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Thursday, March 18, 2010

100K Page Hits, Website Traffic and Bounce Rates

After having ignored this blog for days (weeks or even months), I was able to check(finally)it today and at least look at its health. It's having a real bad health indeed and this is not agood indication of what and how this blog should be. On the other hand, however, it's reaching it's 100 thousandth page view, I think before midnight this 18th of March. If I should have given more attention to my blogging, I could have given agood deal of fun stuff about it with my many blogging buddies around whether creating a contest or celebrating the "milestone" that this blog has reached so far (not that far of course.

100K Page Hits, Website Traffic and Bounce Rates article
Screenshot of my blog with 99,770 page views while it has 70,700 visits! Very high bounce rate!

Looking at the 99 thousandth 900 something page hits or page views in this blog is not that all good news. I have realized that my bump rate is really very very high! What does this mean? This means a lot of things to me and all "not good things", unfortunately.

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What doesbump rate mean? Why do I hate having a high bump rate? This actually means the following tome:

1. Rejection
2. Not interesting
3. Irrelevant
4. Nonsense
5. Lousy blog (not good layout, boring, not having a good presentation, etc)!

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As defined by Wikipedia,"Bounce rate is a term used in web site traffic analysis. It essentially represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who "bounce" away to a different site, rather than continue on to other pages within the same site." In this context, I actually generalize the bouncing rate and exit rate as one (so long as the visitor go away frommy site).

Ever since, I want to have at least 1:2 ratio of visit and page views but it's not very simple. It takes timeand thinking to do that. Exchange traffic sites do not help andI have to admit that Igot a big chunk of my traffic before from traffic exchange engines. Now, I have almost quitted but I am still a member. If given the chance, I would instead create searcheable posts that triggers a longer lasting benefit to the blog and of course, to the blog owner.

My web site traffic has been suffering badly as well. Now I only get an average of 90-130 visits a day I think and this is no good at all. The good news? I donot manually promote the blog now and these traffic are mostly from search engines. This means that at least,I saved some time.

I would not go back seriously to traffic exchange anymore unless there is one that tries to erase the bounce rate.

To conclude, I have the 10K page views, not so bad search engine results but still very high bounce rate. What do I conclude from this? My blog niche isbloggingand internet. Competition in this niche is harshso I just stay put despite this thing. I still have reader after all and that's what matters.
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