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Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Cover Art and Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Google and nature. In fact, I should make it a habit to click the featured image of Google each day. They are actually always informative and very interesting. Today, I was attracted to the graphics and clicked it.... and voila! It's earth day. I was soon in the earth day org network reading around and watching videos. What have I harvested? Pledges, promotions, and everything about taking care of earth.

If we open our eyes, and be smart enough, technology has also a lot to offer to us about awareness in taking care of the earth. I mean, I am not one of those who wrote their pledges but I am one who has been enlightened by information, through technology and mass media, on how possibly I can share in improving the degradation of this planet.

I was born in a country were very few, if any, cared for the earth. Natural disasters may come, annual and repeated floods may destroy, mudslides may occur and kill, yet people do not learn. Still everyone throws everything in the rivers, in the seas, in their front or back yard... Dynamite fishing is rampant and mountain clearing through burning is always present while peopleburn their garbages if they are not throwing them, chemical and plastics included. It's sad to think.... Yes, awareness is very important but aside fromawareness,putting this awareness into action is even MORE important. I just hope changes for the better will happen. Happy Earth Day Everyone!

I found this video from the earthday network. Honestly, this styledoes not appeal to mepersonally. It's like they have said everything but they said nothing..... just like consumerism in this earth...we buy and buy and buy... and what we do? Throw them so soon... it's not my intention to be mean but this was the first thing that came tomy mind after seeing this video. Iknow the intention of the network is good but maybe a better campaign can be produced.... just a thought...

Google's Front Page image today.... Just Lovely!


  1. My first thought of the video is if they influence just one jock to think about living an Eco-friendly life then they have succeeded with their message. I give them points for trying.

    Wishing your area becomes more Earth-wise and Happy Earth Day to you and yours from Georgia, USA!

  2. this one of the reason, that I admired some great companies, for the dedication and compassion for the ambient.


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