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Friday, October 22, 2010

Better Alexa Traffic Rank: Goal Week 43. Help....!

alexa traffic ranking, website traffic promotionI don't want this website or blog to just die or be "dead". However, at this very moment, my Alexa traffic meter says it is over a millionth rank and that is really lousy! Thus, my aim this weekend is to promote this blog to go down at least to be in 6 digits rank rather than 7. I do hope I can achieve this goal I set. It is Friday night and I still have more than 24 hours to work on it before it is Sunday (week 43). Lucky thing Alexa really updates its site traffic meter almost daily (or more often than that) as I can really see changes.

What's a traffic for me?

Being in a blog with a niche like this one, about computers and internet, website traffic is very important. I feel like my blog is dead if my rank is too far behind. Thus, I am working on it. Not to mention my Google or Adsense CPC would be more affordable or CPM would improve.

6 digit or better alexa traffic rank

If you would like to help me, please click 2 titles or any internallink from here or of any post I did and that is a very BIG help already. Just let me know if you want me to return the favor. Happy weekend fellas!


  1. Hi Wibbie,
    For me myself, I don't too care about alexa..
    I do blogging just for fun... not burdened by the alexa which often up and down and make frustrating ...

    I'll click 2 title for your alexa, webbie!!
    Happy weekend!

  2. For me, blogging is just for fun. when you write an interest article I think your site will get more trafic. and when you have get more traffic I think you will get easy alexa rank you want

    Success for you!

  3. I am sure you will improve your ranking and go below 1.000.000. The problem is to get below 700K, I have been trying a long time but get stock between 700 and 800 all time. I am even almost above 800k now.


  4. @ Nensa,
    I actually still look at Alexa though it isnot a perfect measure, I still enjoy knowing i have a good rating.

    @ Free Nokia Themes,
    Blogging alone is indeed enough fun already but having more or better position or stuff does not hurt.

  5. @ Filip,

    I reached 70K before but that was like more thank a year ago.... :( It was a great thing and experience to have such a very good traffic.

  6. Great articles here, all I need to know.

  7. sorry to share my opinion with you guys...but hey, I enjoy blogging without alexa and other ranking machines, etc...
    ok, i am flattered by my PR3...and even more flattered every time i see my visitors and read my comments...so dont stress abot the rest dear WebLady:-)))

  8. Getting good numbers of traffic is not an easy task. But its okay, I enjoy reading posts from blogger friends. That of course includes your blog. Happy blogging. :)

  9. I hope you achieved what you wanted ..
    all the best with it ..

    i myself dont go with the numbers .. well end of the day they are just a number ...

    Bikram's Blog

  10. @List of SEO Blog,
    come back from time to time then.:)

    @ Jana, Out of my 15 to 30 blogsmaybe, this is theonly one I work with traffic. As traffic is NOT a goodmeasure of a blog or site, NEITHERis the googlePR actually. Thus, agoodmixof twodoes not hurt.50 Google referred visits here on adaily basis is not bad actually to start with.

    @Jolly Princess,
    Thank you for the kind words and for the support. I actually read your posts as well.I learn alot plus it gives me the image of ourinang bayan. :)

    Very well achieved and improving... Forme numbers say something. They are NOT just numbers to me to be honest that's why I put them into consideration.

  11. so, i am curious:) did your alexa-ranking increased after this blog about?:-)
    and thanks for your answer on the topic i have touched on in my previous mail...

  12. I had Alexa counter before but took it out because my blog was too far behind. (lol) It is a nice idea though to be concerned about blog ranking.


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