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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wikipedia Donations with Appeal from Jimmy Wales: A Great Cause to Support

Wikipedia Affiliate Button
About the same period last year, as you can see here , Wikipedia has asked the public support in letting the site be free of advertisements yet full of useful information shared by the public. Once again, Wikipedia, through its founder, Mr. Jimmy Wales, is appealing to us for the same cause: a cause that is worth supporting... a cause to educate,to disseminate information andmany other causes. It's Christmas season after all and it's time to share. One good way is to donate. I did with a small amount that I could sharelast year and this year, I believe it is worth repeating the act.

wikipedia donations appeal by Jimmy Wales, This is where we protect Wikipedia, the encyclopedia written by the people. Wikipedia is a nonprofit project that exists for one reason: the free and open sharing of knowledge. Your donations keep Wikipedia going.

I do believe it is a great cause to support! Above you can see the Appeal page of the founder andbelow is the explanation where the money goes oncewedonate for this cause of the Wikimedia Foundation andall other information we may ask about Wikipedia/Wikimedia. I will be posting again once my donationis confirmed.

where wikipedia donations amount go to?

If you believe in the cause of the foundation, and/or if you want to share a little resource (any amount will do for a donation), simply click the "wiki forever" globe banner on the upper right side of this article.

Let's share the knowledge around, support Wikipedia's continued existence. Let's donate!


  1. i completely agree with you Roj, its a great thing to do and thanks for amking a blog post about it...i will support the cause too, i can not imagine world nowadays without wiki!
    enjoy the rest of your stay in calabria, Buon Natale+baci,
    Jana from Guadeloupe:)))

  2. What a great support to him, by you; you have made a special post for that :)

    Rajasthani Turbans


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