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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Avoid Paypal Charges? How To Use Paypal for Free Always?

paypal charges terrifiedHow to use Paypal without charges? In short, how to utilize the free service that Paypal offers?As I have discussed in my previous post here regarding Paypal charging fees to so many of my transactions lately, I wanted to discover stuff. I tried a couple of transactions sending some amount to my aunt and her sending to my account and as I wished, THERE WERE NO PAYPAL CHARGES. All I did was to try and see and a little bit of patience when sending some amounts. If we all pay attention, we will not be charged with any amount when we send money for non-business related transactions. Since the send-outs of money through Paypal was between me and my aunt, which is mostly like gifts and trials, those transactions were obviously not intended for gain, in lay man's term, not for commercial or business purposes.

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These were the transactions with charges and they were not anymore the whole amount sent when received. The receipt of $76.58 was from an amount sent totaling to $80.00; The receipt of €95.75 was from €100,00 and the $9.31 was originally $10.00 when sent. Lots of deductions as auto charges from Paypal, right? Click to read the whole story about these charges...

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Notice the last two rows of transactions from the preceding image?? These two were bith free of any Paypal charges. Notice that the "Type" of transaction is "Gift" from sender and "Payment Owed" from sender. These are non-commercial transactions and do not deserve to be charged at all.

The next image, the details of the transaction type "Gift" from sender, is presented. Note that if suc person is paying party or the sender is paying for some purchases of goods or services, "Seller Protection" is not available as it is treated to be "non-commercial". Thus, if you are the buyer, better be careful then. Don't worry if the receiver will be charged a little amount, so long as your purchases are protected! After all the fee is charged from the vendor and NOT from the customer. So how would our receivers be not NOT charged? This is explained below.

The following image is a combined screen shot of how to pay for goods/service/others and to be sure that our payment/purchases is secure and how to process a transaction and not be charged a single cent.

In the first image (the upper portion), the tab used is "ONLINE PURCHASES". This transaction charges the receiver of the money or the seller.

On the other hand, the bottom images idicate the tab, "PERSONAL PAYMENTS" and this is FREE of any charges. If you send amount to friends or relatives or as a personal payment, use this option to have your payments or gifts be received without any deductions.

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Now we know how to properly utilize Paypal. Hope we all are educated so that we can maximize the freebies around as much as we can. Happy Paypal usage!


  1. ayan, napost mo na rin pala, eh. i'm planning on posting this one as well. hehehe. ^^ v graber.

  2. Thanks a lot. It helps to save my hard earned money...

    Very many thanks

  3. Wont paypal find something fishy and ban you if say 'ALL' payments are sent as gifts. I agree there's no protection, but sending too many payments to different people will be safe?

  4. If you pay the person more than once a month then a fee will be applied :(

  5. Is the free transaction only applicable if you have Paypal credits?How about if I pay a friend in US (I'm in PH) and use my credit card to pay her. Is it still free of charge?

  6. Hi Jaze!

    Pulling money from your credit card triggers a fee. I have not experienced doing it but I tried doingboth in my Italian and Dutch paypals that if I take money from credit card (ebay purchases do not trigger fees as I noticed), there was a fee imposed. Not good newsbut Paypal, after being free for so long, starts to impose fees.

  7. I'm not sure that this is consistent all the time. I did get charged a fee doing this once, but don't understand why.

  8. Indeed a lot has changed now. I have noticed that a base transaction fee is presently being charged. I bet this post will go out dated.. :(

  9. PayPal now takes fee if you pay with debit card (probably also credit card) if you try to use Gift or Payment owed, is only free if you use the money that you have in your PayPal balance.

  10. Wow, this is new for me.
    I'll try in my next transaction
    Thank you. :)

  11. You can also do a BULK payment. No matter how much you send, it will just bill you a buck. ($1)

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