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Friday, September 4, 2009

Slatwalls and Internet: What's the Relevance?

The first time I heard about slatwall storage system, I wondered what it was.. And why am I posting it here? What's the relevance to this blog? Let me think how then... Actually, I was thinking about the power of the Internet these days. I was just talking to newly added friend in facebook and she mentioned about the power of the Internet, like everyone can be friends deeply without even meeting in person first. Isn't that amazing?

Going back to the story of slatwall stuff, I just used the power of the Internet in knowing what I want to discover. I just Googled the word and in few seconds, I have the image, the definition and many other useful information. Amazing, right?

However, not all contents of this so called WWW is so useful. I have to say there are so many craps and here and everyone needs to be careful. Scams, spams, false information, black propaganda, misleading stuff and many others. Can you imagine? Well, I do. I have met people who were scammed and that's the sad story.

Personally, I use Internet for the most positive thing I can. We have to understand however that others have varying opinion and can also see this article as crap, right?

Anyway, I am just contemplating on some online stuff. And now you see what came to my mind when I heard slatwalls? How about you? What comes to your mind when the word "rastaquouere" come across you? I am curious. :)


  1. i love internet...the good thing is u can online when u feel like and google stuff u dont know...like wiki or just google and if u have enough of virtual life and chats u can just tur off the pc/mac...u control it:)have a great weekend dear and happy blogging, love your articles and topics!!!

  2. Untrustworthy...that's what comes to my mind. So what exactly is Slatwall?


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