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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Funny Halloween Prank Video-WebbieLady's Halloween Special Post

Don't be Scared! Instead, Have some good chuckle! Happy Haloween Everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Better Alexa Traffic Rank: Goal Week 43. Help....!

alexa traffic ranking, website traffic promotionI don't want this website or blog to just die or be "dead". However, at this very moment, my Alexa traffic meter says it is over a millionth rank and that is really lousy! Thus, my aim this weekend is to promote this blog to go down at least to be in 6 digits rank rather than 7. I do hope I can achieve this goal I set. It is Friday night and I still have more than 24 hours to work on it before it is Sunday (week 43). Lucky thing Alexa really updates its site traffic meter almost daily (or more often than that) as I can really see changes.

What's a traffic for me?

Being in a blog with a niche like this one, about computers and internet, website traffic is very important. I feel like my blog is dead if my rank is too far behind. Thus, I am working on it. Not to mention my Google or Adsense CPC would be more affordable or CPM would improve.

6 digit or better alexa traffic rank

If you would like to help me, please click 2 titles or any internallink from here or of any post I did and that is a very BIG help already. Just let me know if you want me to return the favor. Happy weekend fellas!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3D Printer, What's Your View? Soon We Can Print Our Own Ferrari!

3D printer and consLast week, I was watching a lot of videos relating to the 3D printers. It makes print-outs in three dimensions as the name suggests. But more than a 3D, I can tell it can be better called computer-sculpture. Anyway, it seems that sculpting would be soon extinct! Why? Because Computer Assisted Designs are there and now they can be reproduced via these 3D printers as well. Individuals can have these printers too and the products are quite useful. My only worry is, would'nt this be like a waste of resources? I mean, if we have it, we are encouraged to simply print the figure we like and just throw what we think is "old" or "out-of-fashion". As usual, heavy consumerism and so much use of resources for no good reason.What do you think?

The following video shows the printing of a statue, scaled down to a printable/desired size.

Taking acomment from one of the videos, "One day you could buy a 3D printer that could print you a Porsche car, with steel rims and spoiler... ..and probably a girl along.."--- wouldn't that be great?

Anothercomment for the first video above says: "The Model was 180mm tall (7 Inches) and it took about 12 hours to print, I find it amusing how we can accept a sculptor taking weeks to sculpt something like this, but as soon as a machine is involved we expect it to be instant. :)"...

However, if we have this printer at our disposal, a lot of things can indeed be produced at our own convenience. Life is getting more andmore convenient and Ido hope our resources can sustain it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cool Animation About Internet

People are so talented. This animation is cool! Bad thing there is no ending or conclusion for the video. Maybe I will be able to locate it tomorrow. Cool stuff from talented people. Kudos to the creator of this and submitted this to share to us. In case you watched this and you're able to locate the continuation of the animation, could you please share the exact url where you got it? Thanks in advance and do enjoy watching.... and grinning...or laughing. Or even remembering someone you know who likes to play tricks to others just like the guy in the animated video.... pretending to be a fat lady. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dot: World's (Guinnes Book Certified) Smallest Stop Motion Character, the Making

Shooting only four seconds of footage per day, the team worked painstakingly to produce the movie. Rather than create a model for the lead character which could be manipulated (a la Wallace and Gromit), the team instead created 50 versions of her. Each Dot model started life as a sketch on paper which was then turned into a 3D render before being printed on a 3D printer. The models were then attached to a metal rod before being painted – the artist involved in painting basically couldn’t speak or breath as he applied his brushstrokes to the 9mm high models of Dot.-JBC@ Nokia Conversations
the making of Dot, the worlds smallest cartoon character, smaller than thumbelina

As pormised in my previous post entitled, Dot: The World's Smallest Cartoon... Simply Amazing!, I am sharing also how this Certified by the Book of Guinness World Records as the smallest stop motion ever was created.

I was so amazed by this whole story that I tried tracing the story behind it. Overall, I find the following simply amazing:
1. The whole effort (the resources, efforts, the team working, etc...etc...);
2. The creators could complete only 4 seconds (of the motion picture) average a day???? Wow!
3. The work was a success!
4. Dot's here! She struggling for survival but she's so cute!

I don't care about the commercial or marketing impact or concept behind this thing/character but the idea and the success of the creation is just something very interesting. Technology is really something!

Here we are, see the story of Dot's making..

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