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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tradeMonster: The Answer to Traders' Needs

Venturing into a trading activity is like gambling. However, we should understand that these days, gambling is not only relying on luck but also on statistical probability and permutation techniques and other statistical and aritmetic applications. The same is actually true with trading. Without a proper and reliable trading simulator, a trader would be lost and success is an unclear image. I was researching about trading these past few months and I would like to share what I found out. I was actually impressed when I opened the web site of trading monster and with the flashing introduction with sophisticated introduction it has.

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Opening an account with trade monster is only a five-step simple process. The form is secure and takes between 5-10 minutes depending on the applicant's speed. And why should WE open an account with trademonster? Simple! Opening a free Paper Trading account would allow us to test out the platform without having to chip out cash. Paper trade is a stock market trading simulator. Open you account here!

And why should we choose tradeMonster? From my side, I do feel that the site is reliable enough. I did my little researcha nd I found out the following:
tradeMONSTER is an innovative online brokerage that grew from the success and reputation of optionMONSTER.com, a leading provider of financial market intelligence and analytical commentary. To find out more I suggest you open my account by clicking the link here!

tradeMONSTER, a subsidiary of OptionMonster® Holdings, Inc., was co-founded by Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Dirk Mueller - trading veterans and respected investment industry experts.m With over 20 years experience cultivating financial and technology driven businesses, their passionate belief in educating and informing investors led them to create optionMONSTER.com. In 2007, they assembled a team of industry experts to create tradeMONSTER.

While most online brokerages merely provide a venue for trading, tradeMONSTER integrates powerful online trading platform with constructive educational resources - all backed by exceptional customer service and priced for value.

tradeMONSTER is a trading platform for stock and options traders who demand nothing but the cutting edge.


  1. If I were a trader I would definitely give trademonster a try. I have never felt secure placing my money trade stocks, mutual funds, etc. I did invest in bonds years ago and they did pretty good. I appreciate your posts and I might just give all of this a try one of these days.

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. As a mathematician, I can tell you that all of these "trade simulators" are crap. You would have a better chance of being struck by lightning than having one of these simulators be correct for any length of time. Oops, can you tell that was a hot button for me? ~x(

  3. Iam new blogger, good post article


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