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Friday, September 4, 2009

Google PR Quest for Webbielady

Google PageRank or Google PR is such a difficult acquisition for this blog. Although it's been more than a year that this blog owns a PR of zero (NOT PR N/A), and is having at least 50 hits from Google searches, daily, it still looks different if this blog has more than "0" for a PR. Ever since, it's been a challenge for this very blog because my other blogs, such as this personal blog of mine, or this political and cultural blog, or even this latest creation of composition blog... Why is it so difficult for this WebbieStuff blog earning a good PR?

I don't believe that if one does a paid posting, the PR would suffer. My other blog, it used to have a PR of one and I did tons of paid posts and after a few months, it was awarded of PR 2. I can't just fathom the reason for this blog's stagnant Google PR. ANy clues and advice from you, my fellow blogger? I bet lots of you are much expert on this topic.

Any advice or any opinion or ideas is highly appreciated. I thank you in advance..


  1. I am not sure why your PR remains the same, just try to comment more on blogs and ah xchange links on blogs with same niche.

  2. From my knowledge, paid posts can really affect PR especially those that are blatantly sponsored.

    Also having some links with high PR sites might help.

  3. Hi webbie lady! Nice post. you are right sites that are connected with blogging, make money online will take more time to get any chance of improvement in google rankings. It's simple logic more the competion more the back links your blog should get.



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