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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Create a Free or Gratis Blog? Opening a Blog Through Gmail/Google Account: Part II of Starting Blogging 101 Series

tutorial series on blogcreation and customization using free gratis blog platform bloggerBefore you can have that blog readily set and available online, you need to do a few things. Since we agreed that we do this tutorial or we make your blog with Google by using a Google account, you would need a Google account then. If you already have one, like a Gmail account or any other Google related service account, you may use that same username and password when using the Blogger blog platform. Or, at your option, you may open a Google account separately only for your blog(s). So here we are, we will open an account in Google to be used and this will serve as a demonstration here on how to have a blog and how to make them beautiful later on. Yes, customization will be covered in this step-by-step tutorial on how to create and customize a blog for free.

I advice you to read the following and see the video FULLSCREEN to fully see the details.
  • 1. Let us open an account through Gmail.com. Gmail or Googlemail is owned by Google and if we have Gmail account, we can directly access Blogger (www.blogger.com, the website where we can create free or gratis blogs) from there just by using a Gmail account, using exactly the same username and password.
  • 2. After we have an account, let us start creating a blog from there (this is partly covered in the following video but a detailed one is posted together with the next article). Of course as I do this step-by-step tutorial, we use a dummy account and all the data here are for tutorial purposes only. Customize your own blog as much as you want as you go along and as you learn more.
  • 3. See the attached video on how to do it exactly. I suggest read this whole article first and view the video in full screen as it is difficult to see if not in full screen mode. Good luck!

Now that you have a Google account, the following video in the following post shows how to create a blog using the Google Blooger’s platform. The next post and video will dwell on the details. We will start from the basic here and we will go on smoothly to the customization of blog from layout to templates to sizing, etecetera.

It is good to take note though that we better make a sample post in order for us to see how these posts appear really in our blogs. I suggest first writing your draft blog post offline and carefully editing it (by utilizing spelling checker and the likes) before putting it in your blog and to finally publish such article. This can save you time and trouble and if you save your article in your hard drive, it will be still available even if you accidentally delete this post in your blog later on or even if Blogger or your computer crashes in the middle of posting such article.


  1. just want to say, thanks for dropping by and reading my blog post :-)

  2. Hi Cecile! No worries, I love reading and commenting around.

  3. thanks for the tips, creating a new blog right away :D

  4. lovely done, its great the way you explain with the video...it looks like u are having toms of fun!
    keep it up:)))

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