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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blogger Comments Disappearing?

Have you experienced this problem lately? Comments in your blog have been disappearing? I mean, you did not delete them, nor touch them nor did you do something yet they just disappear like smoke in thin air? If yes, around when? I am so curious to know as somefellow blogger buddies askedme if I have experienced the same and if I knowsomething about the problem. I would like to see what fellow bloggers are saying, or what is the solution when this happens. Can the lost comments be retrieved? I did my little research about this last night but I was not so successful to get the exact answer. Maybe you guys have beeteridea about this

I went to the bloggerblog and see if this isoneof the "Known Issues" happeninglately but I only saw problems with comments, where there was a bug, posted somewhere in May 2009. Thus, I assume that thisproblemis different. What exactly happened with the comment? How did it disappear? Here's the case of the fellow blogger who askedme:

1. The comment(s) was/were successfully posted as the blog owner doesnot approve them;
2. The commentor successfully saw/viewed that comment being published under the specific Blogger post;
3. After sometime, hours/day/days, the comment(s) cannot be seen anymore;
4. Theblog owner DID not delete such comment(s).

If you have any idea about this, please share.

I have searched some similar cases in online forum about this and saw some stuff. You may chech them yourself if you have similar problem, and maybe the answer to your Blogger comments disappearingproblem can be found in those discussions. Here are the links:

Don't forget to get back here and share your ideas. Let's help each other as fellow bloggers.


  1. oh my.. i didn't notice that....

  2. thanks dear! have a goooood weekend!:-)

  3. I haven't experienced this on either of my blogs. It would seem that this definitely isn't the first time this has happened (http://thewoundedbird.blogspot.com/2008/08/comments-disappear.html), but that doesn't mean the incidents are related. The linked blog does have a fix, but again I don't know if it will work for these problems.

    -The Evangelist

  4. hey sweety,
    have a great xmas break and enjoy italy!
    hugs from the Guadeloupe!

  5. yep happened to me yesterday. All but 3 comments are gone.

  6. happened to me too, if you know how to get them back, pls help

  7. Yes, mine disappeared also in thin air. People have commented and I have not even had a chance to read them. So my followers get disappointed and leave. This is really some bad shit happening. Is blogspot/blogger that bad?!

    Jan http://verderkijkendanjeneus.blogspot.com

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