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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wikipedia Thanks Donors: Message from Founder Jimmy Wales

wikipedia success for ten yearsThis year, when wikipedia had its campaign for donations, I have to admit that it was not simple. I got like three emails for donating despite the fact that I donated upon first notice. It was because the goal amount was not reached right away. It was really good at the end that the goal was achieved andnow Wikipedia can continue its good purpose! Thanks to donors, supporters and those who share knowledge/information via this wiki!

Cheers and more success to Wikimedia Foundation and to Wikipedia! Congratulations! Ten years of independent existence and success is a decade of excellence!

Below is a quoted text from the Founder.


Every year the Wikimedia Foundation sets a goal that it knows will be a stretch. They have to do it, because the Wikimedia websites and movement keep growing. Wikipedia is now the fifth most visited website in the world, but our staff, infrastructure and budget are just a fraction of any other top 10 website's.

Every year, the world comes together to support Wikipedia and its sister sites. Our very first fundraiser was just a community effort to buy a volunteer—who later became our first CTO—a much-needed new laptop.

But this year is a little more incredible than most because this year we celebrate Wikipedia's tenth anniversary. It's so important that we kick the year off just like this: by fully funding the Wikimedia Foundation's budget to support Wikipedia and all the sister projects as we head into the next decade of our work together.

Even though we raised more this year than any other year—$16 million—it was also the shortest fundraiser we've ever had.

I've got a few more statistics for you:

Over 500,000 donations to the Wikimedia Foundation.
Almost 130,000 donations to the local Wikimedia chapters world-wide.
Two of the largest fundraising days in Wikipedia history.
Average donation size: about $22.
This fundraiser had all the ingredients of what we love about Wikimedia projects: people come together, contribute what they have, and together we do something amazing. The contribution of a technology worker in Mumbai, India joins with the contribution of a stock broker from London, and of a student in Moscow, and the result is that we're able to sustain and support this joint endeavor for another year.

So now, we'll celebrate.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the more than 100,000 active volunteers,
thank you.

Jimmy Wales
Wikipedia founder


  1. you are sooo right...i cant imagine world nowadays without wiki:-)))its a great friend, translator, company!!!we need it:-)

  2. About having it as a "need" I am not so sure but having it around really makes life easier.... "it is a good place to start"- that's how i see it.


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