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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adsense Account Even More Valuable! Don't Let It Get Disabled...

google adsense situationIt's almost 5 years that yours truly is blogging. I found out lately that having a Google Adsense is not as simple anymore as how is used to be. What does it mean? Bloggers may be reduced due to lesser motivation and for the existing Google Adsense publishers, it means that they have to be very careful in maintaining their accounts and take good care of it to be not disabled.When I was just starting, any new blogger who wishes to publish and gain from Google Adsense could do so automatically (at least that's how I know being situated in Western Europe).

What does it mean, in general to the following parties? It means differently for Google than to remaining publishers and also disappointing to those who would like to be a publisher.

Generally, I can think, by controlling, limiting, and checking Google Adsense publishers, Google Adsense:

a. improved the quality of the├Čr ad publishing: Whether we admit it or not, long-existent and proven publishers mean that they are more compliant with Google Adsense ad policies. They are also the ones who don't do stupid stuff to gain a few cents but endanger their accounts (there are publishers clicking their own ads for that and get their account blocked/disabled);

b. gained more customer: as the consequence of the above, people and companies using Google Adwords are even more confident that their advertisements are in good hands;

c. discouraged online traffic: When I was starting to blog, I did not know what was Google Adsense. It was however the topic of the blogosphere and it seemed that everyone was just crazy for it. I have to admit, they had the reason to and that made me one of the publishers as well. Everyone was like into blogging wishing to earn through Google Adsense. Now, that it is not as simple as it used to be in becoming a member or an approved Google Adsense Publisher, I don't think bloggers are as motivated as before. Thus, web traffic will e reduced. Those who roam around the www are usually those who have websites or blogs.

d. improved the blogging/online community: By not encouraging crappy blogs, the online community would be a better place. Whether we admit it or not, tons of bloggers just copy and paste and this is very annoying. It's onay from time to time and with citations/acknowledgment but othes do it for all their blog entries.

For Newbie Bloggers:

a. dicouragement if they get rejected: Once a new blogger gets rejected, they would stop blogging. This is not good things for the www traffic.

b. more motivation: On the other hand, very good quality blogs will have no problem getting accepted being a Google Adsense publisher.

c. get more challenge, make them do a higher quality site/blog: This is the best part. I salute those newly-accepted in Google Adsense. This means that you are a good publisher.

For existing Publishers:

a. we have to be really careful: we don't want our accounts blocked or disabled.

b. we have to maintain the good quality of our blogs, check and recheck if we still adhere to Google Adsense rules: This is a scary thing but it's for our own good if we remain as publishers. Yes, it's maybe a couple of hundred bucks a year earning but being an extra earning, that amount does not hurt at all! Right? So much more for those who earn in thousands (like in the image below).

c. We are a reduced supply, more chance to earn more: Simple rule of supply and demand, if we are few, Adword Publishers would have to bid higher to have us publish their ads... that would be a good sign for us publishers (and of course to Google first!).

Happy Blogging!
If nothing else works, there are always competitor Ad networks we bloggers can join in.

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