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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Email Scams Using Google Reputation

Sometimes I empathize with those scammers. Why? They actually are smart to put up ideas that can really deceive the many. I actually pity the victims but sometimes, I just think that there are only wolves and sheeps in this world... If you don't try to be stupid and fall a victim, no one will actually be the bad guy as the two always exist in pair. Thus, if you don't allow yourself or ourselves to be scammed or swindled, there will be no swindlers and successful scammers around.
I can't blame it to anything but for sure, not only one would have replied to this email. I know it as these scams would never continue to exists if they don't get a lot of victims daily. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not entered a contest, there is no way you should win! I did not enter in any contest and here I am, a big Winner! If this email arrives to your inbox, or an email with similar tone, don't jump right to the conclusion taht you'll have money! You'll probably lose some if you entertain these kinds of mails!

Beware of scammers! Beware of online swindlers!

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  1. thanks for info Rojen! and yes, u are right...with all the information flow on Internet nowadays one should NOT trust/believe everything one gets...

  2. exactly sis, walang manloloko if walang magpapaloko. dami ko ng nareceived na email scams though wala pang ganito, using Google's name. big time! google pa ang ginamit. hehe.

  3. I agree with you guys, especially to Jana's nore that there are just data around that one can get but who knows as to their factuality? :-/

    Indeed Lynn, such a daring move huh! And it's gmail! 8-} Can you imagine? :-o

  4. I don't really entertain junk mails on mine. I agree they do come up with tempting ideas that make you want to click:)

  5. I have been thinking of posting emails like this too.. I pity those who believed at nanakawan ng pera.. according to some, mostly ay mga US oldies ang naloloko ng mga yan..

    Make or Break

  6. Thanks for sharing and warning... There is so many emails like that I often received that telling me that I won and etc. They used many tricks and lies just to make you believe.

  7. i got to be honest here, but with all the email scams don't you think you'd really have to be the last sheep born and the runt of the lot to be falling for these tricks?
    Come on, you don't have a rich uncle , you never took part in a lottery or hell how many real companies pay you to collect their money and skim off the top....
    Some times i just feel people are just too gullible

  8. Ok, lets be real here, you'd have to be the last born sheep, runt of the litter and slow to be falling for these things.
    While i know some people get bilked in this, i got to say to them COME ON DUDE!!!!

    You don't have a rich uncle
    You never took part in an online lottery
    We all know that no company is letting you collect money on their behalf and skim off the top...

    Just my two shillings

  9. I myself find this very funny that plp are stooping so low these days. Scams will always be around, and with them you will also get plp that keep coming up with smarter ways of achieving their goals.

  10. Well,

    If these scams are true then every person who owns an email wouldn't have to work anymore :))

    Yeah, come on :P


  11. @Raymonddm,
    We are lucky as we frequent the virtual world but we are not all online dwellers. As Pehpot's reply says up there, the victims are usually the oldies who does not sniff the fraud in the air, that is why we need to disseminate the information to prevent such happenings.

    Do you know that many were scammed by this company and I even know one and read some people bragging online to be a member of this company? as their project coordinator? That is because no one wrote something about them before. But now, they are written here and I don't miss a day without at least five hits from Google on this? Because I was the first one who made an article on these fraudsters. As I said, sometimes I hate those who get defrauded more than the fraudsters but we cannot deny that many are innocent on many things... the prospect of earnings and money turns off your common sense at times, that's the psychology of it.

  12. enough with scammers! i'm sooooo fed up with them invading my inbox daily! LOL

  13. I agree with you that they actually are smart and full of ideas, but they can hurt other people, very shame

  14. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I often get email like that.

  15. hayst i hate those emails i receives a lot

  16. I get thousands of spammers through my email, it sure makes it difficult to just read your important emails...thanks for sharing. Also Thanks for commenting & visiting my blog ;)

  17. Now a day’s online lottery is at a great speed. And this kind of article is good stimulus for online lottery player because earning a lump sum amount of money only possible through lottery. And making it online adds extra value to it but we need to care about scam which is a great threat for the Online Lottery player. So we need to choose a reliable website for playing the online lottery.

  18. Serious concern about email scams now a days it is coming on SMS too. Austin deck is against email scam.


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