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Sunday, October 17, 2010

3D Printer, What's Your View? Soon We Can Print Our Own Ferrari!

3D printer and consLast week, I was watching a lot of videos relating to the 3D printers. It makes print-outs in three dimensions as the name suggests. But more than a 3D, I can tell it can be better called computer-sculpture. Anyway, it seems that sculpting would be soon extinct! Why? Because Computer Assisted Designs are there and now they can be reproduced via these 3D printers as well. Individuals can have these printers too and the products are quite useful. My only worry is, would'nt this be like a waste of resources? I mean, if we have it, we are encouraged to simply print the figure we like and just throw what we think is "old" or "out-of-fashion". As usual, heavy consumerism and so much use of resources for no good reason.What do you think?

The following video shows the printing of a statue, scaled down to a printable/desired size.

Taking acomment from one of the videos, "One day you could buy a 3D printer that could print you a Porsche car, with steel rims and spoiler... ..and probably a girl along.."--- wouldn't that be great?

Anothercomment for the first video above says: "The Model was 180mm tall (7 Inches) and it took about 12 hours to print, I find it amusing how we can accept a sculptor taking weeks to sculpt something like this, but as soon as a machine is involved we expect it to be instant. :)"...

However, if we have this printer at our disposal, a lot of things can indeed be produced at our own convenience. Life is getting more andmore convenient and Ido hope our resources can sustain it!


  1. so how much money should spent to got this printer??
    Just curious!
    Thanks for info and the video!

    all the best,

  2. That's what we need at work, should only print faster

  3. 3d printer sounds fun, but i'm sure its also sounds too expensive huh.... i just googled it... i don't remember the website but i'll look into it and i'll tell u what is the page...

    thanks i love it too, that's why i put it on

  4. @Jolly Princess,
    Indeed, I agree.

    @Nensa Moon,
    Nova just answered you.

  5. @Filip,
    That would be cool!

    They should be.... they are little factory...

  6. I think being able to print a "model" will be a real innovative boost to how businesses operate.

  7. @ VetTech,

    That is a great idea. I actually wasnot able to think about it, I am not that visionary.... but your idea is amazing! Indeed, that would really be cool to have models for products. Much better than images...

  8. is it really possible? i don't really see the purpose of sculpture making machine, i don't in the future.
    poor sculptor then, and one field of art will be gone: sculpture.


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