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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Playing the Fish World Game, a Facebook Application

fish world tricks and tipsAs planned, when yours truly reaches Level 9 of the game Fish World in Facebook, some of the little tricks and techniques gained throughout playing the game will be shared here. Indeed, that’s a promise you can view here. ( Visit here for a colorful gallery) Fish World may not be the most exciting application in facebook but I do find it really relaxing to play with: it tests one’s ability to be patient, to persevere, to design, to show the aesthetic ideas and many more. Reaching level 9 is not even a big success yet but as I went through the game, I observed everything so that I can share them with you here. If you have anything else to share, please write them in the comment section and let’s all help each other, us Fish World application gamers or users.

Which Fish to Buy (and eventually sell)?
1. If you are a beginner, don’t dream much nor dream too high profits. The cheapest fish will do, in my case, the Green Snapper for only $10 or the Blue Long Tail for $15. These two fishes would allow gamers to have more units/pieces bought and sold for a small amount of coins. They also can be sold in short period of time, only after 4 hours and 12 hours, respectively. Take note that:
  • a. Each purchase of fish earns the player 1 experience point per unit (NOT coins, NOT fish bucks) that accrues to go up in level of the game;
  • b. Each sale of fish earns 2 experience points per unit of fish sold
Thus, having many units of fish and the more often one buys and sells, the faster one goes up at a higher level. Of course, one can buy any type of fish but these two are the most practical species.

2. Timing is also a very good thing to consider when buying fishes. As for my case, I often buynor purchase the Blue Long Tail most of the time as I want to reap the money fast and at the same time, I can buy and sell around twice in 25 hours as I go to work and it is useless to buy the 4-hour growing fish (Green Snapper), after all I cannot sell them right away once they mature.

3. If you are away for a long time, or if you don’t have so much time to spend buying and selling, it is actually better to buy (and eventually sell, of course) a Mummy Fish (from Halloween Fishes group) that turns adult/ready to sell in 4 days at a gain of $55 per fish sale (purchase price is $125 while it can be sold for $180). Yellow Longnose is also a very good choice. It is salable in 3 days and the gain per fish sale of an adult unit is $40 per piece.

4. Never forget that certain fishes may give better returns but they became adult or ready to sell longer than the pther species, just watch out for this. Being good at ratio and proportion would really help.

More Tips in Earning Fish Coins and Fish Bucks
  • 1. The application and facebook themselves offer ways for players to earn in various ways. I believe it is geography-specific as I open Dutch pages when I try to “earn” them (buying with "real" money, joining promotional activities, etc are some of their ways in offering coins and bucks in fish world; simply choose the best tactic;
  • 2. Clean the fish tanks of your “Neighbors”. This earns the player $10 (coins);
  • 3. Clean your own fish tank for normally $15 (coins) but this varies also depending on how algae-coated your fish tank is. This also earns you "experience points" that will eventually allow you to level up ;
  • 4. Revive fishes (very hunger floating upside down fishes) of your neighbors. This action earns $1 (coins) per fish revived.
  • 5. Don’t forget to “love your fishes”. Clicking “I Love My Fish” tab at least once in 12 hours and it earns $25 (coins) as far as I know.
  • Opening Fish World daily earns the player a random amount of fish coins n the "Daily Lottery".
Tips for “Backgounds” of your fish tanks in Fish World:
  • 1. The “Carnival Background” once bought, can be used for any tank (so far I could use to any of my five fish tanks simultaneously) even thouhgt I bought it only once.
  • 2. Other fish tank backgrounds cannot be used twice: each must be bought for their tag price. <-- This statement is NOT true anymore. I bought various tanks and now I can use them simultaneously. Maybe it/they cannot be used simultaneously right away but after sometime, you may buy only one beautiful background and use in each of your fish tanks in fish world (th eimage bealow, that background, I currently use in 3 of my tanks even though I bought it only once)...
Techniques in Selling Fishes
  • 1. Selling in the market as whole sale reduces your total sales by 15% as you click once and no need to waste time selling your own adult fishes one by one. The market/application automatically chooses adult or ready to sell fishes only so you need not worry about selling non-mature fishes;
  • 2. Why not sell one by one? After all you waited for a long time before the sales moment come, thus, it’s worth another few minutes of patience, right?
Other Tips and Tricks
  • 1. To know what is the status of a fish in your tank, simply click such fish and you’ll know the level of its “adulthood”, sale price and hunger.
  • 2. Selling is NOT necessary when fish reaches adulthood. As long as you feed them, no worries. They beautify the tank! (",)
  • 3. Staying signed-in (even in idle) keeps the tank stay cleaner ( I observed this) as when you close the game and/or staying off out of your tanks (even within your neighbors' tanks) makes the tank become algae coated faster... but don't also forget that when your tanks get dirty/algae-coated, when you clean it/them, you earn fish coins;
  • 4. Giving gifts to your Facebook friends can/may earn you gifts back. It pays to be generous! (",) Enjoy the game!
  • 5. DO NOT overload your tanks! I put 1800 plus fishes in my tank and I cannot access it anymore. I mean, I can still enter the tank but the browser crashe everytime I try, whether I use Google Chrome or Firefox. Until 500 per tank, it isnot bad...
fish world tips and tricks, fish world tank screen shot
This is my tank number five... my latest tank for now..

