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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dot: World's (Guinnes Book Certified) Smallest Stop Motion Character, the Making

Shooting only four seconds of footage per day, the team worked painstakingly to produce the movie. Rather than create a model for the lead character which could be manipulated (a la Wallace and Gromit), the team instead created 50 versions of her. Each Dot model started life as a sketch on paper which was then turned into a 3D render before being printed on a 3D printer. The models were then attached to a metal rod before being painted – the artist involved in painting basically couldn’t speak or breath as he applied his brushstrokes to the 9mm high models of Dot.-JBC@ Nokia Conversations
the making of Dot, the worlds smallest cartoon character, smaller than thumbelina

As pormised in my previous post entitled, Dot: The World's Smallest Cartoon... Simply Amazing!, I am sharing also how this Certified by the Book of Guinness World Records as the smallest stop motion ever was created.

I was so amazed by this whole story that I tried tracing the story behind it. Overall, I find the following simply amazing:
1. The whole effort (the resources, efforts, the team working, etc...etc...);
2. The creators could complete only 4 seconds (of the motion picture) average a day???? Wow!
3. The work was a success!
4. Dot's here! She struggling for survival but she's so cute!

I don't care about the commercial or marketing impact or concept behind this thing/character but the idea and the success of the creation is just something very interesting. Technology is really something!

Here we are, see the story of Dot's making..


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