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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introduction: How to Create Free or Gratis Blog? Part I to Starting Blogging 101 Series

complete tutorial on creating or to create free or gratis blogBlogging has a lot of good sides. To be fair enough, I have to warn you that it has bad sides also. I have been blogging since 2007 and I never get tired of it. The only good thing is, I have matured in this thing that now I learned how to set my priorities and enjoy life out of the virtual world. What I mean to say here is that, blogging still pulls me to sit, especially that I have more than 15 blogs to take care of but I know now when to stop, go out for a walk or do my short indoor exercises.

Before I lay down here the complete process on how to blog, I have to give the advantages that blogging has given me:
  • 1. It made me see others' views and helped me having a wide/broad mind;
  • 2. It relaxes me after work;
  • 3. It makes me practice writing, thus improving it;
  • 4. I socialize (virtually) with tons of other bloggers from all over the world;
  • 5. I learn a lot of things along the way (html coding, laying out of page, creativity, etc);
  • 6. Not me personally but for teens, blogging can be a good diversion to teenagers, instead of hanging out at night, smoking, drinking, etcetera, why not blog?;
  • 7. I enjoy it as I love publishing my thoughts and sharing them to/with others; and
  • 8. I earn from it (not millions but it gives a sense of achievement by doing the thing I love and at the same time get financial returns for it…)
and what are the disadvantages that I see from blogging? It is:
  • 1. Addicting. You may find yourself hurrying online in wee hours and abandon your “real priorities”;
  • 2. Time consuming. Before you know it the night is over;
  • 3. Causes you to be virtual being; you have your blog(s) and you're contented, thus you think that outside world is not needed (obviously this is very unhealthy attitude);
  • 4. Can be frustrating especially when your efforts seem to not bearing fruits...but I say, be patient. You can feel this when you don’t get enough traffic in your blog, not as much comment as you want or not as enough earnings as you planned;
  • 5. Makes you an extremely introvert being. Yes, you can do all electronically but it diminishes your real power to communicate personally as you interact less and less with other people. What I say, just make it a hobby and NOT a living;
  • 6. Can be worthless. Why are you doing it for anyway? You must have strong reason and when you are feeling frustrated, get back to your basic motives and you will be inspired again;
  • 7. Can cause you a lot of trouble: late for school or work, sleepiness, tiredness, attitude problems, waste of time, frustrations, and if you are not careful, lawsuits!
I realized the both sides of the coin but my decision was, and still is, pro blogging. I still blog and I have at least 15 blogs that I try to maintain posting to them at least one (some can have 10-15 posts in a month). Why is that? You will understand later as I give this whole series on blogging and how to create a blog from the very beginning.

This is only the first part of the series. The next post, series 2 will be available in a day or couple of days. Just watch out. Subscribe to my feed if you don't want to miss it...or better, subscribe through email or bookmark this blog. The series on how to blog will be walking you through from opening a blog through Google to laying-out designs and backgrounds to making a few cents through Google Adsense. Screenshots and or videos will be utilized to properly share with you how it is done. Yes, we use free Google’s blog platform called Blogger and as I said you can have it for free; it is gratis! Unless you want a private domain, which costs $10 from Blogger, you have nothing to worry of. Starting a blog costs your time and effort but no money so far. I myself, with more than 10 blogs, pay only for two of them (at my own choice) and that is very affordable.

It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons now and decide whether you'd blog or not. Or at least give it a try anyway and see how it's going to.

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  1. This is a great post! There needs to be balance when interacting online...not only in the blogging world but also in the chat board/forum world.


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