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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rampant Spam Comments: Why Spammers Try Hard Spamming?

Lately, the unsolicited, irrelevant, non-English comments have been plaguing one of my blogs! And the question was why? And why that blog? Why not one of the rest? Is it because that blog has established a strong Page Rank from Google for around a year now? In fact I have been speculating too much for the reasons why such incomprehensible comments were anonymously left in the current "latest post of that blog. So why do Spammers spread those unsolicited stuff around: from emails to blog comments or through false advertisements? There can only be thousands but one reason for being a Spammer: money, earnings, financial benefits, proft, gain and you name it and you'd know!

As the image below displays, the comments are all in Chinese (anonymous comments) and who knows what they mean unless we utilize Google Translate services to decipher these comments? I tried to tranlate one of them and that was around Michael Jackson's death and peak times and the spam has written like 20 "Michael Jackson"-related phrases in the comments but the commentor, as always, is Anonymous!

Morover, in the next image further down this post, it is apparent that when the post or comments are expanded, the words are linked to some web sites. Then, it is obvous that these comments are Spam, and serves no other purpose but to have the Spammer gain something he/she does not deserve at all: satisfaction of any kind!

spam comments how spammers earn, why spammers spa
The overview of my Spammy Blog...

For the time being, the blog mentioned has 36 pending comments, at least 25 of them are these Chinese meaningless, irrelevant spammy comments. I want to observe how they would go as I manually publish or reject comments in each of my posts in all my blogs. I want to see if I post a new article, the spam comments would be directed there instead, and not in currently rampantly spam-commented item.

So why Spam?
1. Creat free backlinks to the desired sites of the spammer
2. Put the links of advertisements that when clicked, the spammers earn revenue
3. To solicit traffic to the website the spammers wish to direct the gained traffic caused by the attention gained by the spam
4. Defraud others (usually in email spam on lottery or false fortune offers)
5. To serve clients such as distributing their links, getting trafic, etc., etc.,

So how do we protect our sites from these spams?
1. Install spam filter
2. Manually filter comments (my style)
3. Don't allow comments at all (not so exciting option)
4. Reposrt spammers to Google after confirming to them (informing them/warning them of the spammy stuff)

spam comments how spammers earn, why spammers spa
When those comments are expanded, they are obviously hyperlinked and once clicked, the Spammer has just succeeded in his/purpose for doing these spams... So don't click! Or don't publish at all!

I pity Spammers, they too just crave for earnings but the sad part, they do their earnings at the expense of others. As for those who became BIG with Spam, they also cannot live in peace b'cause Spam is a crime! They might grind the steel prison bars for years if they get unlucky enough doing their Spammy Spammy Spam!


  1. thanks for the info dearie!good luck with it too...
    sometimes I am really shocked how much can go wrong online and i keep on asking like u:why???why people do it?

  2. webbie,
    It is quite funny that the non-english site appeared in your comment button.
    I think the motive is very obvious as your stated on this post.
    Thanks for sharing this information, have the nice day.

  3. I used to have the same problem. What I did was to reject all comments belonging to Anonymous (doesn't matter if it in Chinese or English).

    Those Anonymous spammers are not pointing back to their own site, rather the links that they include are pointing to their 'client' site.

  4. kaya ako sis lahat ng comments ng blog ko minomoderate ko...

  5. "2. Manually filter comments (my style)" <- you must be joking or you have too much time in your hands :D

    Install AntiSpam Bee plug-in and you'll see so much less spam going into your blog :) It works by detecting automated commenting bots


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