

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6. Check your blog if they have disappeared or have been successfully removed. Goodluck.


  1. that's really sucks i mean, they were in our website that we dont' have any profit of the advertisement and stuff, i got some 100 pesos with them but i have to wait until i got like 2K for them to pay me.. thanks for the info...

    Check out my New Updates:

  2. urggghhh that's bad... I'm back now sis, thanks for the visits and comments..

  3. that's a pooper.. I think they don't really want to pay..

  4. hey! sg nuffnanger visiting ^^ i think it's really unfair that you guys have to have all 3 types of ads to run... :/ hope you find a better alternative! :D

  5. All three should be in the blog!?!

    Now I know why I'm not getting any ads... and I have a reason to remove it!

  6. @Nova,
    At least you have some earnings. Not like me. You have installed the codes correctly.

    I read your vacation in Legazpi was really great. ^^

    Well, I think they pay but it's always good to make tricks at their own advantage.

    @Shu Fen,
    Indeed. I dunno about their rules in Malaysia and Singapore. I bet though it is better.

    Yes, you read it right, you must install all three to have an ad run in your blog. ^^

  7. hm yea, in sg we can just get 1 ad to display :)

  8. thanks for sharing us this info
    have a great day and happy blogging

  9. hello! know this comment doesn't have anything to do with your post, so it's alright thet you don't publish it.

    anyways, i would just like to thank you for taking time to visit me whenever you can. i know you're very busy, and your thoughtful time means a lot to me!

    thank you once again and take care!

  10. Yes, I've experienced the same thing with nuffnang (I'm a Filipino too). My patience lasted only for about 2 months. I though the whole network was completely bogus. No ads came except for 'their' own ads (I serve nuffnang ads).

    Good thing I already knew how to run around codes so it didn't take any sort of problem for me to remove the scripts.

  11. Thanks for the comment. Regarding to your question. I bought my domain at Godaddy.

  12. Hey, Webbielady!

    No, I don't think you need to put all the 3 ads. At first I placed the skycraper on the sidebar, in between my ADGITIZE and other banners. After a week, I've received a letter from them saying that if I want to get advertisers I should place my Nuffnang ad where it's easy to see. When I tried placing a leaderboard ad, after a few days, I received an advert alert (Sanofi).

    I got around PHP 200 from that ad, but still far from the minimum payout. I haven't received any ads now, but I didn't remove the ads yet (still hoping). I'm using nuffnang's site as my blogs' analytics. lol

    this post is very helpful. maybe i would be needing to remove my ads in my blogger accounts. lol

  13. I've had this nuffnang ads in my blog before for the past 3-4months.. still no advertisers! It's quite annoying actually so I decided to just remove it!
    I feel for your girl!

  14. hello! have you noticed my nuffnang ad again? the 200php earnings decreased because I am not a Gliterrati member anymore. They said if I wanted to be a Gliterrati member, I should remove my South East Asia ads, (which was Adgitize), so I removed it. hmm.. Anyway, I'm earning 1 cent a day from Adgitize and a long way from the $20 minimum payout. I just wish Nuffnang will give me more ads. hehe!


  15. hello. malaysian nuffnanger right here. you need to have patience. the main key for getting ads is TRAFFIC. if you have good traffic, then only advertisers are interested to place ads on your site. you can't rely on CPC ads though. target for CPM, then only you can earn money from nuffnang because they are not based on clicks

    i used nuffnang for 2 months and finally got my 1st campaign after that. for now, i already got 3 campaigns, week after week and im happy with that :)

    as for ads, you need to place all of them in order to maximize the chances of your blog being selected by the advertisers. more ads = more chances = more money. hoho. good luck!

  16. They are not going to pay. I was serving this on one of my websites and they don't confirm my buffered earnings because if they do, they'll be forced to pay me 'cause I'll be hitting the 2000 threshold!

    I have 1,900 in the confirmed and 1,800 in the buffered earnings! ~x(

    DIE NUFFNANG!!!!! DIE!!!!

  17. Hi Guys, :0)
    By the way, do you have any other sites that offers like nuffnang ? Thanks

  18. thanks.

    nuffnang made my blog loaded slow... after removing nuffnang, my blog is very smooth.

  19. Hi Guys I'm a new blogger and a bit confused about nuffang. How will I install nuffnang ads.

  20. @ Fiasas,

    I believe, if I remember good,Nuffnang has tutorial how to do that.

    If you are planning to use the side bar ads or the banner size ads, that's easy to do: just add html on that area of your blog (side bar and header).

    But if you like to have the within post ads, nuffnang has instructions for that where you can have the html to enable the ad to be seen in each opened article that you have.

    Please let me know if I can help further.



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