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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Benefits of Having Multiple Blogs: Why Do I Have 8?

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I'm on my way to the ninth blog. If some very good idea comes to my mind, I would surely be starting the 9th blog. I currently have 8 blogs and I know you would think that is just too much. You may even think, "That is crazy"! But I can't blame you, they are indeed too much. My mind is too full of ideas that at times, it's my fingers that just hurts because I have also a full time-7.5 of office hours during weekdays.

I discovered blogging in 2006 back when I was a tax compliance auditor. That was only a beginning though. I did not know what a dash board can do. My blogging became active in early quarter of 2008 when I realized there are also some possibilities of having bucks. I mean, my first intention was to simply share my ideas about my dear country. But it was so fast advancing.

I discovered a lot of widgets, I discovered google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, widgetbucks, you name it all and I became interested. I liked blogging even without the concept of earning, how much more if I could? Who does not want some bucks from the things you like to do?

I started and stuck with my original and very first blog for a month or two and then I moved on with another theme, is about food and health and shortly thereafter, some few topics about adventures and the satisfaction of seeing some places around.

So why do I have eight blogs? Why can't I just put everything in one place and not worry myself for so many sites to log and maintain and all that stuff? Two days from now I'll give you the answer.


  1. Currently, I have 4 and administering another 2 ( I don't own them, but I do the admin work for them). My latest one, I only uploaded it last week... BUT I'll be adding 10 more blogs within the next 2 weeks.

  2. keep blogging my dear if it makes u hapyy:)))

  3. I found your blog while I was "doing the drop" with Entrecard. I am a fairly new blogger, and I have 2 blogs; one that I use all the time and one that don't use as much. Iam definitely going to check back to see your answer to this post!

  4. You have a great site, I will be back again

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