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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ikobo Experience: I Was ABle to Get a Refund!!!

I just used iKobo and I used my mastercard. I failed. I was blocked out of my account. My account was deleted.  After payment and verifying my account and sending all the information to Ikobo, copies of my credit card and identity card, I was not spared of the account deletion. I was shocked when I could not enter my account anymore: I was locked out! I contacted iKobo customer service and naturally demanded full refund.

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A screenshot of my conversation with ikobo personnel is presented below as well. My name was changed/covered digitally for privacy and security purposes...

I was not able to get 100% of my money but I was glad enough to be able to get around 97% of the amount. I was so glad!!!. I think the difference was in exchange rate fluctuation as my credit card account is in Euro currency while my transaction with Ikobo is in US dollar.

I am glad that I was not able to lost a lot of money but I am warning anyone around just to be careful. I will post here how I spoke/chatted with iKobo personnel and take note of the conversation: maybe it's with what I said that I was able to get a god refund in amtter of two working days.

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By the way, I tried to send money to my sister and we have similar sounding first name and the same last name. Thus, if indeed iKobo investigated, there would be no way that I was suspicious. That's a big point I want to emphasize.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

When Blog Marked as Spam in Blogger, What To Do?

One of my many blogs was blocked by Google or Blogger as it has been suspected as a spam! I was so afraid that I would lose that blog as it is one that I revived a month ago. I started that blog in February of 2008 and it has never been blocked or flagged as spam. The message to my email explains that someone might have flagged it mistakenly or it was wrongfully classified as a spam blog. I think if this happens to you, like me, your reaction would be the same: be anxious! But what I did to solve this problem and make my blog stay as a normal, healthy and undeleted blog? Just read on....

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I followed what was indicated in my dashboard which is to request review or else my blog would be deleted within 20 days! I was really frightened that all my personal and original input in that blog would be lost.

I requested for a blog review from Blogger and after less than 48 hours, the warning in my Dashboard disappeared and my blog stay intact. I am very thankful that my blog is still there, intact and not removed and it has been proven to be a legitimate blog with original content and NOT a spam blog. You can prove that if you try to see it as all my inputs there were posts from my personal exeriences that flow out of my heart.

spam blog, blog flagged as spam, flagged blog, blogger spam blog solution, spam blogger blog, flag spam blogsSince that notice has been lifted and my blog is doing great now, all I can say is, don't be afraid if this situation occurs to you and you know fully well that your blog is not a spam. Simply send a request for review to Blogger and in a matter of few hours, your blog would return to normal. Happy Blogging!

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