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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Free Google Adwords: Gratis Advertisement in Google

Can you believe it? Out of nowhere, I received a freebie offer from Google: €50 worth of Google adwords. That os around $80 of free advertising! Isn't it great? If you are in my case, what would have been the course of action that you'd do? It's a great feeling and a great luck to receive such offer, right? The offer was however written in Dutch as the entity that offered it to me, mailed the offer to me, was Google Netherlands. If I tell I ignored the offer, what would you think?

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I have no idea why Google actually gave me this freebie but as I said, there's no such thing as free lunch thus, I expect the end benefit is on their side, but all the same, €50 is better than nothing, right?. I actually cannot fathom the reason why they sent me such €50 opening balance but I can only count the following:

1. I always search Google adwords tips around click on Google adword related items;
2. I run so many Google adsense advertisements
3. It's a normal thing in Netherlands
4. The end benefit will come to Google anyway

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In fact, I think that claiming th offer was not worth all the hassles and the effort and everything so I ignored it. I think it will expire in few days and up t now, it's still lying around here being unregistered. If it's yours, would you claim it? What do you think? Is it wise to ignore it? Any wise opinion from you?

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  1. congrats...its a present, so if uhave any creativeidea what to do with it, just do it:-)))

    In NL they often send "free" gifts in order to make new clients(could be thecase now with the crisis),so may be its not so bad idea not to take the gift...the more I think about it the more I am convinced that it is just a way to find new customers....but may be they do check who works a lot with Google/Blogs etc...


  2. I believe I would have done the same thing. Most free offers have some kind of catch. Notice I said most, but not all. Sometimes you just have to go with gut instinct and pray you made the right decision. I think you did!

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. I think I also received one from Google Philippines. The boyfriend wanted me to try it out, but like what you said, there could be a catch. I can't take the risk at this moment. Maybe when I get a little extra time, I will take a peek what's in there. ^^v

  4. wow.. thanks for information and sharing.. i don't know thats

  5. thanks for info keep sharing friend

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