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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top 2010 Blog Earnings

I saw some very general yet reawakening video today about earning online. The video quality is really good and it has a different opinion from what I have. I mean, I like to see something from someone else's point of view thus I share this video too for those who googled or searched earnings in blog. Well, if one can earn from his or her blog, why not? Right? No one says to extra cold cash I think.

As an inspiration, let's see some real good earners in blogging for 2010.

top 2010 blog earnersSome Top Adsense Earning Bloggers of 2010 are:

Amit Agarwal who blogs at Labnol.org – Digital Inspiration: A Technology Blog on Software and Web Applications with estimated Annual Google Adsense Earnings: $525,000

Maki from DoshDosh.com with estimated Anual Google Adsense Earnings: $185,000

Danny Sullivan from SearchEngineLand.com with estimated Annual Google Adsense Earnings:$685,000

Tim Carter showcases of AskTheBuilder.com with estimated Annual Google Adsense Earnings: $90,000

Aren't these bloggers awesome in their earning and marketing capacities? Naturally they did not do it overnight: they must have brilliant ideas and these ideas brought intoaction. Don't despair folks, happy blogging!


  1. this is really inspiring, thanks for sharing

  2. @ Nova

    Indeed Novs they are inspiring but also not easy to achieve...

  3. Hai there..Thanks for your comments on my blog.Sorry for late reply....No, I don't catch the birds..It was Polish workers..


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