Addition 1: Answers to Questions in the comments- 271009 update:
how to feed the fishes in fish world
How to Feed the Fishes?
This is a question posted in the comment section down there. It is not a strange question for a beginner. Feeding the fishes in the Fish World game, a facebook application, the following must be done (refer to the image above):
  • Click the "Food" (food is highlighted in blue square in the above image);
  • Carry the food anywhere inside the tank until the image like the one highlighted (in neon sky blue colored box/square) inside the tank in the above image and click to release;
  • Hungry fishes willjust come to the food;
  • When fishes are NOT hungry, they don't take the food and you need not feed them.
Another Question: Hey! I was wondering if you can post a fishworld hint on getting your fish happier or getting a bigger + I can only get +2 coins right now

To answer the above query, a closer look to the image below is necessary. See that the killer whale can have an additional of $109 coins if sold despite it's not mature yet? Why is that possible?

1. The tank that I have here, has almost all the species of the plants in the fish world giving so many happiness;

2. The happiness in that tank is high, just like of that Killer Whale, you can see the happiness gauge to be high;

3. higher happiness higher additions;

4. Proportionately expensive species have higher additions of $ when sold. Why? If I sell my mature Powder Blue Tang, I can only get an additional $5 because the fish has only a maximum seeling price of $105 coins (without additions). Thus, selling a mature Powder Blue Tang would give me $110, only an addition of $5, so small compared to the additional $ coins that I would get if I sell the Killer Whale.

happiness of fishes in Fish World, A facebook game application

Cool New Ideas in Fish World
1. Algae Eater - This is one update that I am really happy of. Now I dont' need to stay so much time to clean each of my 8 tanks just to keep them clean! I have the algae eaters now and all the time, my tanks are clean! Wow! Obtaining an algae eater is NOT easy.One has either $2 bill to have one or to be in level 30 and $650 coins to buy the algae eaters. See the image how you can obtain them:

obtaining algae eaters in Fish World, Facebook

2. Marine Life- New set of species to make our tanks look even more beautiful and livelier. They are not very affordable but they are so cool! :)

ocean life in fish world game facebook application

More queries to answer from questions in the comments down this post:

Anonymous said...

how do you earn dollars: Dollar COINS are earned by cleaning your own tank, cleaning the tanks of your neighbors and selling fishes. Dollar BILLS are earned differently. They need some actions from you, Click "Earn More Fishbucks" tosee how exactly it is earned from your side/location.

Anonymous said...

how to feed em?? i cant seem to get the fishes to eat even though i click the food : After clicking the food, drag it inside the Fish tank and release the food there.

Anonymous said...

How to clean the garbage plz telllll Take the sponge and drag inside the tank, especially where the garbage/algae are. Scrub them by moving your mouse around them as you click/hold the left mouse button steadily. If you click twice, the sponge come back to its place, it is important to hold the left mouse button.

Anonymous said...

how to clean the garbage: Same as previous explanation

Anonymous said...

ok answer me something please im playing fishqworld on facebook my name is taracasson and i need help all my tanks open except for number 6 it frezzes up the computer so please someone help me: Freezing means too much fish. My tank number 6 is also frozon as it has nearly 2000 fishes in them. I think it's because the application is heavier and even gets heavier as we add fishesin our tanks. In fact, the game often causes my laptop to crash and Ineed to reboot it.

Anonymous said...

at what level do you have to be at to start earning fishbucks? None. Fish bucks is not earned by buying and selling fishes. It's earn by performing actions, 99% of the time, doing something for the game sponsors/advertisers.


  1. Really awesome blog. I enjoyed reading review of "Tips, Tricks and Techniques in Playing the Fish World Game, a Facebook Application" etc. I found that you really update
    your site regularly that made me more interesting. I've bookmarked your site for my future use.
    Thank you
    sagar rai
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  2. Hello there my friend..Long time no hop in here..I am here today to say hi..Hope everything is well..God Bless!!

