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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Advantages and Responsibilities of Owning or Managing Multiple Blogs

Why do I have at least eight blog? I even call myself Webbielady and many in the blog sphere are aware of this. As promised in my previous post about having multiple blogs, I lay down here the answer to that question: What are the benefits of having multiple blogs? And why do I have so many of them? The catch however is, I don't say it's all benefits. The title to this post, Advantages and Responsibilities of Owning or Managing Multiple Blogs which means no one can make it the easy way. Multiple blogs means multiple dedication to update and nurture those blogs.

Modern Day Bully
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Why do you blog anyway? I don't have any about your reasons but for me, naturally I have reasons for doing so. In fact, one of my readers commented here that he doesn't see the reason why do I need to have multiple blogs. The detailed story of my blogging plights can be read here as told by Bravo. The truth is, I do love to express. Whatever it is, as long as I feel I don't harm anyone, I put stuff into writing.

Before setting up a certain blog, we should know the BIG WHY for doing so. So, why do I put up a lot of blogs? What are the advantages of doing so instead of putting everything in one place?

1. I have the chance to establish my niche;
2. The posts in each of my blog are are/can be related to each other in any way;
3. More ad space;
4. More chance to get searched and gain organic traffic;
5. More ways to earn, more ways to learn; and
6,. More ways to express

I elaborate my reasons here. For number 1, I would like my readers and subscribers to be not confused and they would know what to expect from subscribing in any of my blogs, i.e., a personal thing is they receive it from Personal Blog; a web-related post if they receive the feed from Web-related blog; some new explorations, travel or discovery if it's from this blog here; a new composed poem or short story coming from my blogs on compositions; while a feed from my Food, Life and Goodness would be likely about food or health; and naturally another commentary for the Philippines if it's from my first and hihest PR'd blog.

Don't Drink and Blog
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As I have my niche, reason number two is justified. When someone searches from Google about making an image bigger in blogs, usually, they end up with this post here and other online and web-related stuff are in this blog. This means that when a searcher lands on the blog, there a good chance that he/she roams around within the blog and this is a good thing for the blog owner.

If you may have noticed, I have so many Google adsense scattered around. I try to earn from it although I am currently on aorounf $50 level of earning and maybe two more months aways or can be even 4 months away from my first check but that is not a problem. I am just happy running those ads here as I thing the blog looks more legit with a Google Adsense ads on it. The more blogs I have, the more places/spaces/spots to place my ads on and that would mean more impressions. So far, I have improved my average daily earnings 3 folds when I decided to get my blogs updated and nurtured (still not a big earning though).

Reason number four is more on traffic and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more concentrated the key words are, I believe the posts get searched easier. This is more related to reason number two as well. Niche thingy again.

More ways to eran as more ads can be placed. More ways to learn as well as I have to research on some topics I want to share at times. I hate to post crap here and I try to refrain from posting nonsense as much as possible but still, I am sure you see a lot of nonsense in many of my posts around. :) But all the same, well researched, well presented post gets traffic and gets on top of Google or other search engine searches.

Isn't it obvious then that the more blogs there is, the more ways to express? That one I love!

It's not all heaven though. Having many blogs means commitment. To make them all active and succeed need some time. I mean, you need not really post ten articles each but for me, I try to at least post 2 items in each of them in a month. That is not so much but I try hard to make the posts indexed good and be searchable. Building traffic is also another thing that can eat ones/blogger's time. 

One thing though: Don't get addicted. I do blog as I find it as my relaxing hour after office hours but I think if you have kids and you are very busy, don't worry, just leave it behind. The blog is there to make you relax, not to pressure you up. Keep blogging if it's good, if it's not, forget about it!


  1. WebbieLady,
    I can sense that you have expressed your honest thinking about reasons why you have more blog site.
    There is so many things to learn and it is good to have the first hand experiencs ourselves.
    Thanks for your sharing, wish you success in whatever things you do.
    Best wishes from coolingstar9

  2. i just love your cartoons:)
    and your reasons...u r so right...blogging should be fun!so happy blogging darling!

  3. I like your post today. I can now understand your reasons why you have multiple blogs, 8 going 9 and with different niche for each blog. How I wish I have that kind of talents and capacity that you have for maintaining such diverse blogs. I have only one blog and it seems I can't cope up with updating the posts. I agree that blogging is a hobby, to make us relax, and not to give additional pressures and stresses.

    Eli, Business Sphere blog

  4. Let me just start by saying, i love those cartoons. The really crack me up.

    No back to the multiple blog thing. I understand what you are saying. I myself started with multiple blogs, but for me it totally drained me, so now i i have 3 blogs, but i have a lot of writers and guest bloggers to help. I guess my thought was i'd love to be as good of a writer or thinking as you, but i didn't work for me.

  5. I too have multiple blogs, but they are all very different. I find it confusing when people have almost the same thing on each of there blogs. You're dropping and open a page, and think to yourself didn't I just drop on this...sometimes it appears they've virtually done a cut and paste, or put things in different order. Too me that's trying to play the system, which I don't think is kosher.

    One of my blogs is travel (the one connected to ec), one is about charity knitting and crocheting, and one is a personal blog that covers lots of different topics.

    Eight seems a bit over the top to me, but you're not alone in having that many; I know I've seen others. I wouldn't have time enough to do that, take care of family matters, and go to work etc.


  6. great. I have 3 blogs, one which is dead by now. LOL. haven't updated it for ages. right now I'm focusing on fedhz.com, trying to earn from it and getting the hang of it before making another one.

    fedhz.com supposedly is my practice blog. hopefully, the next one I'll be making will be more informative like yours. ^^

  7. I never considered that more blogs mean more ad space. I don't blog for money yet because I don't see how to make very much. I do it for fun, but if I want money, I probably am too greedy for the amounts I know how to get.


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