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Monday, January 17, 2011

Google Page Rank Achievement 3

blogging success, SEOI looked at my archived articles and happy to see that 2011 is my fourth year of blogging! Wow! I did not notice I became old that fast! Four years! Wow! In these four years, this blog never was awarded any Google Page Rank higher than zero. When I checked yesterday and realized that it has a PR of 3, I was just grinning. After 3 years, I never imagined this blog to actually receive it. Anyway, I will just consider it as a nice new year's present.

This is my second blog to receive a PRof 3. Now it is a challenge to me as a blogger to achieve something better than 3. Will I,as a Webbielady, be able to achieve it?

What does it mean to me to have a higher PR? Good feeling of course! Nothing important but a feeling of fulfillment as a blogger is surely in the air. And I am sure that you, who reads this article, feel the same thing.

It may mean also more visitors if Google will be generous enough to make my posts go in front of search engines search results. However, around 30 searches received daily with a PR of zero is already good enough for me.

Finally, I am just glad for this unexpected blessing and inpiration. So long bloggers!


  1. Congrats to your blog rank. Maybe I could try using this widget to monitor my blog rank, too.

  2. CONGRATS!!!! these are excellent news and great present indeed:-)))
    keep up the happy feeling...

  3. Thanks JP and Jana! Indeed! After so many months i have it! Just great feeling-

  4. Sounds great, congrats, right now I'm in PG 2 but I wonder why I can't reach the PG 3... :S


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