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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Advertising Gratis Online Using Google Adwords is Cool,Right?

how to get gratis or freebie adwords and advertising from googleGoogle Adwords is here again! And now, it’s not only €50,00 worth of advertising goodies and freebies but a whole good €75,00! Isn’t that amazing? It is at least $100 worth of free advertising if used! It’s like I just earned my second Google Adsense payout right after receiving the first adsense payout. I also got this similar freebie coupon last August of 2009 and that can you see my posting entitled, Free Google Adwords: Gratis Advertisement in Google. That time,I did not take the bait og Google Adwords (Netherlands) encouraging me to activate my account. I actually ignored the freebie of €50,00 six months ago. But things changed this time. I activated my account paying €10 activation fee. I will see what will become of this. I am not sure if the coupon is good enough and if I can useit. For sure I will share my experience here.

Gratis Google Adwords from Google

Why do I keep on receiving these offers? I think this must be for many reasons:

  • 1. The marketing team of Google Adwords Europe or Netherlands are active enough in encouraging people to use their products/services;
  • 2. I am so active with Google having various blogs using Google’s platform: Blogger;
  • 3. I am active with Google running their ads through Google Adsense and I already reaped the benefits here;
  • 4. I have interest in traffic-related ads and advertisement/advertising related promotions by visiting their site; and
  • 5. It can be just a normal stuff in Netherlands or can be also in whole Europe.
So here I am, I will check my account again if my payment has been credited. I was advised that activation of Google Adwords account can take from two (2) hours up to three (3) days. I am just crossing my fingers now that it would not take so long so that I can still play around with it while it is still weekend.

How to Get Free or Gratis Google Adwords

How about you guys? Have you received some freebie stuff as well? Please share so we can get some ideas from each other. I was actually hooked and now I will be surely spending bucks in favor of my Google Ads!

Advertise blogs and websites gratis with Google Adwords help


  1. Hi, Roj! Gush! That was a loooong blog hiatus. I missed you a lot! I haven't tried advertising in google although I think I did receive an email from Google Philippines. I was scared to get billed monthly. LOL

    I really don't know how this works kase. didn't take the time to read. ^^ what's up with ya?

  2. I keep receiving these vouchers but so far I haven't used one. Perhaps if I set up a web shop I'll give it a try.

  3. Hi John! Thanks for sharing your experience. My coupon just got validated, I will see soon if my ads are working.SO far,only one click was made from the ads I made and no time to make new campaigns yet. I just paid €10 to get this €75. Well,I have no time for traffic campaign so I will see. ^^

  4. Congratulations WebbieLady! I'm sure you're wise enough to use this in an optimum way :)

    I Can Make One Man Crowd

  5. Hallo Roj
    Interessant bedankt voor de informatie :-)

  6. Thank you everyone! Within 24 hours fromnow, I will be posting the result of this experiment, if it was good,ornotso good. So far my Eur 90 credit in Google Adwords is getting low. ^^ I think the results(s) forthis is really interesting!

  7. i never try google adwords maybe someday i will try it to be advertiser in google and hope it will be increase my traffic

  8. I didn't take part in this offer last year. I will wait and see how well it works for you.

  9. Adwords can help increase traffic as long as you know how to play with the right keywords.

  10. What a wonderful scenery is it! It will stay in my memory till death.



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