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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing Reviews for Some of My Online Purchases: Online Shoppers Helping Each Other

I've been fond of purchasing online ever since I learned using the Internet. It gives freedom, excitement, and good deals most of the time. I used ebay back in thePhilippines and now that I am in Europe, I cannot count anymore the number of online purchases or online shopping and online stores I have done transaction with.
What I find very interesting about online shopping is the fact that customers are often given the freedom to have feedback. I have to be honest that I am greatly influenced by feedbacks. I buy stuff online only if the seller has very good rating and the item itself is rated very good if not excellent.

In this regard, I also made a few reviews, maybe someday I will do to the rest, over the purchases I have made lately or before. It is fun sharing experiences and expressing your satisfaction or discontentment over something. It is even more satisfying to know that some people rely on what you share and decide with their purchases by reading what you experienced.

Below are some of my reviews. I do hope this can help other Amazon Users and prospective customers. Soon, I will make reviews out of other products and sites I transacted with for my online purchases. ENjoy online shopping everyone!


  1. hey, really cool blog! i love also to be able to read other users feedback before i purchase ...although there is nothing better than spending hours in a good book store and going trough real paper pages;-)))

  2. hala this is soo good. although the second language that i have to learn here in US is spanish mostly people speaks that language eh... but thanks for the helpful reviews..

  3. @Jana,
    The problem is, not all the books I like to have...or I need to have can be found in the bookstore.. and honestly the price is like a third at amazon and still I save even with the shipping and handling cost.

    Languages are fun and very good investments. Spanish is helpful everywhere, they have many countries where people speak the language. Smart choice, girl!


  4. Nice blog! Keep working like this!

  5. I also like to buy on internet a lot, on ebay specially because I fing good sales all the time, curiously just when I need haha anyway but for new stuff I prefer amazon but also have to wait more for expensive products on the black friday every year.

  6. This is a great idea because I think that all of them have to help others in order to increase their incomes specially when we're talking about pharmacy.


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