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Saturday, September 19, 2009

€20 Away From Google Adsense Payout (Wishing for the best!)

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Crossing the fingers: that’s it! 20 more bucks and after a long period of perseverance, blog promotion, blogger’s block and many other stuff, if I can survive till this €20, then Google Adsense (GA) effort would pay off. I mean, it’s not a big earning per se’ but the fact that one has persevered for so long, has waited for so long, has made it after so long months, make the moment even more tasty… to “savor such moment is delicious!” It is still not so sure though, thus, still crossing the fingers much stronger to really receive this amount in the near future. Maybe that would be around 6-8 weeks based on normal statistics to have this €20 more to be earned.

Patience… patience and patience! That’s what it has to be. It would be almost a year since the ads were embedded/added and hopefully an earnings of approximately $100 or €70 will be earned before the ads will have its anniversary on the first month of 2010.
So how to earn? That question is difficult to answer from someone who has not “concretely” earned yet thus, wait a few weeks and once the earnings is in, that would be the ripe moment to share anything if there is something to earn. But for now, one thing is for sure: Being patient with Google adsense advertisements pay off in the long run! Just wait and sooner or later the account will have its withdrawable earning.

Patience is a virtue indeed and Google has made that very clear to its publishers. I feel it so strong. Wish me luck with my Adsense account and I wish yours great luck as well. Happy blogging and earning everyone!


  1. I'll be very interested to know when you get a check from Google Adsense. You really deserve it!

  2. Hi webbi lady it is good to hear that you are going to reach for payout. Hope you get there i felt the same thing when i was waiting for my first payout almost 2 years ago.



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