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Monday, March 9, 2009

TournamentsPro is Really a Crook! See the Evidence Here

I have posted the fact that the website or whatever that is named TournamentsPro is a scam. They might even change the name but still they keep on fooling people with the original name. The game of this site, the so-called company, is on money mule stuffs. I explain here in detail what is exactly this company is and what might happen to you if you don’t get careful and be fooled by the scammer TournamentsPro.

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Does this look familiar to you? Or at least the tone of the mail? Of course you are excited when read this or you were excited. Now you get blinded by the FALSE opportunity it offers!

The fact is, I have feedjit in my site and I know it when people landing on my TournamentsPro post here and I know exactly what’s going on. In a year’s time, from the moment the site got suspended so many times until now, I had four seasons when people keep on rushing to my sitedue to google search results. Well, then let’s make the post more reliable and more convincing. Thus, I pack this post with screen shot evidence of the emails I got from this scammer company. Do not believe in them as they are NOT in New York but somewhere in Uruguay or somewhere of that neighborhood. Their English sucks! At least when someone boldly called me! Well, you can try to call them or let them call you. I don’t know why this company keeps on existing despite many site suspensions and site 404 status before. Maybe they just have difficulty on creating a new scam site? Anyway, this site is not alone as there are around seven more with the same owner on all the scams you can imagine online.

tournamentspro scam, tournamentspro, tournaments pro, scammer companies, money mule websites, scammers online, online swindlers
This is the contract they would send out to you. Well, just read through it and it would not seem to be connected to their business at all... Read their website thoroughly as well and you will see that under "services" it's nothing like copied and pasted work plus they don't have FAQ and a telephone number to contact. Isn't that very FISHY?

What exactly TournamentsPro will make you do?
  1. They would hire you at a good pay!
  2. Make you open a bank account, if possible at Citibank;
  3. Will let you disclose and send them your passport or any identification and the bank details that you just opened;
  4. They would tell you that funds would come to you;
  5. Those funds are actually coming from their other scams and the name that is to be traced is to yours and not to them;
  6. If you get unlucky, YOU GET IMPRISONED for laundering and embezzling funds!

tournamentspro scam, tournamentspro, tournaments pro, scammer companies, money mule websites, scammers online, online swindlers
Why are they so afraid that you would not remit the money to them? Because they don't have any way to go after you! They are a scam remember? TournamentPro Limited or any name they use is a Scam! Don't get fooled. If you were drawn and receive any funds, return it to the sender so you don't get into trouble. Or retain it but denounce tournaments pro so they will be traced and penalized. Just don't send them the money, they never deserve a cent. They are swindlers and scammers, thieves and criminals!

See the images on some procedures from the TournamentsPro email. Again, TournamentsPro is a scammer and is largely involved in money mule scamming activities. Be careful! I am not telling you to believe this but I just did my responsibility as a citizen of this world. I have no business exposing something that is decent. I wrote this to inform everyone to be sure of their dealing especially online. Check the link above or click the third image for previous post I did to see some more information about this trick Tournaments Pro and many others are into. Don’t be fooled that you get paid by sitting at home. They are just too good to be true!


  1. Dear Fellow Bloggers,

    What is the use of blogging if we don't spread useful and helpful information and help many not to be scammed?

    I have been buying SUs over the market to spread the news but I just realize that appealing to all of you might help better. I hope I am right.

    I have been fighting a certain site ever since I discovered they are scammers and now they are back. They are trying to scam people from Germany now I suppose as I get hits from a German forum refering to my post about it. I used to complain to the domain provider of this site and they were temporarily banned/closed/suspended but now that I see hits in my post from forums, I know that they are hitting the innocents again to scam. It's a money mule game they play. I got the evidence one needs and I even posted some in my second post about them

    What I ask of you, I appeal to you, is if you may help me "CRUSH" them... or at least "spank" them hard enough by spreading the news.

    You need not visit my site, so as not to suspect that I am doing this for traffic or whatever reasons. I just hate people who atke advanatge of the others. I provide you here the url and if you may submit them to digg, SU, or whatever social network you may find useful to spread the news. You are also much welcome to copy and post them in your own site to diseminate the news further.

    Here are the links:



    If you may put a comment/review in the network, you may copy the following:
    TournamentsPro or tournaments pro is a scammer. See the evidence here and judge for yourself. If you want more information, the author can forwad to your emails such details. Please spread the news as they are hitting the internet again. Don't let these scammers scam more people.
    Possible tags, you may copy and paste them:
    tournamentspro, tournaments pro, tournamnets pro scammer, scammers, swindlers, online scammers, money mule scam, tournaments pro money mule scam
    I am just trying my best to limit the victims of this modus operandi tournaments pro is making. I hope you respond to this positively and any favor you made, just enlist yourself and I make it my responsibility to return in any small way I can.

    Thanks to all of you.

    Yours truly,

  2. Sadly enough there is always a scam, and someone who is foolish enough to fall for the scam and believe it. I hope the scammers get arrested.

  3. That seems to be all I see these days, scams. Everyone is out to make a buck, and some of them could care less where it comes from.

  4. Ouch! This kind of things make me sooooooooo mad! I haven't heard about this site, but this sure sounds fishy.

  5. Thanks for this page. I got their email too, and looking at the site you can tell it's fake. Look at the stock photo of those 2 people that appear on every page.

  6. Thank you for posting the warning about TournamentsPro. I was sent an email from those scammers because I have registered my Resume with job banks.

  7. I got emails from tournaments pro and I wonder where they got my name telling me about the application that I sent? Its good that my boyfriend alerted me about scam of some website so I did some more research about the website. Good that there are blogs like your site that inform people about the scam. They almost had me. I was about to believe of the big pay in the amount of 2500EU working at home? wow, this site must be stop ASAP.

  8. I agree with the above commenters to stay away.


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