  3. Hey! I was wondering if you can post a fishworld hint on getting your fish happier or getting a bigger + I can only get +2 coins right now

  4. heheh, planty of useful info hre!they need to put a link to u on FB!!!
    but where are u these days, I miss u (snif,snif) and your comments on my blog...come and visit soon!!!!
    have a good weekend, I hope all its fine...and stop playing soooo Much:)))kiddding!

  5. how to feed em?? i cant seem to get the fishes to eat even though i click the food

  6. how do you earn dollars

  7. ok answer me something please im playing fishqworld on facebook my name is taracasson and i need help all my tanks open except for number 6 it frezzes up the computer so please someone help me

  8. at what level do you have to be at to start earning fishbucks?

  9. how to clean the garbage

  10. How to clean the garbage plz telllll

  11. how do u clean oil in other people's tanks?

  12. If you want to max out your happiness rating, buy a great white shark. Caution though: Don't put it in a tank that has adult fish you want to keep. It eats adult fish. When it does, you get the full amount of the fish plus the bonus coins. Don't move your shark into another tank. It won't help the happiness of other tanks if you inventory it and use it in another tank. If you move it, and put it back in the original tank, you won't get your happiness rating back up. Great whites earn some pretty big bonus coins so they are worth having and selling once mature. They will only eat the adult fish when you have that tank open.

  13. Good blog. This is stated in this blog, but I just discovered this, so I will repeat it. I have created an elaborate tank using tons of coins buying decorations, coral, and plants. I put everything into one tank and now my happiness meter is almost full. I have 4 tanks and fill all with fish. This is time consuming but once the fish reach adulthood, I then remove the fish from the plain tanks by placing each fish in my inventory and place them in the decorated tanks one by one. Then I sell them one buy one. This is the best way to earn as many coins as possible.

  14. Please the sponge does not work on trash or oil, how do u get ride of it.

  15. how to get oil and trash out of a tank!?

  16. what is the max lvl in fish world?

  17. One thing people might try to get into an overloaded tank, is to RIGHT click anywhere on the fishword game, go down to quality, left click on quality then left click on low.
    It will reduce the resources used by the game and hopefully allow you to get into your tank and fix the problem you caused

  18. If you guys are trying to clean trash or oil, when the first window pops up, click share and continue. Then when the facebook window pops up, you can click skip if you didn't want to share it.

    If you cancel or X out of the first window that pops up, you will not be able to clean the trash or oil (or hooks)

  19. how can i earn easy fishbucks i want some sharks!?!?!?

  20. going on vacation. should I sell all my fish or is there a way to keep them alive?

  21. I just needed some fishbucks Help

  22. I have 2 questions about the last screenshot (the one where you get to buy fish eggs)...

    1) why are only 3 out of the 6 "fish" actual fish?
    2) How could one possibly buy an egg of awhale, which doesn't actually lay eggs?

  23. Kapersky reports a webpage trojan on your site - gee... uh.. thanks a heap.

  24. 4/30/2010 1:45:39 PM http://www.blogadvertisingstore.com/js/blogjs.php?blog_id=2016 Firefox Processing error: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer

  25. could you help me I cannot get my game to work it let me give stuff away and accept gifts but when i go into play and feed them it said it loaded and please wait but nothing happen, I even when to my friend fish tank and it does the same thing it loading please wait , Help me my fish are dying ....

  26. what is my problem I can give gift and accept them to , but I cannot get the game to load it say please wait it loading and nothing happen , and also if I go over to a friend computer I can see my tanks and so on what could be wrong ?

  27. if u want to steal a fish steal it at nigt times............
    so that they have slept and u can't sell it for 4 hours...........

  28. i keep getting error message when i try to steal a fish from neighbors tank does any one have any ideas please help

  29. I have seen other people's tanks where the Asian decorations: Zen Tower and Budah's actually "shoot fire" out ... I have the same Asian decorations with Asian music in the background, but mine do not shoot fire. HOW do I get mine to shoot fire?

  30. hi, i have tryed using the sponge to clean up garbage but it wont work, the sponge cleans up the algea no problem but i cant seem to shift the garbage. i have also tryed clicking on it and tapping it but it wont work, URGENT, so pleeeaaaseee help. thank-you

  31. Well For a while I could earn fishbucks just by signing up for something or applying for a credit score or insurance quote, that's how i got a lot of my FishBucks. So my question is how come we cannot do that anymore? Now the only way to obtain them is to buy them or when you go up a level etc.
    Why can't we earn them??? Thank you for your time


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