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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Updated Blogs and New Look for Most of Them: How to Customize Layout and Templates in Blogger

blog update caricature and imageIn 36 hours I made big changes in 4 of my many blogs (Ican’t count how many they are as ofnow,I willpost about them in the future). I fixed their layouts and I was able to write at least 5 articles in some of my many blogs and save at least 10 of schedule posts in the future. I am glad for this update because my blogs are quite abandoned now considering I don’t have the luxury of time to spend with them. I do love blogging, writing my ideas, putting them online for the record and sometime in the future take a peek back and see “how or what it was” on a certain period in the past. Lovely right?

screenshot of when i wander blog at http://www.webloglearner.com
My personal blog (I love red) called "When I Wander" found at http://www.webloglearner.com. This blog contains personal updates, nothing serious... Google PR is 2.

screenshot of a few travels explorations and observations blog found at http://www.travels-explorations.blogspot.com
My travel blog, not that updated, called "A Few Travels, Explorations, Observations, etc" found at http://www.travels-explorations.blogspot.com. This blog contains travel related stuff but I always miss on logging stuff on time... Google PR is NA.

screenshot of the political opinion blog for filipinos i love philippines too found at http://www.ilovephilippinestoo.blogspot.com
My political and cultural (Philippines), not that updated, called "I Love Philippines Too" found at http://www.ilovephilippinestoo.blogspot.com. This blog contains political opinions, Filipino-related ideas, and most are Philippineof Filipino related. This is my first blog ever. It has a Google PR of 3.

screenshot for food and leisure blog named enjoy food and life found at http://www.enjoy-food-life-goodness.blogspot.com/
This used to be a health blog but I transformed it to food and lifestyle blog called "Enjoy Food and Life". It can be found at http://www.enjoy-food-life-goodness.blogspot.com. The Google PR of this is at the moment NA.

Below are the screenshots of my updated blogs. I did them very quickly and the great news is that blogger offers this possibility now. I am very thankful! So how did I customize all these blogs with these changes? How I suit them with their respective themes and/or with my taste and personality? I will explain also here (next post) the possibility of various layouts, templates, backgrounds and customization tips I did for my blogs. I will be sharing screenshots and instructions for everyone. For now, I am happy sharing with you the results on my own blogs.


  1. btw, cant wait to learn some more things from U:)))

  2. they look great!!!i am so happy you ar back on the blogging scene:)))
    enjoy the looooooong weekend!

  3. oh wow...i have been noticing that you have created more and more blogs... glad that you handle it pretty well


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