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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Old to New Blog Design and Better Traffic Achieved

After having the "old" layout and design, the WebbieStuff blog has finally changed its image. With the super improved blogger designing tool, the options were too wide for all combination of this blog's new look. It took so much time before your Webbielady was complete with the whole change. This is the downside of having so many choices that choosing has became a task as well. All the same, it was very difficult to achive a better looking blog and to have it does not lose its theme and impact. All the same, the final output, having it in green, is not really satisfying. Maybe soon it will have another look again.

As previously posted, WebbieStuff was on a better traffic quest. In this regard, I would like to thank those who have helped me with my blog traffic: my blog visitors and friends. The Webbiestuff was able to achieve that goal: the traffic rank that your Webbielady has for this blog is far way better than 1 millionth rank. In fact, it is strongly expected that by Monday, week 46, this blog will have a traffic rank of better than 500, 000th place per Alexa.

Webbielady's Traffic Rationale
Indeed, if you can see here, many commented that traffic is only secondary (or even irrelevant) to the idea of blogging. Most noted that they don't care at all. Indeed that is true! We all have different reasons and different goals for our respective blogs.

Having mentioned that we have relative wants and goals, and from your Webbielady who has at least 20 different blogs of various goals, I have to tall that for THIS particular WebbieStuff blog, having a good deal of traffic is one of its main goals.

Thus, whaever your goal in blogging is, just be happy, continue blogging and let's all create a happy and fun virtual community.


  1. Right, blogging enables me to communicate with friends throughout the whole wide world. Seems I would like to plant a kiss on the check of whoever invented this blogging idea. :♥)

  2. lovely post! CONGRATS on the traffic ranking at Alexa....happy sunday+happy blogging!
    P.S. i love the green, it gives a fresh feeling:)

  3. Hi Webbie,
    Congrats for your new blog design and also for your alexa..

    I've already read your message sent by JollyPrincess, thanks for inform it to me, so I've finally know now why some of my bloggies friend can't leave a comment on my site or even open my site...
    I've already try to fix the problem.. so if you still couldn't access my site.. pls let me know at nensa111@gmail.com

    Hope you're doing fine along this time.

  4. girl, i love the new color....

  5. I like your new look. Makes me want to redecorate.:)
    Congrats on your ranking!!! Sometimes I care about my traffic and sometimes I don't.LOL!

  6. Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas. I highly appreciate them. Happy Blogging to all of you!


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