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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Blogger Design Tutorial Using New Blogger Tools: Part IV of Starting Blogging 101 Series

new blogger templates tutorial and techniques
In my post here, I mentioned about the new looks of some or most of my themed blogs. How I did it? It was actually quick and fun. It was all made possible by Blooger itself as it offered all the tools and design and all I did was choose from all the available resources that Blogger offered to its users. It's very easy and quick to use. The following video was released by Blogger to summarize it all. See also other articles about blogging, the links and titles are provided at the bottom of this article.

Do you want to customize your blog too to suit your theme or your personality? Now that's more possible than ever! I would like to share another video on the customizing itself as I had my own tutorial too long and when I uploaded it in youtube, it was deleted :( as it was more than the 10-minute limit so I have to reedit it before sharing ( I don'tknow when I will have time) but for the meantime, this video here don't hurt.

Good luck with your blog (Blogger) customization. I love how many options you can have from this new (latest) blogger resources:

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