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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Unexpected BidVertiser Earnings Payable This Month

The other day received this unexpected mail from BidVertiser about my recent earnings from them. Although it is an information that they still need to audit the validity of such earnings, I have previous payouts from BidVertiser without any problem. What I am saying is, it is more of a “sure” earning now. As you can see, I don’t run ads by BidVertiser in this blog and I only run it in one of my blogs about travels and explorations.

Simply use the scroll bar to see the whole image. That is my all-time earning record (highlighted in yellow) from Bidvertiser.

However, if I may remember good, I have two of these referral widgets for fellow publishers/bloggers. I currently (before this latest note from them) have an accumulated earnings of $28.79. So far, my total passive earnings from BidVertiser is around $40 which is not bad when I only run their ads in a single site (I used to run ads in many sites/blogs/pages before) plus I really never promote the referrals. This is literally a “passive earning”.

The mail from BidVertiser announcing the earnings. How I wish this kind of message frequent my inbox. ^^

The mail about this month’s earning triggered my curiosity where it came from. I investigated my long neglected account and I was surprised to see that I have so many signups from my referral widgets/links. Wow! Only that one really cannot earn from sign ups alone.

How to earn from referrals in BidVertiser then? The last time I know something about is is, if the referred earns at least $10, the referrer earns this amount as well. Or, if the referred earns $50, the referrer earns this amount as well. Isn’t that cool? This means that the one who referred me will have his/her $50 soon! I do not have any idea whose link I clicked to sign up with BidVertiser.

I did not earn much with the ads, I earned more with referrals. The total earnings that I have with the clicked ads is $19.73 while the earnings from referrals is $20 as of now.

For those who do not have Google Adsense ads, I believe BidVertiser and many others are such a good alternative. For me, though it is not so big of an earning, but I am just glad that it keeps on coming. So if you want to try this alternative, better visit BidVertiser Here . Sign up, make referral widget and if you may wish, run their ads and your blog or site visitors might click them and give you earnings.

I actually don't have any idea that many have signed up with my referrals already. How I wish they ear as earnings for them also means earnings for me. .


  1. sounds amazing... that's a pretty good start of earning without doing nothing...


  2. wow.. you have earn more than me.. still not reach $10 so long way to go.

  3. ahoooo, nice earning sis. Bidvertiser is better than nuffnang huh? Did i spell it right hehehe...

  4. It's so much fun to receieve checks in the mail from working online! Is this the first time you have gotten for being a publisher? The only reason I ask is that you could probably make that $40 with 1 click through if you were using a CPA (cost per action) marketing company.

    Now don't take me the wrong way here...

    I like PPC all day too but the real money is seriously in CPA's. No BS. But congrats anyway and keep up the hard work!

    Beleive me, I know how hard it can be just to reach your cash out limits sometimes with PPC.


  5. @ Nova,
    Indeed it feels really good to just get notice like this one..

    @ Sherry,
    You will have it soon as well, girl!

    @ Chubskulit,
    Well, I discovered that Nuffnang would not give me any cent anyway. They are running good in others' blogs though.

    @ Martina,
    Hmmm.. Interesting advise. But how do you get people to do some act? Well, google used to have that ind of ad but it's just not easy especially now that am not really hooked online like before.

  6. Hey, roj. That's a very good news. I am running both google and bidvertiser on my site. Is that okay?

    Anyway, the person who referred me to Bidvertiser told me to remove my referral link and my ads. She said she heard some bad news regarding payments. I hope you get yours. I have 0 earnings from them. You are lucky to have referrals. ^^v

  7. Wow, you earn money from referrals? That's an awesome program! Do you know any other advertising programs that have this? I feel that, while Adsense is great, I would like a program with, like you said, passive earnings, as Adsense hasn't been the smash hit I anticipated it to be.

  8. Congrats on your future payment. I hope that you will receive it soon.

    I don't run Bidvetiser on my blog as I read somewhere that their codes did something tricky on search engine.


  9. @Fedhz,
    I have the same consideration why I dont run the ads in my major sites/blogs. I was told they affect a lot of things but anyway, I happen to post the referrals and the links somewhere and some people signed up and earned thus, I earn. ^^ Im thankful.

    I use adbrite before and bidvertiser but not really that great earning. I also have had project wonderful and I am trying to make new ads with them. See my previous post for some little earnings with project wonderful.

    I think it's indeed good to be careful. As you see, I don't run the ads here from bidvertiser. ^^

  10. good for u, sis. balato naman diyan. lol.

    happy easter. :)

  11. Hello sis, just came by to tell you I have awards for you here. Please grab it when you have time, mwah!

  12. Nothing like getting some money in your hands :)

    I like the term passive earnings! I hope your passive earnings multiply and surprise you every time :)

  13. How to start bidvertiser? my email is djoenatan@gmail.com


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