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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Advertising Gratis Online Using Google Adwords is Cool,Right?

how to get gratis or freebie adwords and advertising from googleGoogle Adwords is here again! And now, it’s not only €50,00 worth of advertising goodies and freebies but a whole good €75,00! Isn’t that amazing? It is at least $100 worth of free advertising if used! It’s like I just earned my second Google Adsense payout right after receiving the first adsense payout. I also got this similar freebie coupon last August of 2009 and that can you see my posting entitled, Free Google Adwords: Gratis Advertisement in Google. That time,I did not take the bait og Google Adwords (Netherlands) encouraging me to activate my account. I actually ignored the freebie of €50,00 six months ago. But things changed this time. I activated my account paying €10 activation fee. I will see what will become of this. I am not sure if the coupon is good enough and if I can useit. For sure I will share my experience here.

Gratis Google Adwords from Google

Why do I keep on receiving these offers? I think this must be for many reasons:

  • 1. The marketing team of Google Adwords Europe or Netherlands are active enough in encouraging people to use their products/services;
  • 2. I am so active with Google having various blogs using Google’s platform: Blogger;
  • 3. I am active with Google running their ads through Google Adsense and I already reaped the benefits here;
  • 4. I have interest in traffic-related ads and advertisement/advertising related promotions by visiting their site; and
  • 5. It can be just a normal stuff in Netherlands or can be also in whole Europe.
So here I am, I will check my account again if my payment has been credited. I was advised that activation of Google Adwords account can take from two (2) hours up to three (3) days. I am just crossing my fingers now that it would not take so long so that I can still play around with it while it is still weekend.

How to Get Free or Gratis Google Adwords

How about you guys? Have you received some freebie stuff as well? Please share so we can get some ideas from each other. I was actually hooked and now I will be surely spending bucks in favor of my Google Ads!

Advertise blogs and websites gratis with Google Adwords help

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wikimedia Annual Report Shared to Its Donors and to Everyone!

wikimedia logo and wikipedia annual report noticeletter
I feel so proud receiving such e-mail I copied from my mailbox. Donating a small amount when Wikipedia asked for it this year, 2010. I don't actually remember receiving a similar one when I did also donate for the same Wikipedia cause of maintaining the site without ads in 2009. This year is different. Aside from the usual acknowledgment and gratefulness note, I also received the message I quoted below. Long live Wikipedia and I do hope your goal of sharing information to the whole world is fulfilled. Take note of the mentioned links; if you are interested, I am sharing this to all of you.

Dear rojen,

Earlier this month, we completed the most successful fundraiser in the
history of Wikipedia. In total, we received more than USD 8 million from over
230,000 donors. Thank you so much for your generosity.

We're also grateful to our foundation supporters this year, including the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Omidyar Network, Stanton Foundation, and
the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

This was the most successful fundraiser for our international
chapter organizations, who received more than USD 1.8 million in donations.
Our chapters support Wikimedia's work on the ground in 27 countries or
regions, and are our partners in many international projects.

Today, I am very pleased to share with you our Annual Report for the
time period of July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009. During that time:

* Wikipedia and its sister projects grew by 1.6 billion words and 1.8
million media files.
* We expanded our global readership to more than 300 million visitors
per month.
* We launched initiatives to substantially improve Wikipedia's ease of use.
* We continued to invest in operations infrastructure and innovative
* We began developing new partnerships to increase Wikipedia's quality.

For details, I encourage you to review our Annual Report, which
also includes our audited financials:


Wikimedia is a unique global movement to share the world's knowledge,
to deepen our understanding of the world and each other. Thank you
again for being part of our story.

Sue Gardner
Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation

- - -

* To donate: http://donate.wikipedia.org
* Wikimedia Blog: http://blog.wikimedia.org
* Technology Blog: http://techblog.wikimedia.org
* Financial information:
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